Fee Surveys, Presentations, and Meetings Archive

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2016 - lorraine j. haricombe and David Lewis: Reimagining an Academic Library: Are We There Yet? (pdfs) Part 1 by Lewis; Part 2 by haricombe

2016 - Benjamin Harris and Jeremy Donald: Asking Good Questions: Avoiding the "A-Word" Conceptualizations of Assessment (pdf)

2016 - Richard Schilke: Accessibility: Federal and State Requirements for Higher Education (pdf) NACUA White Paper (pdf)

2015 - Kristi Park: The Consortial Approach: Tackling the Challenge of Digital Preservation and Research Data Management in Texas (pdf)

2015 - Dr. Julie Todaro: Value: Realized Worth; Application; Next Steps (pdf)

2015 - Wyoma van Duinkerken and Jennifer Greene: Saving Texas Libraries Print Collections: The Joint Library Facility Story (pdf)

2015 - Russlene Waukechon: TexShare & SCELC: A Partnership with a Long Tail... (pdf)

2014 – Martin Halbert: Library Resource Sharing (pdf)

2014 – Michael Roy: The Lever Initiative (pdf)

2014 – Occam's Reader (pdf)

2014 – Dr. Frances Pinter and Dr. Lucy Montgomery: Resource Sharing in the Age of the Ebook (pdf)

2013 – Rick Lugg: Rethinking Library Resources: Sustainable Print Collections in a Digital Age

2012 – Adrian Whatley: E-Resources: Best Practices

2010 – Jim Neal: What if we had the opportunity to build an academic library from scratch

2009 – Heather Joseph: Creating Change in Scholarly Communications

2006 – Texas Digital Library




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