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2017-18 Lariat Committee

Gail Woodward, Chair
Jessica Jones, Chair Elect
Barbara Allen
Jennifer Brabston
Arletha Ford
Kelly Moore
Ann Mount
Megan Stanley
Eric Terry
Lisa Youngblood

2016 Reading List Tri-Fold Brochure

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Welcome to the Lariat Reading List! At last, the grown ups have their day! TLA has rightfully earned a stellar reputation for its many outstanding youth reading lists. The annual list of Lariat award winners calls attention to outstanding fiction published during the year that merit special attention from adult readers. The main criteria for selecting books for the Lariat List is that they are “a pleasure to read.”

The 2017 Lariat Reading List
The Best in Adult Fiction (2015-2016 publication dates)

A Gentleman in Moscow~Towles, Amor (Penguin Random House)

Charming Russian aristocrat Count Alexander Rostov is sentenced to lifetime house arrest in the Metropol Hotel near the Kremlin in the 1920s.

All the Missing Girls~Miranda, Megan (Simon & Schuster)

Written in reverse chronological order, All the Missing Girls follows narrator Nicolette Farrell, who returns to her hometown of Cooley Ridge, North Carolina, and unwittingly opens a box of secrets that were carefully hidden ten years ago when her best friend went missing at a local fair.

Another Brooklyn~Woodson, Jacqueline (HarperCollins Publishers)

In this coming-of-age story, August and her group of friends navigate growing up in Brooklyn during a turbulent decade.

Aurora~Robinson, Kim Stanley (Hachette Book Group)

Generations after a colony ship has left earth to settle the new home of Aurora, the passengers find themselves forced to reconsider their mission.

Be Frank with Me~Johnson, Julia Claiborne (HarperCollins Publishers)

Alice is sent by M. M. Banning's publisher to handle the reclusive author's personal affairs and brilliant but eccentric son Frank so that the author can concentrate on finishing her long-awaited second novel.

Binti~Okorafor, Nnedi (Macmillan Publishers)

For Binti to claim her scholarship at the intergalactic Oomza University far from her Himba family on Earth, she steals away at night, only to find that her dreams will come with a high cost.

Challenger Deep~Shusterman, Neal (HarperCollins Publishers)

High school student Caden Bosch struggles with the alternate pain and allure of mental illness that is illustrated by his forays into the Marianas Trench.

Dark Matter~Crouch, Blake (Penguin Random House)

Scientist Jason Dessen's world is stolen from him, and he must travel through the multiverse to find a way back to his wife, son, and life.

The Forgotten Room~White, Karen, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willig (Penguin Random House)

A forgotten room and the secrets it holds connect three generations of working class women in 20th century New York City.

Good Morning, Midnight~Brooks-Dalton, Lily (Penguin Random House)

When catastrophe strikes, aging astronomer Augustine and the mysterious Iris live in isolation at a research post in the Arctic.  At the same time, Mission Specialist Sullivan and her crew attempt to return home after a journey to Jupiter.

Here Comes the Sun~Dennis-Benn, Nicole (W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.)

Margot works at a resort in Jamaica to help send her sister Thandi to a good school.  As Margot tries to get ahead, she finds herself falling into illicit trades that she must keep from her family and the woman she loves.

Homegoing~Gyasi, Yaa (Penguin Random House)

Beginning in 18th century Gold Coast, Homegoing follows several generations of two branches of a family tree.  One branch remains in Africa while the other is sold to the slave trade in America.  Both tackle issues of slavery, colonialism, and heritage.

I Let You Go~Mackintosh, Clare (Penguin Random House)

Jenna Gray's life changes in the blink of an eye following a horrible accident.  She moves to a remote cottage in hopes of starting a new life, but the nightmares won't stop, and she is soon forced to face her past.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things~Reid, Iain (Simon & Schuster)

Jake takes his girlfriend to meet his parents, but nothing feels quite right.  Her apprehension quickly escalates to fear as Jake's behavior becomes less and less predictable.

Last Days of Night~Moore, Graham (Penguin Random House)

The struggle for control of, credit for, and innovation in the race for electrical dominance is told through the eyes of Paul Cravath, the lawyer hired by George Westinghouse for suits between him and Thomas Edison.

Lily and the Octopus~Rowley, Steven (Simon & Schuster)

Ted and his dachshund Lily are best friends.  They just "get" each other.  When the tumorous "Octopus" appears, Ted resolves to defeat it. 

Midnight Sun~Nesbo, Jo (Penguin Random House)

On the run after betraying Oslo's most notorious criminal "The Fisherman," Jon hides in a small, insular town north of the Arctic Circle where he is confronted by a taciturn widow, a chatty boy, and the mistakes of his past.

The Moon in the Palace~Randel, Weina Dai (Sourcebooks)

With intelligence and resourcefulness, Mei navigates the challenges of love, loyalty, and rivalry in the Emperor's court in ancient China.

My Name is Lucy Barton~Strout, Elizabeth (Penguin Random House)

In 1980's New York, Lucy's emotionally detached mother visits her while she recovers from surgery and leads them both to think about their relationship and how to reconcile the past.

News of the World~Jiles, Paulette (HarperCollins Publishers)

Set in 1870, an aging itinerant news reader is tasked with returning a resistant, white child kidnapped by the Kiowa nation back to her family near San Antonio, Texas.

The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin~Knipper, Stephanie (Workman Publishing Company)

On a commercial flower farm in Kentucky, themes of family, loss, forgiveness, sacrifice, and miracles are explored through the actions of Antoinette, her family, and her unusual condition.

The Short Drop~FitzSimmons, Matthew (Amazon Publishing)

Gibson Vaughn's childhood friend Suzanne disappeared without a trace when she was 14.  Now that her father is poised to be elected the next U.S. President, Gibson tries to find out what happened to her by using his unique skills as a hacker and former Marine.

Sleeping Giants~Neuvel, Sylvain (Penguin Random House)

A girl falls down a hole and into a giant hand made of an alien material.  A covert investigation is triggered to explain and explore the hand's purpose in this sci-fi thriller.

Time of Departure~Schofield, Douglas (Macmillan Publishers)

Claire is the youngest female Florida State Prosecutor to be promoted to Felony Division Chief.  When a road construction crew uncovers the skeletal remains of two women, Claire reopens a 30-year-old case involving a string of unsolved abductions that are strangely tied to her past.

What She Knew~Macmillan, Gilly (HarperCollins Publishers)

Rachel's son is missing.  The longer the investigation continues, the more she realizes the dangers posed by people she thought she could trust.

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