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July 7-10
Annual Assembly

Several Continuing Education programs will be offered at the 2015 Assembly. Visit the Assembly CE Page for more information

July 16, 11am (no 2pm program, but archived version will be shared with paid registrants by email)
Maximizing the Life of Resources: Books, Discs, Flash Drives, and More
(A to Z Series for Support Staff)
Dr. Julie Todaro
The instructor discusses the “care and feeding” of physical materials including basic book repair and caring for media (DVD’s and CDRoms) as well as USB drives and other hardware peripherals. The A to Z series is a premium program for library support staff. Click on the link above for more information. CLICK TO REGISTER

August 13, 2pm
Asset Based Community Development
Dr. Ling hwey Jeng
Asset-Based Community Development is a model for civic improvement which builds stronger, more sustainable communities by building on the skills of local residents and the services of local institutions. Dr. Ling hwey Jeng, Director of the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman’s University, will introduce the concepts in ABCD and describe how libraries can play major active roles in community development by partnering with local nonprofit organizations and other stakeholders. CLICK TO REGISTER

August 25, 2pm
Building Strategic Partnerships for Your Library
Mary Beth Harrington, CVA
Libraries can no longer exist in a vacuum. In order for our libraries to remain sustainable, we need to start building partnerships with individuals and organizations in our community.  By first identifying our own self-interests and understanding and acknowledging the interests of others, we will be better able to build and sustain strategic partnerships.  Following this webinar, participants will understand partnerships better and be able to engage in them more effectively. Participants will also learn techniques to use when forming a collaboration with another organization, how to maintain these relationships and the steps for developing an easy Memo of Understanding or Agreement that will (hopefully) keep everyone happy.  The session explores the questions: Why form collaborations and partnerships? How can we minimize the risks that come with partnerships? How can we organize an effective partnership?  Participation in the previous webinar Identifying the Community Assets Your Library Needs offered on Wednesday, June 10 from 2:00 – 3:00pm is helpful but not necessary. CLICK TO REGISTER

All webinars will be recorded. A link to the recording will be sent to all registrants (i.e. you may want to register even if you know you cannot attend the live event). All webinars will carry Continuing Education credit, some also have CE credit available for viewing the recording. See individual descriptions for details.

Recent TLA Webinars

All TLA webinars are recorded and archived. Content from free webinars is linked below. Content from premium webinars (those with a registration fee) is available by registering for the ARCHIVED WEBINARS (click the registration button at left)

June 10,  2pm
Identifying the Community Assets Your Library Needs
Mary Beth Harrington, CVA, 501c3: Taking Nonprofits to the Next Level
All libraries whether school, public, academic or even special have had to navigate through challenging financial times.  Having done this, it is natural to feel one must hoard our limited resources or that we will always have to deal with less.  In this webinar, participants learn to understand and appreciate the assets model for community change pioneered by John Kretzmann and John McKnight.  They will also learn techniques to train their eyes on the assets in their community and how to mobilize these assets into effective collaborations.   The session explores the questions: What difference will it make to look at our community through its assets rather than its deficits? How can we go about discovering undervalued assets in our community? How can we be more inclusive in identifying our community’s potential? What happens when we bring the assets of our community together?  Participants are encouraged to attend the next webinar Building Strategic Partnerships for Your Library on Tuesday, August 25 from 2:00 – 3:00pm to learn the next steps to take once you have identified the assets you need.

Recording of the webinar         Slides from the program

May 19, 2-3pm Central Time
Building a Culture of Collaboration

Karla Collins, Assistant Professor, Education & Special Education, Longwood University
Lucy Santos Green, Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology, Georgia Southern University

Melissa Johnston, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alabama
Judy Kaplan, Coordinator of the School Library Media Studies Sequence, University of Vermont  M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction
Judi Moreillon, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, Texas Woman's University

How can you increase collaboration in your school learning community? "Building a Culture of Collaboration" at Edublogs (link to: co-bloggers shared strategies for reaching out and developing collaborative relationships with four library stakeholder groups: administrators, classroom teachers and specialists, students, and families and community members. Participants brought their commitment to building partnerships, their experiences, their ideas and their questions to the interactive conversation.
Recording of the webinar     Slides from the webinar

 April 7, 1-2pm Central Time
Digital Age Management and Leadership: Five Critical Steps to Integrating Digital Age Techniques into the Workplace
Dr. Julie Todaro, Dean of Libraries, Austin Community College

Managing and leading in library and information settings today requires: different techniques to address change in general; techniques for identifying change specific to organizations and workers; timing considerations for faster moving work and umbrella organization settings; using contemporary visuals for illustrating issues; finding unique data for articulating value; and, persuasive content to match techniques to target populations. This one-hour webinar offers specific ideas and techniques for managers and leaders as well as a handout with extensive web links of content and examples. 

Recording of Digital Age webinar  Slides from the presentation

March 25, 2-3pm Central Time (changed from Mar 31)
Got Big Data? Big Data and School Libraries
Evelyn Schwartz, Librarian and Teacher, Georgetown Day School, Washington, DC
From Google's Ngram Viewer to Twitter Trends, from the World Bank to Google Public Data Explorer, the prevalence of Big Data (and its analysis and collection) opens a door to new kinds of integrated library instruction for many classes. Librarians can teach their students how to access and manipulate "raw" data for their work as well as how to understand how it is used in contemporary society. The ease of access to data collection tools (such as online surveys) means that data analysis is a good teachable skill that librarians can introduce to students for both school work and everyday life.

Archived Recording       Slides from the presentation (PDF)

Kenn Bicknell

Kenn Bicknell

March 24, 3-4pm Central Time
Community Curation, Data Alchemy, and Bleeding Edge News
Kenn Bicknell, Digital Resources Librarian, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Learn how to strengthen the library's role as a critical community partner. The speaker explains how libraries can employ news aggregation, community curation, and "data alchemy" to create (and create demand for) value-added community news and information. An auto-generated newspaper tool, web-based local history projects and leveraging civic data give every library the potential to develop new collaborations to reach new audiences. Innovative partnerships around easy online tools can help libraries define how their entire community is perceived.

Archived Recording        Slides from the presentation (PDF)


 Victoria Horst

Victoria Horst in a small rural community

Moorman Deborah

Deborah Moorman

March 19, 11am-12 Noon Central Time
Won't You Be My Neighbor? Building Partnerships in Small Rural Communities
Victoria Horst, Tifton-Tift County (GA) Public Library
Deborah Moorman, Irwin County (GA) Public Library
This session will give ideas on how to form relationships with nonlibrary organizations that have the same goals as a library. The facilitators have experience with organizations such as Rotary, local theatre, literacy volunteers, institutions of worship, YMCA, schools and colleges, the Department of Labor, the Society for Creative Anachronism, and others to build programming and advocacy for the library.

Recording of the webinar

February 24, 2-3pm Central Time
On the SPOT: the Spirit of Texas Reading Club
Amanda Galliton, Librarian, Kirby Junior High School, Wichita Falls ISD
Jennifer Smith, Librarian, Legacy Middle School, East Central ISD, San Antonio
Leaders from this young committee will discuss how the group collaborates with Texas authors to promote programming and reading in school and public libraries.   Archived Recording     Presentation slides (pdf)

February 19, 2-3:30pm Central Time
Can We Fix It? Nurturing a Diverse and Inclusive Team in Your Workplace

Banglian1 Campos Co  Lee Langford Sewell Melton

Joel Banglian
Branch Services
San Antonio Public Library

Jesus Campos
Director of
Library Technical Services
South Texas College

Renee Coleman
Former  Administrator
Spring ISD
 Vince Lee
University of Houston
Meller Langford
Former Deputy Director
Houston Public Library
Jeannette Sewell
and Metadata Services

Houston Public Librar
Edward Melton
Harris County
Public Library

Creating a heterogeneous workplace is a necessity in today's competitive, fast changing environment.  A team of panelists discuss how to use diversity to motivate, engage and connect your library staff to feel empowered and to recognized that their contributions make a difference. Similar people tend to think in similar ways and reach similar conclusions.  Diversity of culture, experience and thoughts can drive innovative ideas to serve the library community.
Archived recording   Presentation Slides (pdf)   Abstract by Vince Lee   List of Resources

January 20, 2015; 11-11:50am Central Time (repeated at 2-2:50pm Central Time)
The Big Picture: Crucial Roles of Support Staff in Libraries

This program explores the roles and responsibilities for non-librarians (library assistants, library clerks, etc.) in a 21st Century library. The session includes a broad overview of institutions as well as the basic processes, with particular attention to the key job functions, governing principles and the tenets of professionalism including ethical work practices (Ex. confidentiality, documentation.)

Handouts include seminar content (including the PPT) as well as a guide with recommendations on integrating learning and training into support staff orientation, training and development and recommendations for web content online training.
Registration is $15 for TLA members, $25 for nonmembers. Group rates are also available.

November 21 and December 4, 2014; 2-3pm Central Time
How to Apply to the TALL Texans Leadership Development Institute
The TALL Texans program is one of the oldest library leadership programs in the nation. Attendees study topics from strategic planning and advocacy to coaching and conflict negotiation under instructors who also teach at Harvard, Princeton, and Simmons. But the key to this transformational seminar (held July 19-22 at the Montserrat Retreat Center in Lake Dallas) is a successful application. Learn the critical tips for gaining admission.
Archived version of the November 21 presentation
Archived version of the December 4 presentation

November 6, 2-3pm Central Time
RDA Demystified Part Three: Cataloging in a Multi-Standards Environment
This session will explain the difference between contents, display, and encoding standards, then cover OCLC policies for RDA/AACR2 hybrid records. This session is appropriate for both new or experienced catalogers.

Archived recording       Slides from this webinar     AACR2-RDA hybrid matrix      AACR2-RDA hybrid examples

September 18, 2-3pm Central Time
RDA Demystified Part Two: Introduction to RDA
The Resource Description and Access (RDA) standard has replaced AACR2 as the foundation of American library cataloging – but many librarians are unfamiliar with it. This 3-part series by Annie Glerum of Florida State University explains RDA in clear terms, starting with the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR), the conceptual model at the heart of RDA. Part Two continues with an overview of the RDA Toolkit, some major differences between RDA and AACR2, and resources for further study. (the recorded archive may be viewed for credit, see the Quiz Questions below)

Recording of the webinar     Slides from the webinar     Quiz questions for CE credit

Example recommendations for display      RDA 264 Cheat Sheet      Selected RDA Bibliography      Selected FRBR Bibliography

BONUS: Link to RDA Kit trial site (thanks to Walter Betts)    

September 10, 3:30-4:30pm Central Time
TBA101 - how to participate in the Texas Bluebonnet Award program

All children and youth librarians are invited to learn how to participate in the Bluebonnet program.  Whether you are a public or a school librarian you will learn  about organizing and preparing for the vote, attracting potential audiences to participate, and voting procedures. You will also see the vast array of resources and activities which the committee has put together to support each of the titles on the list.

Archived recording of the TBA101 webinar              Slides from the program (pdf format)

To obtain CE credit for viewing the archived webinar: send correct answers to these three quiz questions to the CE Specialist:
1. What is the URL for the TBA website
2. In what month does TLA Bluebonnet voting occur?
3. List 2 activities or resources on the Master Resource List website

August 12, 2-3pm Central Time
RDA Demystified, Part One: Fundamentals of FRBR
The Resource Description and Access (RDA) standard has replaced AACR2 as the foundation of American library cataloging – but many librarians are unfamiliar with it. This 3-part series by Annie Glerum of Florida State University will explain RDA in clear terms, starting with the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR), the conceptual model at the heart of RDA.

Archived recording of the webinar     Slides in PDF Format      Quizzes and exercises     Bibliography

CE credit for the archived webinar: Send correct answers to the three quiz questions (see Quizzes and exercises link) to the CE Specialist.

July 22, 3-4pm Central Time
Workforce Development and Libraries (encore presentation)
Workforce development is one of the state’s highest priorities. Libraries of all types provide frontline services and resources. Learn more about the extensive statewide digital resources available for use to support learners and job seekers. Speakers will discuss TLA’s workforce development marketing resources, and you will hear from librarians running successful workforce programs.

View the Archived version of this webinar

PowerPoint slides
Flyer for the Fort Worth program ♦ Flyer for LearningExpress Library ♦ Flyer for LearningExpress Job & Career Accellerator  

June 24, 11am-12 Noon Central Time
We Speak Your Language
(formerly Serving All Citizens: the Target Language Initiative)
In 2010, former ALA President Molly Raphael, then Executive Director of the Multnomah County Library, and Rita Jimenez, Director of Neighborhood Libraries, shared the beginnings of their nationally famous outreach program in Serving Diverse Communities. Now Rita Jimenez returns to review the successes and challenges of the project that could have huge benefits for the diverse state of Texas. (Part of the TLA Strategic Diversity Series)

View the Archived Webinar recording     Slides from the presentation in PDF format
(other collateral materials are available for download from the archived webinar)

May 20, 3-4pm
Workforce Development and Libraries

Workforce development is one of the state’s highest priorities. Libraries of all types provide frontline services and resources. Learn more about the extensive statewide digital resources available for use to support learners and job seekers. Speakers will discuss TLA’s workforce development marketing resources, and you will hear from librarians running successful workforce programs.

Recording of the webinar ♦ PowerPoint slides
Flyer for the Fort Worth program ♦ Flyer for LearningExpress Library ♦ Flyer for LearningExpress Job & Career Accellerator  

Adding Diversity and Inclusion to Strategic Planning - May 15, 2-3 pm

Shani Barrax Moore, Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Tarrant County College District, will briefly review the evolution of diversity, inclusion, and equity from legal obligation to integration into an institution's strategic plan. She will discuss how the many components of diversity may be woven into the fabric of an organization to achieve equal opportunity for patrons, staff, and other stakeholders, resulting in more success for everyone involved. (Part of the TLA Strategic Diversity Series)

Archived recording of the webinar 

PDF file of slides from the webinar

May 7, 2-3pm
Organizing Friends of School Libraries

Ty Burns, Director of Library Media Services at Clear Creek ISD, will describe how his district’s Friends of the Library group was started. Districts and schools wishing to organize their own Friends may learn some of the advantages and potential challenges in founding such an association. (Part of the TLA Strategic Grants & Fundraising Series)

Archived recording of the webinar
PDF of PowerPoint slides
Link to online bookstore

May 1, 2-3pm
The Power of Positive Conflict Resolution:
w to Take Any Situation from Breakdown to Breakthrough in 8 Simple Steps

This powerful webinar will address the greatest productivity and time robber of all, conflict.  Conflict has a way of intertwining into our personal and professional lives.  Based upon her forthcoming book of the same name,  Melinda Stallings, SPHR, will briefly highlight each of the 8 steps which when applied consistently, have been proven to effectively reduce conflict.   This webinar will provide participants with a brief overview of a usable tool capable of positively changing their life.

Archived recording of this webinar (slides are available for download within the recording)

March 27, 2-3pm
Need Grant Money? Start at the Library
Mark Gilman of Dallas Public Library shows what the Grants Collection at a large urban library can offer to patrons seeking grant funding for education, nonprofits, and even other libraries. (Part of the TLA Strategic Grants & Fundraising Series)
Archived recording of this webinar

March 25, 2-3pm
Get Global With Your Collection Development: International Literature for K-12 Readers
A diverse collection development strategy can enrich your library and your patrons. Consultant Nancy Hadaway will focus on literature from the US Board on Books for Young People and its Outstanding International Book Lists.
(Part of the TLA Strategic Diversity Series)
Archived recording of this webinar 

March 1, 10-11am
You’re Not Bilingual, So What?
Librarians all over Texas serve an ever-increasing bilingual population, but many librarians are not Spanish speakers themselves. Dr. Jo Anna Patton will give tips and strategies for providing excellent service to K-12 students, even if you don’t speak Spanish. (Part of the TLA Strategic Diversity Series)
Archived recording of this webinar 

February 26, 2-3pm
Grants Management
Jennifer Peters, Executive Director of the Texas Association of Partners in Education, will discuss the key issues facing library staff after a grant is awarded. (Part of the TLA Strategic Grants & Fundraising Series)
Archived recording of this webinar 

February 19, 2-3pm
E Pluribus Unum: How the Path to US Citizenship Can Start at the Library
Alana Rosenbaum from the United States Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services will offer resources that libraries can use to help patrons seeking American citizenship. (Part of the TLA Strategic Diversity Series)
Archived recording of this webinar 

Older series

Introduction to Drupal: Part 1: Installation, Basic Configuration, Content Types and User Roles (November 12, 3pm Central Time)
Archived recording:

Introduction to Drupal Part 2: Blocks, Menus, Taxonomy and Webforms (December 10, 3 PM CT)
Archived recording:

Introduction to Drupal Part 3: Views, Images & Media and Themes (January 10, 3 PM CT)
Archived recording:

Drupal is a powerful content management framework that enables individuals and organizations to affordably produce sophisticated websites. Even better, it is free, open source, and built and maintained by the Drupal community.

This three-part webinar series introduces the key building blocks of a Drupal site.  By the conclusion of the third webinar, you will have enough knowledge to get started on building your Drupal site. If you maintain content on an existing Drupal site, you will have a better understanding of how the site is structured and how you can simplify your workflow.

About the presenter: 

Rain Breaw Michaels, the principal trainer with the Cherry Hill Company, has been building websites since 1998. An active member of the Drupal Community and well-known trainer, Rain has taught web development at colleges and universities across the country, as well as presented at DrupalCons, Drupalcamps and user groups. Her web development work has run the gamut from large NGO sites such as the League of Women Voters of California to sites for state and local libraries and small businesses. The Cherry Hill Company provides integration, development and consulting services, specializing in innovative and efficient web solutions for Libraries, Government and Universities.

November 20, 10am Central Time

How to Apply to the TALL Texans Leadership Development Institute

Dr. Yunfei Du, Chair of the TLA Leadership Development Committee, and Walter Betts of the TLA Executive Board will join TALL Coordinator Ted Wanner for an hour of critical tips on the TALL Texans application process. The program will also cover the basic information about the Institute. 

Archived recording of this webinar:

Grants and Fundraising Series (Spring 2013) - These webinar recordings all carry CE credit, send correct answers to the quiz questions in the webinars to the TLA CE Specialist.

May 8 2:00-3:00pm Grant Research at the Foundation Center Libraries: Join Ellen Moutos-Lee and Angela Gooden of the Regional Foundation Library from the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin for a tour of the incredible resources at the Cooperating Collections. These treasure houses of grant and scholarship information are terrific places to identify and research potential grants for any purpose.

View the recorded Grant Research webinar and download the slides

May 9 10:00-11:00am Grantwriting with Jennifer Peters: Learn the basics of applying for grants from the Executive Director of the Texas Association of Partners in Education. Jennifer Peters has extensive experience in researching and writing applications for funds from a wide variety of donors.

View the recorded Grantwriting webinar and download the slides & handout

May 15 2:00-3:00pm Grants Available from the Institute of Museum & Library Services (IMLS): Discover the wide array of grants and resources from the federal level. 

View the recorded IMLS webinar and download the slides

May 21 2:00-3:00pm Grants Available from the Tocker Foundation: Darryl Tocker, Executive Director, and Karin Gerstenhaber, Director of Grants Management, will explain the variety of grants and services offered by the Tocker Foundation to libraries in communities of less than 12,000 people.

View the recorded Tocker webinar and download the slides

May 29 2:00-3:00pm Grants Research with GrantStation: This special webinar will explore the GrantStation database, available at a discount for Institutional Members of the Texas Library Association., Inc. offers nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies the opportunity to identify potential funding sources for their programs or projects as well as resources to mentor these organizations through the grantseeking process.

View the recorded GrantStation webinar

May 30 2:00-3:00pm Grant Management with Laura Browning: Congratulations, you were awarded that critical grant for your outstanding project! Now what? Learn how to monitor and manage your new funds to maintain your relationship with your donor as well as your legal requirements.

View the recorded Grant Management webinar and download the slides
The speaker has also provided several other 2013 documents on grant seeking organizations:

Service Area Comparison       Focus Comparison

Census Comparison         Annual Budget Comparison

Also - check out best practices by some exemplary Friends groups: 

May 14 2pm Friends of Large Public Libraries (recorded webinar; slides)

May 16 2pm Friends of Small Public Libraries (recorded webinar; slides)

 Enhancing Your Organization’s Email Effectiveness and Etiquette
April 10      2:00-3:30pm       $25 for TLA members, $50 for nonmembers

When you are copied (cc:) on an email is it proper to respond to that email?  When is it ok to select Reply All?  Do you feel like you spend all day responding to emails and never get to your To Do list?  Are you still sending mass emails to donors via Outlook?  If any of this sounds familiar to you then you need this workshop!  

During this session with nonprofit consultant and frequent TLA conference speaker Mary Beth Harrington:
- Participants will learn the do’s and very much don’ts of email etiquette
- Participants will learn how to design your email marketing to be effective
- Participants will learn super-secret ways to cut your email communication time in half!

 This webinar carries 1.5 hours of CE credit. It will be recorded, a link to the recording will be sent to all registrants.

Todaro Julie

Venetis Mary JoReaching Your Target Audience Through Virtual Communication
April 2      12:30-1:30pm      $25 for TLA members, $50 for nonmembers

Today's workplaces - no matter how big or how small - use a variety of modes and methods of communication and discussion. Whether you are a solo librarian, a manager of many, trying to connect with your Friends group or keeping your Board informed of library activities - matching the right communication tool to the target audience is a process to customize for you, your libary, and your outcomes. Join us for a unique look at the virtual and digital world of balancing online and in-person communication. Should I email, text, blog....use snail mail for a letter? a handwritten note? We'll get you started!

Instructors were Mary Jo Venetis and Julie Todaro. A portion of the program was signed on camera (with verbal interpretation).

This webinar carries 1 hour of CE credit. There is a short quiz at the end of the program - send correct answers to and you will receive notice to print your CE certificate within 72 hours.

Best Practices for Dia de los Ninos
March 19   4:30-5:30pm     FREE - Sponsored by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Join Community Programming Librarian Dawn Reyes (pictured left) along with Julie Vela (right) for a discussion of the best programs, partnerships, marketing, and memorable moments of your Dia de los Ninos event. Bring your ideas and questions to this lively online presentation.

 This webinar carries 1 hour of Continuing Education credit, even in recorded format.

There is a short quiz at the end of the program - send correct answers to and you will receive notice to print your CE certificate within 72 hours. The archived version is available here; please also note the PowerPoint slides and chat record in PDF format.

 TBA LogoHosting a Bluebonnet Voting Program in Your Public Library
February 28, 2013       2:30-3:30pm Central Time         FREE
The Texas Bluebonnet Award is not for school libraries only. Attend this archived webinar and learn how to participate as a voting site at your public library. Webinar participants will learn about organizing and preparing for the vote, attracting potential audiences to participate, programming, and voting procedures.

The recorded webinar may be viewed here.

TWO webinars from author John Huber!
Hidden in Plain Site: Simple Techniques to Improve Service and Red
uce Costs at Your Library
Huber John

What is Lean Library Management and how can it help your Library?
February 14, 2012    10-10:50am Central Time    $25 for TLA Members, $50 nonmembers

Lean Library Management is a critically important tool to improve customer service and reduce costs. John Huber will share the principles, metrics, and supporting case studies for this new method of "doing more with less".

Lean techniques to streamline your customer hold’s workflow
February 28, 2012      10-10:50am         $25 for TLA Members, $50 nonmembers
John Huber completes his series on Lean Library Management with a case study on the chain of service for delivering new books to library patrons. Most public libraries offer this service, but key factors can mean sustainable efficiency and accuracy…or waste and poor customer service in your technical services department. Learn how to maximize these processes.

Diversity in Collection Development
February 12, 2013     10:00-11:00am Central Time     $25 for TLA Members, $50 nonmembers
Sandstrom, John
When building a collection, diversity means far more than a few different languages, topics, or political viewpoints. Join us to explore different types of diversity and take a look at some tools to help you develop diverse library collections.

John Sandstrom is an assistant professor and Acquisitions Librarian at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, and previously worked as Head of Technical Services for the El Paso Public Library. He holds his MLIS from University of Oklahoma (1987) and a master's in public administration from the University of Texas - El Paso (2010). He also serves on the executive board of the Border Regional Library Association and as councilor-at-large on the American Library Association Council. He was named BRLA Librarian of the Year in 2007.

You may register to receive a recording of this premium program; Continuing Education credit is available for viewing this
program and responding to a short quiz at the end ($25 for TLA members, $50 for nonmembers). Go to the TLA CE Registration
pages and sign up for ARCHIVED WEBINAR Diversity in Collection Development

Communicating Clearly and Persuasively: The Right Methods for Each Audience
January 17, 2013    11am-12Noon     $25 for TLA Members, $50 nonmembers
Library managers must communicate with a wide variety of groups, including patrons, boards, city officials, media, vendors, staff, professional colleagues, and the local community. Successful communication can depend on using the right means, methods, themes, and wording matched to specific stakeholder groups. Dr. Julie Todaro demonstrates how to select the best ways to reach each type of customer by presenting "don'ts", "do's",
and "absolutely do!"

Dr. Julie Todaro is a nationally known consultant and presenter for the Library Leadership, Administration, and Management Association. She is a past president of the Texas Library Association and the Association of College and Research Libraries. She received her masters degree from the University of Texas at Austin and her doctorate from Columbia University.

You may register to receive a recording of this premium program; Continuing Education credit is available for viewing this program and responding to a short quiz at the end ($25 for TLA members, $50 for nonmembers). Go to the CE Registration pages and sign up for ARCHIVED WEBINAR: Communicating Clearly and Persuasively

 Ron PollcockI Have A Job, What Do I Do? How Do I Keep It? Help!
December 11, 2012      10:00-11:00am Central Time       FREE

In today’s economic climate, having a job is not a guarantee that you will have it tomorrow. Whether you have just started your first job, or you are an experienced librarian, it is important that you establish your value in the workplace. This workshop will provide ideas to help you with your first job, establish your value in the library, and develop the qualifications that will identify you as ready to progress in the future.

This free webinar was held on Tuesday, December 11, 10am-11am Central Time. Click here for the archived recording and the slides in pdf format.

The new webinar concludes Ron Pollock's earlier series on job hunting:

Making Yourself Valuable for a Successful Job Search Part 1: Preparation (April 26, 10:00 AM) Pollock discusses how to assess your skills, identify and locate your next position, and address gaps between your current skill sets and those of your ideal job. Click here for his archived recording. The slides are also available for download in pdf format.

Making Yourself Valuable for a Successful Job Search Part 2: Communicating Your Skills Through Cover Letters, Resumes, and Interviews (May 16, 10:00 AM) After appropriate preparation, Pollock demonstrates how to approach a job opening and present both an appropriate resume and interview presence. Click here for his archived recording and slides. The Power Point slides may also be downloaded when viewing the archived version.


Upcoming webinars are described under each tab above by type:
Premium webinars, Strategic Initiative webinars, and webinars about TLA.

To register for any program, please click the CE Registration link at left.

TLA Treasurer's Tutorial: Guide to Understanding TLA Unit Finances

Glenda Genchur, TLA Director of Administration, provides the details of how to read a unit budget and how to submit a budget for a new fiscal year. Highly recommended for unit treasurers and also unit chairs.

Archived recording of the program

Be a Player: Opportunities in Professional Associations (From June 4, 2011)

Ted Wanner spoke to the SLIS 5000 introductory class at the UNT School of Library and Information Science about the importance of professional associations, and especially TLA, to their library careers. Includes information on membership.

Slides from the presentation   Updated Slides

Bluebonnet 101   (From Thursday, September 9, 2010) 

This review, created especially for those new to the Texas Bluebonnet Award Program, included information on: what it's about, how to participate, and how to get students involved. TBA program leaders presented information on this nationally-known reading program for students.
(Pictured at left: Texas Bluebonnet Award Coordinator Martha Edmondson)

Webinar Resources:

Slides of Bluebonnet 101 Presentation (11.07 MB)

Audio-only mp3 recording (6.15 MB) / Multimedia Flash presentation (both audio and video)

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