Internships & Mentoring

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The network of professionals, institutions, and stakeholders brought together under the auspices of TLA is large and fluid. We encourage students, librarians, and other stakeholders to strengthen their involvement in the profession and to build professional networks.

Two great ways of accomplishing this work is by participating in a mentorship (either as a mentee or mentor) and by interning or volunteering at a library, literacy organization, or TLA itself.


To find information on mentorship opportunities from the the New Members Round Table, please contact the chair of NMRT.

To be considered to be a mentor for the TALL Texans Leadership Institute, please contact the TALL program coordinator.


Information on internship opportunities are posted on library and information science programs. A new and wonderful opportunity for library school students is now in the works! TLA is partnering with library schools throughout the state to offer internships to TLA committees. Learn all about the details of this exciting program at TLA Internship Program.

Created on Mar 11, 2016 | Last updated March 11, 2016