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Applicants must be current members of the Texas Library Association at the time that their applications are considered. Need to join? To renew, visit Members Only.
(Membership will be due on February 1, 2018)

The deadline to apply is now Friday, January 26, 2018. Application and reference forms should be submitted online. The electronic application is linked from the main menu inside the Members Only area. Accessing the form through your login will automatically fill in some of your information. If you are not currently a member, you can still use the form.

Previewing the application questions (pdf) before accessing the form will help you organize your information.

The form includes personal contact information, educational and work history, and several narrative questions about your experiences with leadership. You will be asked to supply references from three people, who will also answer questions about you on part of the electronic form.

You do not need to complete the questions in one sitting. When you submit the form, your screen will display a message with a password that you can use to revisit the form as needed before the due date. People supplying references may likewise visit their online form as needed to complete their portion. You may wish to share a copy of the institute’s web information and a copy of your resume with the people whom you ask to supply a recommendation.

If online submission is not possible, please contact project coordinator
Ted Wanner for more information (800-580-2852 or

IMPORTANT! You now have the option to submit media files (i.e. audio recordings) for questions 6 through 12  instead of written responses on the application form. This option only applies to questions 6 through 12 (questions 1 through 5 must be answered on the form; references must be submitted using the online forms). If you choose this option for questions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12, please type "Submitting answer by media file" as the written answer to the given question. Use only mp3 format. Email to or send to 3355 Bee Cave Rd, Suite 401, Austin, TX 78746-6763 by the application deadline. The limit on number of words used will still apply.


  • Read the application form very carefully. Make sure that each answer really addresses the appropriate question.

  • Keep the goals of the Institute in mind as your compose your answers. The goals are:

  • To foster leadership capabilities
  • To define leadership development for TLA members
  • To foster cultural diversity in library leadership in Texas
  • Be specific in your answer about future professional involvement: how you hope to contribute to TLA and your employing institution.

  • Keep the idea of service in mind when describing why you wish to attend the Institute. Reasons like improving your resume or getting a promotion will not usually impress the selection committee (although both of those items are common outcomes to attendees). How will you use your new knowledge to improve your library and your community?

  • Reflect all professional organization / association work. Your TLA involvement, if any, can be important, but do not forget out-of-state or national organizations. Groups outside the library profession can also be important if you took an active role in projects and events. Remember that leadership is not the same as membership. When listing organizations, try to highlight ones in which you had some active role as an officer, committee or task force member, or volunteer.

  • At least one reference must be from someone who has been in a supervisory or administrative relationship to you (i.e. a current or former boss, or one of their bosses). At least one reference must be from a librarian - if your former supervisor/administrator was a librarian, that reference fulfills both requirements. No reference may be from one of your subordinates.

  • References from colleagues and supervisors are the most impressive. These persons should be cognizant of your professional qualities. A strong positive reference with specific statements, from someone who clearly knows you and has worked with you, will bring the best score. A reference that is less specific or from someone who has never worked with you will bring a lower score. References that do not discuss current skills or talents, or which are not positive, will bring the lowest scores.


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