2011 TLA Membership Renewal

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Dear TLA Members and Library Supporters,

The coming year is shaping up to be extraordinary for library and educational institutions across the state.  It's up to us as an engaged and diverse community to advance the mission of library and information services.  By working together and uniting as only Texans can, we will enhance our visability and create change to better serve the needs of people who depend on us.  We invite you to renew your membership and lend your support in making 2011 a year of success for the library community.  Your VOICE, your ENERGY and above all your PARTICIPATION is needed to ensure this success!

Being a TLA member allows you to take advantage of countless benefits including timely and cutting edge continuing education opportunities, access to renowned publications, professional liability insurance, the ability to network with your colleagues through face to face meetings, online social technology via MyTLA and countless communication tools as well as reduced rates for the nation's largest statewide conference!  As a TLA member you can also take advantage of the varied opportunities for professional growth, including leadership training and becoming a leader through critical committee work and TLA group activities.  Throughout its 108 year history, TLA has continued to be proactive, constantly determining new ways to transform Texas libraries and serve as a premier resource for professional development for library employers in all types of libraries, students and citizen advocates.  We will kick off 2011 with the all-important Legislative Day in February and a mobilizing rally on the grounds of the State Capitol, in April, that will showcase critical library issues to our state legislature.

GO GREEN! - Renew Online

Help us stick to our green initiative by renewing online and saving thousands of pieces of paper normally sent out for membership renewal.  We encourage you to take advantage of this quick and easy way to submit your renewal application to the TLA office.  If you are a 2010 member, please go to the Members Only/Officers Only section.  If are not a current member, please visit the Membership Application Form and use your previous member number on the form (use the TLA member number lookup feature to find your member number).  All members renewing online can take advantage of the option to pay dues in two payments, with the second installment automatically charged 30 days later.

Renew by Mail

Personalized membership forms will be mailed in November.  If you prefer to pay by check, you can wait to receive your form, or you can visit the membership section of our website, to download and print the PDF version of the membership form (please do not send in a hard copy of the online version).

Additional Ways to Support

The Texas Library Association also invites you and anyone you know who supports libraries to be a contributor to the Library Endowment and Advancement Fund (LEAF).  The LEAF is a restricted fund that provides money for special projects benefiting Texas libraries and librarians.  Contributors to the LEAF fund support disaster relief efforts, intellectual freedom defense, grants for collection development, scholarships, and more.  You can go to the LEAF section of our website to contribute online or access a PDF version of the LEAF form

We sincerely appreciate your continued interest and participation in the Texas Library Association.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Your voice counts!

Kathy J. Pustejovsky 

Conference and Membership Manager

(512) 328-1518
(800) 580-2852

Created on Oct 12, 2010 | Last updated January 13, 2011