Readers Theater 2010-2011

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One of the most powerful tools librarians can use is Readers Theater. Often called “theater of the mind,” Readers Theater allows youngsters to share passages of their favorite books with others and to reread text with a purpose (which leads to increased fluency). Readers Theater calls for no costumes or set decoration and consequently asks listeners to visualize the action, an important feature for readers who say they “can’t get a picture in their minds” when reading. 

A fuller description (pdf) of Readers Theater, along with some informative references, is available on TLA’s Día de los niños/ Día de los libros website.

The Texas Bluebonnet Program Committee has produced several scripts for Readers Theater. You have permission to download these and use them in your schools and libraries.

2010-11 Master List  SUGGESTED SCRIPTS (docs)

Home of the Brave

Cabinet of Wonders

Calvin Coconut

Dying to Meet You

Jake Ransom Skull King


Squirrel's World

Umbrella Summer

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