A-Z: Essential Training for Your Library Team

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You spoke, we listened! Based on input from libraries, the A-Z program has been expanded with new content to meet the needs of the Texas library community.

A-Z: Essential Training for Your Library Team is a comprehensive program which explores the roles and responsibilities for library staff, including new librarians, library assistants, library clerks, prospective librarians, etc. These sessions include a broad overview of institutions as well as the basic processes, with particular attention to the key job functions, governing principles, and the tenets of professionalism for all library staff, including ethical work practices (such as confidentiality, privacy, and documentation).

Handouts include seminar content (including slides), as well as recommendations on how to integrate the A-Z training in staff orientations and suggestions for additional resources or online training. Past programs are always available for purchase in archived form - a participant may watch the recorded version, then pass a short quiz for full credit. All sessions carry 1 hour of continuing education credit from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and the State Board of Educator Certification (provider #500383).

Participants who take three core classes and two electives will receive a special certificate in Library Specialist Training. 

About Instructor: Julie Todaro is a nationally-known speaker on library management and leadership. She is a past president of the Texas Library Association and the Association of College and Research Libraries, and is a Past President of the American Library Association. She co-chaired the national summit on Libraries of the Future. She has written several books, most lately Library Management for the Digital Age: A New Paradigm (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014).

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Group Rate
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FREE  $25 per webinar   $500 for entire series * 

*The group rate allows an unlimited number of staff registrations for the entire 15-month series for a flat fee of $500. Group registrations must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the webinar to Paul Montoya (paulm@txla.org)

Payment Info: Payment may be made by credit card or check.
Purchase orders are only accepted from TLA Institutional Members.

The A-Z Schedule: Approximately one 1-hour webinar will be held each month (16 programs in 15 months). Registration is currently open for the first four webinars (January-March); the remaining dates will be announced by February 15. Check back in for upcoming dates.

Core Programs

January 17, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: The Big Picture: Crucial Roles for Library Specialists **
There are many types of libraries, library resources and many different kinds of staff members working in libraries today. This program is designed to give a contemporary overview of libraries, services, various roles and prospective opportunities. Explore the diverse responsibilities for library employees and learn key job functions, governing principles (why you do what you do), and ethical work practices (such as confidentiality and documentation).

February 21, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Dealing with Difficult Situations **
This program features advanced training in the art of customer service (both frontline and behind the scenes), including types and levels of service, scripts for consistency and training, coping with difficult situations (conflicts with patrons, coworkers, bosses), and articulated behavioral expectations.

March 7, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Communication in the Workplace **
Every successful management style includes best communciation practices for different cases. No matter the situation, communication in both face-to-face or virtual settings are enhanced by consistent, standardized polices and practices for communicating up, down, and across work groups. Discover the top ten tips for communicating in your library.


March 28, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Keeping Up with Trends
Every library requires that all of their employees keep up with the technology in the libraryboth hardware and software. But libraries are constantly changing! It is critical that library employees work with their managers to determine WHAT they need to keep up with and how that might happen. This webinar will offer diverse ways to keep up with your library's changes so that you can stay current and relevant.

April 24, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Collection Development for Library Specialists
Ensuring collections are selected, acquired, categorized and maintained takes a village! Library collections (print, non-print digital/media, realia - teaching and learning, realia - recreation/leisure, equipment, software, maker kits, etc.) provide rich opportunities for support roles and responsibilities in all types of libraries. Join us for content and discussion of these roles and responsibilities which include not only the practical processes behind library collections (ex. acquiring and maintaining,) but also the intellectual processes of building, delivering and maintaining a resource/materials collection for meeting the needs of the institution's constituents.

May 11, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Children's Services for Library Specialists
There are a myriad of names and titles for library workers providing services for children. These positions have both core and advanced roles and responsibilities; and specialty and unique competencies (skills sets, attributes, etc.) This training will focus on five categories:

  • What's now, what's new and what's next?
  • Communicating successfully with patrons, parents, and caregivers
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Legal issues; and
  • Local policies and procedures. 


Whether or not you work directly with and are primarily responsible for age-level services, or work with these patrons when children's and youth workers are not present, this training will benefit everyone in the library.

June 7, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Introduction to Providing Information & Directional Reference 2018
Libraries deal with information. This webinar covers information desk and circulation desk services and resources. Learn about the basics of selecting and recor ding data to document interactions, identification of different types of questions and answers, scripts for patron interviews, techniques for moving patrons among public service desks, basic vs. advanced reader’s advisory, and delivering information and reference through online, digital and virtual services. These skills are the pillars of the library profession.

July 18, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Supervising, Managing, and Leading for Library Specialists
Library staff may find themselves responsible for coordinating, supervising, or managing other staff or volunteers with little or no training. Discover the differences in these levels of oversight as well as the differences between management and leadership. Learn how to build your skillset toward the roles you want, and how to find best practices for your situation.

August 15, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Most Unique Services in Today’s Libraries
Libraries feature many cutting-edge services for a wide variety of constituents! In addition to technology incubation, business support, public training, and health and social services, some libraries circulate tools, electronics, artwork, bicycles, even pets. Hear the best practices associated with new and unusual services in libraries and why your institution might consider these additions. Participants are encouraged to share their library's special services prior to the webinar.   

September 12, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Cataloging and Technical Services Roles and Responsibilities
Specialists in Technical Services are the mainstay of many acquisitions and cataloging services in libraries. Explore these systems, from purchasing and preparation to Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress classification. Learn the unique organizational schematics for local needs sucis h as genealogy, media, government documents, and realia.  

October 17, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Successful Communication for Library Specialists
Whether you are out in front with your users or in the back office with coworkers, you must know how to communicate accurately and appropriately. Review how to actively listen, how to manage avalanches of messages, and how to use each of several different communication styles. 

November 13, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Role of Library Specialists in Community Partnerships
One critical key to success for libraries is the creation of strategic relationships with other community entities, including non-profit, for-profit, and governmental organizations. These partnerships can introduce new benefits and leverage existing resources. Discover the roles for library staff in identifying and forming connectons with other institutions, including lists of potential partners.    

December 5, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Mentoring and Being a Mentee
Library careers rarely happen in isolation. Mentoring represents fulfilling opportunities for both new and experienced people. Get an overview of the mentoring process and learn how it differs from coaching, shadowing, and counseling. FInd out how to connect to potential mentors or mentees.  

January 15, 2019, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: THE Critical Supporting Roles & Responsibilities in Collection Development - Library specialists may find themselves responsible for purchasing materials for their collection or weeding obsolete items. This program reveals the breadth of activities surrrounding these processes as well as the practical procedures involved. The session will include recommendations for further training.    

February 12, 2019, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Preserving the Life of Books, DVDs, and more
Explore the basic responsibilities of library teams for collection care and maintenance, including spaces, temperature, light, and humidity. Get recommendations for handling, minor repair, and user education as well as emergency measures for a variety of materials from print and multimedia to electronics and tools.  

March 27, 2019, 1-2pm Central Time | AZ: Introduction to Project Management 2018
Project management skills are great additions to any resume. Learn to identify and select project templates, designs, timelines, strategies, and techniques. A typical project will be used as an example. 


All webinars will be recorded. Participants who register for a webinar but miss the live 1-hour webcast may still obtain Continuing Education credit by viewing the archived webinar and correctly answering a short quiz. Both the recording and quiz will be sent to everyone who registers.

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Created on Dec 1, 2014 | Last updated July 18, 2018