TLACast • Volume 30 No. 3 • June 2011


The TALK on FB

In addition to its standard summer reading programs that have already attracted large crowds, the Beaumont Public Library has also partnered with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department to offer a “Books and Bites” program at nine locations throughout the city. The library supplies free books to children attending the food program while the city, through the US Department of Agriculture, supplies free meals to children 18 and younger. You can see pictures of the first two Books and Bites events and the other summer reading program events on their Facebook page.

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BWI/Follett Library Resources


Media Source

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Baker & Taylor

Bound to Stay Bound


Mackin Educational Resources


Gold Level

Davidson Titles

Gale Cengage Learning

Ingram Library Services 

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Britannica Digital Learning
Brodart Company
EBSCO Information Services
Lee & Low Books
Polaris Library Systems

Bronze Level

ABC-CLIO/Linworth Publishing
Bloomsbury Children's Books
Escue & Associates
Garrett Book Company
Penguin Young Readers Group
Perma-Bound Books
Renaissance Learning
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PowerKids Press
Sentry Technology Corporation
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Troxell Communications

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Annual Assembly is a time to plan and regroup. Association members and officers work together to prepare for the coming year, and any TLA member is welcome to attend. This three-day event will be held July 25-27 in Austin at the Hyatt Regency. Assembly allows association and unit officers to gather and formalize plans for the 2012 conference as well as for the year’s activities. There is no registration fee to attend. To learn more, go to:

Assembly Highlights & Programs

  • Leaders in Libraries: What The Best Do Best! Monday, July 25 from 1 to 5 pm. David Bendekovic will lead participants in lively presentation. The best libraries (and the best leaders) create an environment where extraordinary things happen – in good times and bad. This is an opportunity to learn how today’s leading libraries are adapting to change and transforming communities while reenergizing and inspiring people – at every level – to play a part in moving the library forward. Participants will learn how libraries can create a compelling picture of the future, re-establish trust that may have been strained during hard times, and get everyone aligned and moving in the same direction. (CE available)
  • Chairs Planning Session, Monday, July 25 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. All TLA committee and unit (division, round table, district, interest group) chairs are encouraged to attend an information session designed to answer questions about TLA structure and operations and prepare attendees for the upcoming Assembly meetings. Agenda items include the unit assessment process, changes to unit Bylaws for greater operational flexibility, technology support for your activities, strategic planning process, and discussions with Executive Board liaisons.
  • TLA Strategic Planning, Tuesday, July 26 from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Join Chair Kathy Hoffman and the TLA Strategic Plan Task Force members in visualizing TLA’s mission, vision, and strategic goals for the next three years. Everyone is invited! Dessert will be provided to stimulate the creative process.
  • TLA Tagline Discussion, July 26 from 7:30 to 8:15 p.m. Join Julie Todaro and Lee Shuey, TLA Public Communications co-chairs, as they lead a discussion on tagline (brands) options for TLA.
  • Legislative Session and TSLAC Update Tuesday, July 26 from 8:30 - 9:15 p.m. Discuss the outcomes of the 82nd legislative session with TLA legislative leaders and learn about the impact on the Texas State Library and Archives Commission from Edward Seidenberg, assistant director of the agency.
  • All-Assembly Luncheon, Wednesday, July 27 from noon to 1:20 p.m.  Join your colleagues at a luncheon featuring Rep. Roland Gutierrez (D-San Antonio), who introduced budget amendments to restore funding to Texas libraries.  Pre-registration is required for this ticketed event.
  • An Evening on Lake Austin, Wednesday, July 27 from 7:15 - 9:15 p.m. You are invited to an amphibious tour of beautiful Lake Austin inside one of Austin Duck Adventures’ Unsinkable, US coast guard inspected, Hydra Terra vehicles.  The evening includes a patio dinner at Austin’s popular Hula Hut, featuring a fajita buffet dinner. Pre-registration is required for this ticketed event.

Hands-on Demo Sessions at Assembly
Wednesday, July 27; CE available for all except webmaster training

9-10 am: New Presentation Tools - Eddy Smith, Abilene Library Consortium and Greg Hardin, Texas Woman’s University
Learn about and explore new web-based tools to assist with creating and sharing presentations.  This session will explore Prezi, Slideshare, Jing, and other cool stuff.  So ditch those old bullet lists and add some new life into your presentations!

10-11 am: Introduction to Prezi - Eddy Smith, Abilene Library Consortium and Greg Hardin, Texas Woman’s University
Learn about Prezi, a web-based presentation platform created to show the relationship between ideas in a presentation.  We’ll work through creating a Prezi presentation from start to publishing.  Bring your laptop or get there early to snag a seat at one of the 5 laptops provided by the Central Texas Library System.  Your laptop should have Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher, 1 GB memory, and a scroll mouse /touchpad and be running Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox 3.0 or higher, or Safari 3 or higher.    

11am-12 Noon: Webmaster Training – Mary Ann Emerson, Texas Library Association
Is your unit’s web page still showing officers from 2006? See a short introduction to TLA’s content management system, followed by individual help in navigating, editing, and publishing to the TLA web pages. This informal session is designed for the webmasters of divisions, round tables, interest groups, and committees. 

12-1:30 pm Webmaster Training – Mary Ann Emerson, Texas Library Association
Is your unit’s web page still showing minutes from 2008? See preceding description.

1:30-2:30 pm Notes in the Cloud – Eddy Smith, Abilene Library Consortium and Greg Hardin, Texas Woman’s University
Learn about and explore cool, web-based tools to organize your notes, photos, voice memos, short videos, and all the random pieces of information in your life.  This session will explore Evernote, SimpleNote, Notational Velocity, Backpack, and other cool stuff.  Catch all that flotsam in your brain and push it to the cloud!

2:30-4 pm: Webmaster Training – Mary Ann Emerson, Texas Library Association
Is your unit’s webpage still showing your conference programs from 1940? See earlier description.

4:30-5:30 pm: eBooks and eReaders in the Library – Sandy Farmer, Houston Public Library
Customers are beginning to demand eBooks from their libraries as eReaders and tablets become popular items. Developing a collection of e-books, teaching your staff and customers to use them and understanding the differences between all the gadgets is becoming a necessary part of any librarian’s job. What is the difference between an IPad, a Kindle, or a Nook? Is Overdrive the only eBook vendor? Who are the others and what do they have? How do I get a book from the computer screen to my gadget? Are there limitations to eBooks and eReaders? Please bring your questions, and we will attempt to answer them all.

Exhibits at Assembly!

Assembly attendees are invited to visit with these exhibitors:

  • Alexandria by Companion Corp.
  • Capstone
  • Children's Plus
  • Escue and Associates
  • Heinemann-Raintree
  • K-12 Databases Program / Digital Knowledge Central
  • Library Interiors
  • Storybook Theater

The final list exhibiting companies will be available July 15 on the TLA Assembly webpage. Prizes will be awarded each hour to lucky winners!

Legislative Summary for the 82nd Session


The governor signed House Bill 1 on June 17, a final state budget that is $15 billion less than the previous budget, and it neither raises taxes nor uses the $6 billion balance in the Rainy Day Fund.  The signed budget reflects the House recommendations for library funding in Article I of the budget (where funding for the State Library is found). The budget restores $2.5 million over the biennium for TexShare but does not include funding for the K-12 databases, Loan Star Libraries (direct aid for public libraries), or other library programs at the agency. The final budget did restore the State Law Library.

The budget also makes significant cuts to higher education and public education (as well as all other areas). The Technology Allotment at the Texas Education Agency was eliminated. Instead, a general funding source (the new Instructional Materials Allotment) was created. From this source, textbooks and other instructional materials were to be funded. According to TEA, districts could use this funding source to pay for subscription databases supporting the TEKS. However, HB 6 (which authorized the Instructional Materials Allotment) died in the waning hours of the Regular Session. Sen. Shapiro reintroduced this measure as SB 6 during the Special Session, which was called immediately after the Regular Session.

Lawmakers have now given final approval to SBs 1 and 2 in the special session. These matters prescribe the school finance distribution formulas and adopt other fiscal measures that will balance the state's 2012-13 budget (i.e., address the $4 billion reduction to public education).  The House and Senate also adopted SB 6 and SB 8 (Shapiro), which allows school district boards of trustees discretion in determining salaries and imposing staff cost saving measures such as salary reductions and furloughs across all employees.

The 30-day special session ends June 29.


Legislation that passed

SB 773(Zaffirini; Sp. Gallego) –  Extends the current state telecommunications discount program for libraries, schools, institutions of higher education, and non-profit hospitals for another four years. This legislative effort is of critical importance to the library and education community. The passage of the extension of statewide discounts means that libraries and schools will continue to contract for broadband rates that are affordable to anchor institutions.

HB 2139 (Guillen; Sp. Zaffirini): Relating to authorizing the State Library to create an “Adopt-a-Library” program.

For a full write up of legislation, see Texline 282.

Legislative Vote on Specific Library Initiative Funding

TLA is often asked “which legislators voted for library funding?”  In the case of the budget (in most instances), most lawmakers vote on the entire Appropriations Bill – not just one particular area.  This session, however, one specific House proposal to add an amendment to the state budget for library funding did receive a record vote. The motion failed. The information below is as reported in the House Journal for Friday, April 1, 2011.

On the Proposed Amendment to HB 1 by Anchía to appropriate $3 million/biennium to Loan Star Libraries (Direct Aid to Public Libraries):

Yeas:  Alonzo; Anchia; Anderson, C.; Bohac; Bonnen; Burkett; Burnam; Castro; Christian; Davis, Y.; Driver; Dukes; Dutton; Farias; Farrar; Flynn; Geren; Gooden; Gutierrez; Hamilton; Harless; Harper-Brown; Hernandez Luna; Hopson; Huberty; King, S.; King, T.; Kolkhorst; Lozano; Lucio; Margo; Marquez; Martinez; Martinez Fischer; McClendon; Menendez; Muñoz; Naishtat; Oliveira; Pickett; Pitts; Quintanilla; Raymond; Reynolds; Rodriguez; Scott; Sheets; Sheffield; Smith, T.; Strama; Thompson; Truitt; Villarreal; Vo; Walle.

Nays:  Aliseda; Anderson, R.; Aycock; Beck; Berman; Branch; Brown; Button; Cain; Callegari; Chisum; Coleman; Cook; Craddick; Creighton; Crownover; Darby; Davis, J.; Davis, S.; Eissler; Elkins; Fletcher; Frullo; Garza; Giddings; Gonzales, L.; Gonzales, V.; Gonzalez; Hancock; Hardcastle; Hartnett; Hochberg; Howard, C.; Howard, D.; Hughes; Isaac; Jackson; Keffer; King, P.; Kleinschmidt; Kuempel; Landtroop; Larson; Laudenberg; Lavender; Legler; Lewis; Lyne; Madden; Miles; Miller, D.; Miller, S.; Morrison; Murphy; Nash; Orr; Otto; Parker; Patrick; Paxton; Perry; Phillips; Price; Riddle; Schwertner; Shelton; Simpson; Smith, W.; Smithee; Taylor, L.; Taylor, P.; Torres; Turner; Weber; White; Woolley; Workman; Zedler; Zerwas.

Present, not voting: Mr. Speaker; Carter; Deshotel; Eiland; Guillen; Johnson; Mallory Caraway; Peña; Ritter(C).

Absent, Excused: Allen; Hilderbran.
Absent, Excused, Committee Meeting: Alvarado; Solomons; Veasey.
Absent: Gallego; Hunter.

Correcting statements on the vote:

  • I was shown voting yes on Record No. 226. I intended to vote no. Flynn
  • When Record No. 226 was taken, I was in the house but away from my desk. I would have voted no. Gallego
  • When Record No. 226 was taken, I was in the house but away from my desk. I would have voted no. Hunter
  • I was shown voting no on Record No. 226. I intended to vote yes. Miles

Note: Rep. Simpson later introduced his own measure to restore $3 million in library funding.


TLA offers it deep thanks to the members of the Legislature who actively championed library funding and programs. We extend our gratitude and appreciation to: Rep. Rafael Anchìa (Dallas); Rep. Roland Gutierrez (San Antonio); Rep. David Simpson (Longview); Sen. Judith Zaffirini (Laredo); and Sen. Juan Hinojosa (McAllen). We also thank Reps. Harold Dutton (Houston), Sergio Muñoz (Mission), Joaquin Castro (San Antonio), and Ryan Guillen (Laredo) for filing legislation to support librarians and libraries.

The Association owes a great deal to the articulate testimony of TLA members and library supporters who often spent many, many hours waiting to testify at the various budget and bill hearings.  We thank: Naomi Bates, Steve Brown, Cindy Buchanan, Megan Cooper, Leah Filzow-Perez, Carolyn Foote, Carlyn Gray, Paul Gray, Marilyn Powers, Dale Ricklefs, Larry Ringer, Martha Rinn, Gene Rollins, and Julie Todaro. We also thank all the TLA Legislative Day delegate leaders, Legislative Day attendees and volunteers, agency staff who assisted with information, our Legislative Day sponsors (Britannica Digital Learning; EBSCO Information Services; Highsmith, Inc.; and Polaris Library Systems), our legislative rally and activities sponsors (EBSCO Information Services, Gale Cengage Learning, Lee & Low Books, Accelerated Learning, and Troxell Communications), and all library supporters who took the time to contact legislative offices.

State Library Update

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) recently sent out notification to the state’s Regional Library Systems coordinators and public library directors about the impact of the cuts on the agency’s budget. The two letters outline the following:

  • The Library Development and Library Resource Sharing Divisions have been merged into the Library Development and Networking Division. While the overall number of FTEs will go from 193 to 169, the new division will have 14.5 FTEs (down from the 30 FTEs of the separate two divisions).
  • Loan Star Libraries was zeroed out, and the program will close down this program by Dec. 31, 2011. No new funds will be awarded. All reports for current awards are still required, although status updates for 2012 are no longer needed.
  • The agency will continue to support the transition of public libraries to OCLC’s Navigator service and to cover the costs of providing ILL through Navigator. The agency will also continue to provide access to OCLC’s WorldCat database for both public and academic libraries. The agency will no longer support the Project Loan net lender reimbursement program. The agency will maintain a statewide subscription to WorldCat to offset the elimination of net lender reimbursement for academic libraries.
  • State TexShare database funding dropped from about $8 million to $2.5 million. Database fees will increase by 35% in the fall. TSLAC will continue to offset a portion of the cost of the TExpress courier, but at a reduced funding level. Support for the TexShare card program, the TexSelect database program, outreach, and training will continue.
  • The agency will provide a base level of funding ($2.5 million to be awarded through the System Negotiated Grant process) for the regional systems in FY 2012. The agency plans to work with stakeholders on how to restructure the program for FY 2012. TSLAC plans to send out an RFP for the delivery of statewide library services for FY 2013 as a way of offsetting the close out of the Systems program with available (but substantially reduced) federal funding. The agency will fund the Technical Assistance Negotiated Grant program for FY 2012 but will seek an alternative model for FY 2013, when federal funding is expected to drop dramatically.
  • The agency will also consolidate continuing education services through the new Library Development and Networking Division. TSLAC will also support its Library Science Collection, respond to requests for materials and assistance, and collect public library statistics. The agency will continue to accredit public libraries, and this accreditation will be the basis for participation in TexShare.
  • TSLAC has executed a contract with the Houston Area Library Automation Network to deliver the Library of Texas federated search service.
  • The agency plans to continue offering competitive grants directly to libraries and will review current competitive grants in the context of other changing programs and reductions in funding.
The State Library Commission will meet on July 1 and will discuss the impact of the state budget reducations and the planned changes to existing programs.

Conference Highlights

Actress and New York Times bestselling author Jamie Lee Curtis keynoted the first general session of the conference and delighted the audience with her passion for libraries. Greg Mortenson, who is now at the center of controversy over his writings and philanthropic work, spoke at the Second General Session.  Lemony Snicket creator Daniel Handler and illustrator Maira Kalman shared the stage and offered a rambunctious and spirited close to conference. 


RALLY at the Capitol. An estimated 2,500 library supporters gathered at the Texas Capital on April 13 to rally for Texas libraries. The color of the day was red as crowds joined the Drum Café to beat the drums for Texas libraries.  State Representatives Rafael Anchía, Roland Gutierrez, and Joe Deshotel were on hand to greet the crowd and talk about the importance of libraries and librarians to Texas.  Emcee Maribel Castro led the passionate crowd in cheers and welcomed authors Carmen Tafolla and Richard Peck, who shared their stories and literary flair to the cause of libraries and literacy. 

School Administrators Conference: TLA's Strong Libraries Strong Scores mini-conference is geared for Texas school administrators. The event is intended to inspire, inform, and incite change in the ways Texas schools use libraries to improve student achievement. School administrators are nominated by their librarians and attend this mini conference at no cost. This year 64participated.

Librarians Saving Lives! Fort the first time, the Central Texas Blood and Tissue Center set up a donation center at the TLA convention. Librarians were asked to donate and give a chance for life to others.  Donations also helped benefit TLA member Lindsay Jones of the Round Rock ISD. The drive was a huge success with all donation time slots being filled. TLA thanks all participating librarians for their generosity.  

Book Cart Drill Team Competition: Just for fun, the conference also featured the annual State Championship competition in which teams of costumed library staff members push decorated book carts in formation to music.  Austin ISD inched ahead of Austin PL in a close competition of book cart dancing titans!

Exhibits: As usual, the TLA Exhibit Hall offered attendees a world-class library tradeshow. With over 520 exhibitors, librarians enjoyed access to all the latest products and services needed to run their libraries.  For access to companies already signed on for the 2012 conference, go to


Annual Association Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement: Kathy Hoffman (retired, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston)
  • Distinguished Service: Susan Mann (Hillsboro City Librarian)
  • Librarian of the Year: Doug Valentine (Melissa ISD); Valentine also won the members’ choice video contest.
  • Libraries Change Communities: Palestine Public Library, “Helping Job Seekers Computer Classes”
  • Wayne William Library Project of the Year: Austin Public Library, YomiCon, A Manga/Anime Convention

TLA Scholarship & Research Committee announced these recipients for 2011:

  • Demco TLA Research Grant: Maria Cahill and Judi Moreillon, School of Library and Information Studies, Texas Woman’s University (TWU)
  • Christina Woll Grant: Faith Lutheran School and Preschool Library, Sugar Land
  • Escue Annual Conference Stipend: Ledezma Rodriguez, Bell/Whittington Library, Portland
  • Vivian Greenfield Education Award: Nancy Graves, TWU
  • Walter H. Escue Memorial Scholarship: Jennifer Sheehan, TWU
  • TLA Summer School Scholarship: Barbara Ludden, University of North Texas
  • Garrett Scholarship: Rebecca Halpern, University of Texas
  • Ray C. Janeway: Michelle Keba, University of Texas
  • Highsmith Awards: School library - Shackelford Jr. High School, Arlington; Other library - Bertha Voyer Memorial Library, Honey Grove

Awarded by TLA Units

  • Black Caucus Student Scholarships: Angel Durr and Arletha Ford, graduate students at the University of North Texas College of Information
  • Children’s Round Table presents the Siddie Joe Johnson Award annually to an outstanding children’s librarian. Tina Hager, director of Little Elm Public Library, is the 2011 recipient.
  • Reference Round Table awarded A. Ray Stephens and OU Press the 2011 Texas Reference Source Award for Texas: A Historical Atlas.
  • Small Community Libraries Round Table honored Sue Dear (Jasper PL) as Small Community Librarian of the Year.
  • TALL Texans Round Table: Tina Hager received the Standing TALL Award.

Conference Stipends: Various organizations and TLA units provide stipends to offset the expense of attending conference. Here are some of the 2011 awardees:

  • Archives/Genealogy & Local History Round Table Stipend: Jeffery Wright, Victoria Public Library
  • Automation and Technology Round Table Stipend: Stephan Freeman, DeSoto Public Library
  • District 3 Stpend: Veronica Grooms, the director of the Madison County Library in Madisonville and a MLIS student at Texas Woman’s University.
  • Library Instruction Round Table: The 2011 Devin Zimmerman Memorial Stipend was awarded to Angela (Angie) Bartula, who is the staff training librarian at Arlington Public Library.
  • PLD (Public Library Division) Stipends: Molly Osborne – Harlingen PL; Shannon Hausinger – Waller County PL;
  • Jo Carol Conway – Brazoria Community Library; and
  • Emily Day – Amarillo PL
  • SCLRT-Biblonix Stipend: Debbie Garza, Dawson County PL; and Sharlene Hoffmaster, Crockett PL
  • YART Conference Stipends: Ledezma L. Rodriguez, Bell/Whittington Public Library; and Elizabeth Friend, Webster Middle School

Tocker Foundation: Gloria Wooten, Crockett Public Library; Ana Garcia, Duval Co. San Diego Public Library; Elizabeth Miser, Hansford County Library; Melissa Robinson, Maffett Memorial Library; Norma Ovalle, Mathis Public Library; Frank Kelland, Pottsboro Area Library; Wendy Byrd, Rains County Public Library; Adrienne Montgomery, San Augustine Public Library; Amy Parrish, Van Alstyne Public Library; Cindy Kahlden, Weimar Public Library; Nancy Hykel, West Public Library; Jessica Lucas, Whitesboro Public Library

Priddy Charitable Trust Stipends: Wanda Taylor, Betty Foster Public Library (Ponder); Nancy Nichols, Bowie Public Library
Teresa Tucker, Saint Jo Public Library; Stephanie Beach, Boyce Ditto Public Library (Mineral Wells); Gwendolyn Dowds-Nash, Weatherford Public Library; Curtis Burton, Bicentennial City-County Library (Paducah); Stacey Rogers, Justin Community Library; Lori Cox, Olney Community Library

The Llibrary Integrated Solutions Intellectual Freedom Award was presented to Katherine Brown and the Sterling Memorial Library in Baytown.

The Mackin Collection Development Grant was awarded to Moses Castillo, Weslaco ISD.


Texas Library Association concludes the Strategic Initiatives webinar series with a trio of programs centered on the marketplace for information-based jobs. Visit for registration and listings for even more premium webinars to come. CPE credit will be available for these webinars.

Summer 2011: Innovation in Your Career

Recent budget cuts have precipitated reductions in staff for every kind of library across Texas. Thousands of librarians now find themselves unemployed or underemployed, even as hundreds of new library school graduates enter the field for the first time. How will you position yourself to succeed in this new environment? Five experts in library career planning will teach you about new opportunities for library professionals. You will learn new ways to describe your skills on paper and in person, and how to maximize your chances of getting and keeping a new job.

Librarians in the brave new world of today’s job market
Join Cindy Batman and Janet Denny as they continue their discussion about redefining your skills and looking in new places. They’ll talk in more detail about how to research the job market with creativity, address gaps in your skill sets with practicality, and place yourself in new kinds of positions that harness your personal strengths. This free webinar takes place at 2 pm (CST) on July 12.

Facing Trying Times for Librarians
Ron Pollock will expand on one of the key parts of looking for a new position, the tailored resume, in a free webinar on August 4 at 2 pm (CST). How can you describe your skills in the best terms for a potential employer? What are some ways that you can translate your library skills into broader terms?

Tell a great story – get a job
In their live webinar, Kerry McGeath and Cynthia Pfledderer will share more specific steps for introducing yourself professionally and telling your story in terms that fit your potential new position. Learn about common pitfalls and best practices in the interview process, both within the library community and the private sector. This free webinar will be held on September 15 at 2 pm (CST).


TLA Received Performance Grant

The Texas Library Association is pleased to announce the receipt of a Respond Performance Support grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.  This grant, which is an artistic fee subsidy of $1,400, provided support for the performance of Del Castillo, a Latin Rock band, on April 13, 2011 in Austin at the TLA Annual Conference. 

The performance was held in conjunction with the TLA’s annual professional development conference which provides education and networking opportunities for Texas librarians, library and information students, and library advocates.

NE ISD Wins National Award

North East Independent School District (NEISD) is an American Association of School Librarians’ (AASL) 2011 National School Library Program of the Year (NSLPY) Award recipient. Sponsored by Follett Library Resource, the NSLPY recognizes school library programs that meet the needs of the changing school and library environment and are fully integrated into the school's curriculum. Each recipient is recognized with a crystal obelisk and $10,000 for their school library program.

Located in San Antonio, the district is the eighth largest school district in Texas. It is composed of 68 schools with 66,220 students in grades, pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Fulfilling the district library mission to “ensure that students and staff are effective users of information resources and ideas that will enable them to be life-long learners,” is a staff composed of 70 full-time librarians, 12 half-time librarians, 63 full-time support staff, and 18 part-time support staff.  North East Independent School District and other AASL award recipients will be honored at AASL's Awards Luncheon during ALA's 2011 Annual Conference in New Orleans, La.

Texas Libraries Win Grant Writing Award

Taped Editions, Inc. (TEI), and audio book distributor, announced the winners of its first “Grant-Me-A-Wish” competition. The competition was designed to assist small and rural library staff in finding grant opportunities and to guide them through the grant-writing process in a simplified, methodical way.

Jane VanBuskirk, an Intern from the IUPUI School of Library Science, developed and implemented the program. Librarians were able to join an online group where they broke down the grant writing process. Emphasis was placed on creating sections of a grant (“boilerplate”) which could be used each time a grant is submitted.

Although this was a nation-wide competition, winning entries came from the State of Texas. The winner of $500 was the Sammy Brown Library in Carthage, TX. There were so many well-written submissions that company president, Carol Tully, decided to award an additional $250 grant to a runner-up. The runner-up was the Cross Plains Public Library in Cross Plains, TX.

Names in the News

  • Pat Hawthorn of Texas State University is now president-elect of ALA’s Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA).
  • Eva Poole, director of the Denton Public Library, is the Public Library Association new president-elect.
  • Maureen Sullivan has been voted president-elect of the American Library Association.


  • Anne Davis, UNT Librarian Emeritus, passed away on May 24, 2011. 
  • Lowell Lindsey, retired director of the Nicholson Memorial Library in Garland, has died.
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