Frequently Asked Questions: A to Z Series

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1. Is the group rate per webinar, or for all the webinars in the series?

The group rate is for the entire 16-webinar entire series.

For $500, your entire staff can participate in all 16 webinars for no additional charge. Please keep in mind that all webinars are recorded, so employees can view them on demand after the original presentation.

2. If I’m in a larger district, can I include staff from other libraries in my district in my group rate?

This question usually applies to school districts or community college districts.

It depends on how your budget is done. If you function as a branch library under one large budget, then yes, you may use the group rate for staff from all over your district.

If you function as an independent library that happens to be allied with others, as in a consortium, then each library would pay a separate group rate for its own employees.

3. If I use the group rate, how do I register my staff for the program?

Individual registration uses the web site, but group registration is done with assistance from TLA staff. Registration Coordinator Kelly Dibbens (email to or call 800-580-2852 x153) can help you create a spreadsheet with the needed information, which she will then add to our system.

4. Is attendance limited to library support staff?

No, anyone can sign up for these webinars. They are primarily aimed at employees who do not have a library degree, and who are not in specifically named "librarian" positions. Examples will be drawn from support staff duties, but some of the webinars are general (such as “Working With Volunteers”). Again, if you use the group rate for a given webinar, any number of staff may attend that program.

5. Can I pay for all the registrations at once?

Yes, just contact the TLA office at 800-580-2852. Ask for Kelly Dibbens (x153). Invoices are available on request. Payment can be made by credit card, by check, or by electronic check.

6. Can P.O.s (Purchase Orders) be used to pay for the webinars?

The P.O. option is open only to TLA Institutional Members. If you are not sure whether your library is an institutional member, contact Membership Coordinator Tammy Morgan at or 800-580-2852 x141 to find out (or to learn how to become one).

7. Will the webinars be recorded?

Yes, all webinars will be recorded. A link to the recording will be sent to everyone who registers, along with other class materials. If someone is unable to attend the live presentation, they can still get full Continuing Education credit for the webinar by answering a short quiz within the year (if the recording is watched as a group in a classroom, a sign-in sheet can take the place of the quizzes).

8. Can staff attend the webinars at their individual computers, or do they have to all be in one location?

Participants can attend the online programs from their individual desktops, or if they wish, they can also participate from one location such as a classroom. If the latter, we request that everyone sign in on a piece of paper, which can then be mailed to TLA (or scanned and sent to TLA electronically). Either method of participation works.

9. Why do some webinars say “Date To Be Announced”? When will these be scheduled?

Many people are registering for the five webinars required for the special certificate. These people will form a learning cohort that moves through the program as a group. We will poll these people to determine the best days and times for their schedules, and then arrange the remaining webinars accordingly. The last four webinars will probably be scheduled by March 1.

Created on Jan 13, 2015 | Last updated January 10, 2018