Bluebonnet Committees

The TBA Committee selects Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List titles after receiving suggestions from librarians, teachers, parents, students and others. The Master List books, all recommended by one or more reviewing source, should be evaluated in terms of each library’s selection policy. It is not mandatory that a school or public library purchase all titles listed. FAQ

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Selection and Program Committee Application
 Please download this application as a docx or rtf.

Complete the selection or program committee application and email it to Paul Montoya by Nov. 1.
Final appointment to the committees will be made by the TLA President Elect by Jan. 1.
Applicants may apply for both Selection and Program committee. They will only be appointed to one or the other.

TBA Coordinator Application

Applications are not being accepted at this time.



TBA Selection Committee Job Description:

The Bluebonnet Selection Committee has as its primary charge to select the 20 books for each year's Master List.

Twelve members will serve three year terms. They will be involved in the delivery of library services to children, will be members of either the Children's Round Table (CRT) or Texas Association of School Librarians (TASL), and will be required to attend the TLA conference, annual assembly, and a fall selection meeting. Potential members will apply for service on the committee through the chairs of CRT and TASL.

The Bluebonnet Selection Committee will be in charge of maintaining the Master List. The duties will rotate among committee members and involve the following:

  • Committee member responsible for author verification
  • Committee members responsible for compiling reviews from selected journals
  • Committee member maintaining the scrapbook
  • Committee members responsible for suggesting titles for consideration

TBA Program Committee Job Description:

The Bluebonnet Program Committee is charged with the responsibility of creating programming and support for the Texas Bluebonnet Program. There will be twelve members

Members must belong to either Children’s Round Table or the Texas Association of School Librarians. They will attend annual meetings at the TLA conference, Annual Assembly in July, and the fall meeting. Members will serve three-year terms. Potential members will apply for service on the committee through the chairs of The Children’s Round Table (CRT) and TASL (Texas Association of School Librarians).

The responsibilities of the Bluebonnet Program Committee are:

  • to create activities and videos that promote the books, authors, and illustrators
  • to organize and post content on the TBA website
  • to generate publicity via email, social media and the TBA website
  • to participate in fundraisers supporting TBA
  • to coordinate youth participation at the Bluebonnet Luncheon.

Applicants can indicate a preference for one or more of the above areas in which they wish to work. 

TBA Coordinator Job Description

The responsibilities of the TBA Coordinator are to:

  • Guide and direct the educational focus of the Texas Bluebonnet Award program.
  • Review the goals, objectives, guidelines, policies and procedures of the TBA Selection Committee and the TBA Program Committee and recommend improvements in the general operation of the project to the TLA, TASL, and CRT Executive Boards.
  • Attend the TLA Annual Conference, the TLA Annual Assembly, TBA committee meetings, ALA Annual Conference, and ALA Midwinter Meeting.
  • Maintain/update the Texas Bluebonnet Award Program Procedures Manual and make it available upon request.
  • Chair the TBA committees; schedule meetings; plan the agenda, oversee the preparation and dissemination of meeting minutes and materials.
  • Prepare the TBA budget in collaboration with the TLA Executive Director and submit it to the TLA Executive Board for approval by date due each year.  Included along with the budget should be any recommendations for such items as fee changes, employee costs, etc. involving TBA Program activities.
  • Coordinate with the TLA office staff those activities involved with the TBA Program; registration of participants, mailings, selling of promotional materials, newsletters, program sponsorship, website components, and publicity packets, etc.
  •  Authorize expenditures and reimbursements from the TLA office according to procedure.
  •  Monitor the use of the TBA logo and keep the TLA Executive Board apprised of any infringements associated with its use.
  •  Oversee the electronic tabulation of ballots to determine the winning book and author for the Texas Bluebonnet Award.
  •  Participate in an annual evaluation.
  •  Serve as an advocate for the TBA Program.

More information about serving on the Bluebonnet committee can be found in the following documents:

Selection Committee Code of Conduct

Program Committee Code of Conduct

TBA Policy and Procedures Manual
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