TLACast • Volume 31, No. 3 • August 2012


LSSSRT is Now… TLA’s Library Services to the Spanish Speaking Round Table has changed its name to the Latino Caucus. The group voted on the change, and with a strong majority, approved the update to the group’s moniker. The name change reflects the current diversity of members and interests.

TLA ELECTIONS: On behalf of the TLA Nominating Committee, Chair Susi Grissom presents the following slate of candidates for the 2013 ballot:

President Elect 

  • Sharon Amastae (retired), Ysleta ISD (El Paso)
  • Cindy Buchanan, Aldine ISD


  • Jennifer LaBoon, Fort Worth ISD
  • Marty Rossi, Educational Service Center 20 (San Antonio)

As Grissom noted, “TLA has a slate with four strong candidates who bring a breadth of experience and proven communication and leadership skills to the election.”  Also serving on the Nominating Committee were Stephanie Fulton, Larry Justiss, Tracey Mendoza, and Nora Galvan. The deadline for petition candidates is December 1, 2012. Petition candidates must submit their vita, photograph, and statement of concern to the TLA Office, c/o Susi Grissom, Chair of the Nomination Committee.

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The 83rd Legislature

The 83rd Legislative Session convenes on January 8, 2013. The time from Labor Day until the holidays is the best time to contact legislators and candidates running for office on issues that need to be addressed by the state legislature. Library supporters must undertake a rigorous grassroots campaign on the local level to recruit other library advocates and to build relationships with their state elected officials (and candidates running for those offices).

Summary of the 82nd Legislative Session

Budget: The state faced a massive budget shortfall in 2011 and made unprecedented cuts to statewide programs. Elected officials voted to cut about $4 billion in funding for schools along with significant cuts to higher education, healthcare, and almost all areas of the state’s budget. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC), which manages statewide library programs, sustained a 64% cut in funding. This sum represents a loss of about $30 million in support for library programs over the 2012-13 biennium.

These drastic state cuts have an additional devastating impact: the potential loss of almost $9 million more in federal funds in 2015 since the state can no longer meet federal requirements for eligibility for all matching federal funds for library services. These cuts affect just about every community, school, and institution of higher education in the state.

Preview of the 83rd Legislative Session

The State Comptroller recently noted an improvement in the Texas economy with sales tax receipts and the Rainy Day Fund exceeding budgeted expectations. Despite the improved financial outlook for the state and higher revenue available for the 2014-15 biennium than for the 2012-13 biennium, the state budget may remain stagnant, as the Governor reiterated his pledge to support legislation that shrinks government spending and to oppose legislation that raises taxes or raids the Rainy Day Fund. All state agencies have been required to submit proposed budgets that reduce current funding by up to 10% (in 5% increments). The state must also make payments in the 2014-15 biennium that were delayed from the 2012-13 biennium (i.e., Medicaid and the Foundation School Program). Additionally, the anticipated lawsuit by several school districts against the state for failing to adequately fund public schools is about to begin this fall in a district court; but without a Texas Supreme Court decision, we will not likely see any legitimate legislative proposals to remedy the situation.

State funding for library services is at a critically low level. With only $2.5 million appropriated last session for TexShare, TSLAC requires an infusion of state general revenue funding to maintain the TexShare program, provide statewide resources for K-12 campuses, and assist libraries in providing workforce training, literacy programming, and educational services to the people of Texas. It is also critical to note that, without additional state funds directed to library programming, the State Library may not be able to make the case to the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services for a continuation – even at a smaller level – of federal matching funds for library services. Federal funds currently help support interlibrary loan, TexShare, and other critical statewide library services.

The 83rd State Legislature will include a large number of freshmen legislators. Although these newly minted elected officials will face a steep learning curve, this change represents an opportunity for all library supporters. It is critical that all the members of the 83rd Legislature hear from constituents about the potential loss of federal matching fundng, the list of reduced or eliminated programs and services, and the importance of libraries to the people in their home districts. Many lawmakers are campaigning on promises of fiscal conservatism. All elected officials must be made aware that statewide library services represent a cost-effective and highly beneficial deployment of state dollars. See Texline 284 for additional information.

TLA Platform for the 83rd Legislative Session

Texas libraries are essential to the state’s information infrastructure which fosters the economic and educational success of Texas. The statewide library initiatives brought before the 83rd Legislature represent a unified statewide approach for supporting library services and are built on the principle of promoting equity and maximizing economies of scale. The goals of these programs are to promote economic vitality, workforce and college readiness, and educational attainment. These statewide library programs:

  • Offer a broad vision and mechanism of support for all types of libraries now and into the future
  • Focus on the State’s articulated goals of workforce development, educational success, and college & workforce readiness
  • Promote increased reading, writing, and digital literacy

The two primary initiatives for consideration before the legislature are represented as budget items in the proposed 2014-15 budget for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC). (See Article I, General Government, HB 1/SB 1.) The State Library Commission approved the agency proposed budget (i.e., the Legislative Appropriations Request) for 2014-15 at its August 2 meeting. The approved budget contained the following two exceptional items requests.

1. E-Content Learning Resources – $9.25 million over the biennium for:

  • Digital (electronic) materials in libraries for online homework help, college preparation, research, job searching, career and test preparation, and other assistance in helping people reach their economic goals;
  • Shared resources available to persons of all ages, such as databases, e-books, interlibrary loan networks, and training aids.

2. Incentive Grants for Increasing Literacy and Educational Success – $3.4 million/ biennium for:

  • Training and programming built on local partnerships and innovative practices to advance educational attainment, workforce development, and written and digital literacy

Tasks to Accomplish before December 15, 2012

  • Recruit supporters and persons of influence within your community. Have them contact elected officials and candidates asking for support of library issues. Give them a list of the local programs and services reduced or eliminated as a result of the state budget passed in 2011 and share TLA’s platform.
  • Meet your state representative and senator (and any strong candidates for those offices. Visit them at their offices. Take a couple of supporters with you to discuss the importance of library services. Be sure to meet the elected official’s staff members.
  • Invite those elected officials and candidates to your library if you are able. 
  • Prepare information about the value of your library to your community, students, etc.
  • Send a letter to the editor about the value and needs of your library. Invite the media (or a known reporter) to cover an event at your library, perhaps a Library Snapshot Day event in October.
  • Continue communications with your state senator and representative. Write them and have your supporters write them about the library and the need for state funding.


Annual Assembly Wrap-up

Four hundred Association leaders convened in Austin for the TLA Annual Assembly on July 15-18, 2012. Committee and unit officers met with their respective groups to plan activities and programs for the upcoming year. Under the chairmanship of Becky Sullivan and Jennifer LaBoon, the hard-working 2013 Conference Program Committee met for four days to ensure quality continuing education programming for next year’s conference.
Complimentary technology programs were provided to Assembly attendees by Carolyn Brewer and Paul Waak, North Texas Library Partners; Greg Hardin, Texas Woman’s University; Craig Wheeler, Gail Johnston and Sarah Northam, Texas A&M Commerce; and Lannon Heflin, ESC XIII,  on topics varying from Pinterest to MovieMaker, Project Share, Content Curation, and podcasting. Ron Pollock presented a preconference session on excellence in management, including strategic thinking and planning, assessment, knowledge management, and workforce focus.
The TLA Executive Board encouraged unit and committee officers and members to identify efforts that can help the Association implement Strategic Initiative #1 of the 2012-2015 TLA Strategic Plan. This initiative, which is to demonstrate the value of libraries and librarians, was determined by the Executive Board to constitute the Board’s highest priority in light of the current economic climate facing libraries. Throughout the  All-Assembly Discussion Forums and the Idea Lab, many exciting ideas were identified for consideration by the units and Executive Board. The five action items within this initiative include the following:

  • Cultivate a Diverse Community of Champions for Libraries
  • Develop a Campaign That Will Raise Awareness of the Value of Libraries and Librarians
  • Identify and Articulate What Users Value about Library Services
  • Bolster Efforts to Enhance Funding for Libraries and Library Services
  • Develop Mechanisms to Highlight and Recognize Best Practices in Libraries

Various evening networking activities included a barbeque dinner while overlooking the beautiful Austin sunset at County Line on the Hill, dine-around dinners at local restaurants, and a surprise celebration of TLA Executive Director Patricia Smith’s 25th anniversary.

Texas Book Festival

The Texas Book Festival is a celebration of authors and their contributions to the culture of literacy, ideas, and imagination. The Festival takes place in Austin at the State Capitol and surrounding grounds. This year’s Festival is October 27 and 28. The announcement of the more than 200 authors appearing at the Festival will be made on September 12.

First Lady Laura Bush, a former librarian and an ardent advocate of literacy, established the Festival in 1995. Mrs. Bush created a task force to plan the festival to honor Texas authors, promote the joys of reading, and benefit the state's public libraries.

Since the first Festival in 1996, TBF has evolved into one of the premier literary events in the country, hosting more than 200 Texas and nationally known authors. Every year, more than 40,000 visitors participate in the weekend of author readings and presentations, panel discussions, book signings, and musical entertainment at the State Capitol in Austin.

The Festival has always been free and open to the public, thanks to  support from sponsors, donors, and more than 900 volunteers. Donors also help the Festival bring books to life for children in low-income schools through the Reading Rock Stars program, support Texas public libraries, and connect authors and readers through events year-round. 

The Texas Book Festival is working hard to make this year’s Festival the most exciting yet. There are many volunteer positions available, from helping with book signings, to escorting authors, and selling merchandise. For detailed information about the opportunities available and how to sign up, visit the Festival website.

Conference Preview

Save the dates! April 24-27, 2013 in Fort Worth will be the place to gather for one of the nation’s top library conventions. The annual TLA conference – the largest state library gathering – will convene from Wednesday through Saturday next year.

TLA conference planners made some quick changes to the conference schedule. Given its size and hotel and convention center requirements, TLA must book out its conference 10 years in advance. The original schedule held no major conflicts with other educational programming at the time conference contracts were signed. However, with last spring’s announcement by the Texas Education Agency of the state’s new testing schedule, TLA worked extensively with the City of Fort Worth and hotels to slide the conference one day into Saturday to allow school librarians greater options for participation.

With this new schedule, TLA will now offer three general sessions and new and extended programming for the final day of conference. Stay tuned for conference updates. A preliminary conference program will be available after Oct. 1. Be sure to check the TLA website for information.

Contributed Papers

The TLA 2013 Annual Conference Program Committee seeks contributed papers for the annual conference in Fort Worth, April 24-27. The theme for the conference is Promoting Our Values; Proving Our Worth. Papers on any topic will be accepted. Share your ideas with colleagues by describing projects and/or research in a paper that can be presented in a 20-minute time period. Presenters must register for the conference. The deadline is September 28, 2012. Go to Contributed Papers on the TLA website for additional information and a proposal form.

SMART Practices! TLA’s Supervision, Management, and Administration Round Table (SMART) is creating an award to recognize best practices and/or innovation in library management. To provide a venue to share those ideas and initiatives and to introduce the new award, the group will be sponsoring a poster session at conference. The award is not limited to managers, administrators, or supervisors. Anyone who contributed an idea that streamlined a program, saved the library money, or helped the library run more smoothly is eligible to participate. For additional information, contact the group’s chair, Lisa Loranc (


Council and Executive Board Actions

TLA Council: The TLA Council met twice during the Annual Conference in April 2012 and Annual Assembly in July 2012.  Actions taken by this body are reported below, and full minutes of these meetings may be requested from TLA.

On April 17 and April 20, 2012, the TLA Council approved the following motions: 

  • Approved a resolution honoring John Ison, Library Champion.
  • Approved a resolution in honor of the memory of S. Joe McCord.
  • Changed the status of the Programming for Adults Interest Group to a round table since the group has successfully satisfied  the requirements specified in the TLA Bylaws, Article XI, Section 4 as certified by the executive director.
  • Approved the name change of the Doo Wop Intergalactic Round Table to the Intergalactic Dance Club Round Table.
  • Adopted the 2012-2015 TLA Strategic Plan as presented by Strategic Plan Co-Chairs Kathy Hoffman and Richard Wayne.

On July 17 and July 18, 2012, the TLA Council approved the following motions:

  • Reaffirmed that the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics represents the standards guiding TLA.
  • Approved three changes to the TLA Bylaws and TLA Standing Rules which are the following:
  1. Amend Article VIII of the TLA Bylaws by assigning responsibility for approving Council minutes to the Executive Board.
  2. Amend Article XI by inserting in Section 6 “In Districts which only have a Councilor and Councilor-alternate, the District’s operating procedures may provide a term for the Councilor and Councilor-alternate of not less than one nor more than three years or until a successor is elected.”
  3. Amend Rule 8 of the TLA Standing Rules to replace the word “state” with “any” to conform with the duties of the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee and the Legislative Committee.
  • Approved a motion titled “A Resolution in Support of Stronger, More Robust Funding for the Federal Library Depository Program.”
  • Approved a motion titled “A Resolution in Support of Continuation of the American Community Survey (ACS).”
  • Approved a motion in support of Library Funding.
  • Approved a resolution honoring Sandra J. Pickett.
  • Approved a resolution honoring Patricia H. Smith
  • Approved the 2012-2013 Texas Library Association Budget.

TLA Executive Board: The Texas Library Association Executive Board met on April 17 and April 20, 2012 during the TLA Annual Conference in Houston. The Board again met on July 2-3, 2012 in Austin at the TLA office and then twice during Annual Assembly on July 16 and July 18, 2012. Actions taken by this body are reported below, and full minutes of these meetings may be requested from TLA.

On April 17 and 20, 2012, the TLA Executive Board approved the following motions:

  • Approved a consent agenda which included the following items:
  1. Minutes of the July 2011 Meeting
  2. Minutes of the Conference Calls in Lieu of a Face-to-Face December Meeting
  3. Election Results
  4. Establishment of the Tejas Star Book Award Task Force
  5. Establishment of the final Diversity Task Force
  6. 2012-2013 Committee Appointments
  7. Policies Regarding Reserved and Restricted Funds
  8. Highlights of the TLA Annual Conference and Message to Liaisons
  9. Approval of the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan for Council Action
  10. Appointment of the Nominating Committee
  • Reviewed the draft audit in great detail with the auditor and approved  a motion to accept the draft audit in July when it is final. 
  • Accepted the January 2012 report on the Unit Assessment Review and implement the process.  The unit assessment will take place during the year that the TLA Strategic Plan is developed. 
  • Amended the Strategic Initiative #1 to read:  “There are increasing demands from all stakeholders to demonstrate quantitative as well as qualitative value.  TLA and its members will convincingly demonstrate the value of libraries and librarians to these stakeholders through advocacy and related actions at the state and local levels.”
  • Accepted Martha Edmundson’s Texas Bluebonnet Award (TBA) Goals for 2012-2013 with two suggestions:
  1. A question be added to the participants’ survey allowing members to identify themselves and to be subsequently contacted by a member of the TBA committee to discuss their observations; and
  2. An update on the progress of the Public Library Involvement Task Force be provided to the Executive Board;
  • Authorized President Sherilyn Bird, President-Elect Yvonne Chandler, and Executive Director Patricia Smith as having signature authority on all banks and financial institutions.  Only one signature is required, and the executive director is the customary signer.
  • Accepted the nomination of Mary Jo Humphreys as the new assistant TBA coordinator to become in 2013 the TBA coordinator. 

On July 2-3, 2012, the TLA Executive Board approved the following motions:

  • Approved the consent agenda which included the minutes of the previous meeting. 
  • Approved a motion that in light of the current Strategic Planning implementation, the unit’s completion of the self-assessment form be suspended until the process can be re-examined and revised.  The Executive Board further agreed that the members of the Unit Assessment Review Task Force-- Alice Specht, Maria Elena Ovalle, and Ling Hwey Jeng-- be thanked and commended for their initial review. 
  • Accepted the proposed budget for 2012-2013, as presented by the Budget Committee and will be forwarded to Council for action in July, 2012.
  • Revised procedures for awards of the “Best of the Best” program awards as follows:
  1. Maximum awards will be $1,000
  2. Award funds may only be used to cover honorariums, travel, or housing in accordance with TLA Standing Rule 7D. 
  3. Award decisions will be made by District Planning Committee, should the requested awards exceed the total amount budgeted.
  4. Applications for the awards will be due on July 31, 2012.

 On July 16 and July 18, 2012, the TLA Executive Board approves the following motions:

  • Approved the consent agenda which included the minutes of the previous meeting.
  • Asked the TLA Professional Issues and Ethics (PIE) Committee to study the practice of objectivity of the TLA Executive Board and whether it or a variation should be applied to the members of the TLA Nominating Committee with a view to avoiding the appearance of lack of objectivity. 
  • Approved a request from Joe Dahlstrom that the monies collected for the Patricia Smith Fund in honor of her 25th anniversary be made available for expenditures deemed appropriate by Patricia Smith, subject to the approval by the TLA Executive Board.

Friday, November 2 or 9
Del Mar College (Corpus Christi)
Saturday, September 29

Lone Star College - CyFair Campus (Cypress)
Saturday, September 29
Tom Green Library System - Stephens Central Library (San Angelo)
Saturday, November 3
Van Zandt County Library (Canton)
Thursday, November 15
Andrews Business & Technology Center
with Herrington Library Consortium
Tuesday, September 25

Hemphill County Library (Canadian)
Saturday, October 13
El Paso Community College - Rio Grande Campus
Saturday, October 13
Boerne Public Library
Friday, November 9
University of Texas Libraries - Perry Castaneda Library (Austin)
Friday, October 5
Texas Woman's University (Denton)
Details on district meetings are added as they are received; check individual TLA district webpages for additional meeting information.


TLA has joined forces with the Texas PTA and other educational groups, because we believe that the success of Texas students is in large part due to the educators in this great state. This coalition of educational associations is giving Texans the opportunity to recognize educators with a 180-day educator recognition marathon. The effort will kick-off with a briefing at the steps of the Texas Capitol on Wednesday, September 12 at 10:30 am. The public is welcome to attend.

Texas PTA has created a website so that anyone can recognize a teacher, librarian, principal, or superintendent whose work ensures that Texas students succeed. The goal is to recognize at least 100,000 Texas educators by completion of our 180 days of this school year. The website officially launches September 12, but it is now open for the public and for nominations. We encourage you to let your students, parents, and fellow educators know about this important means to recognize the good work of colleagues:


  • Kathy Pustejovsky, who has worked on behalf of Texas libraries and librarians for almost 29 years in TLA’s conference management unit, has moved to a new responsibility at TLA.  Pustejovsky is now serving as manager of membership and member services. In this role, she will be responsible for membership recruitment, retention, and new member services. She said, “TLA members are the heart of our Association. I am eager to devote concentrated energy and resources to engage more members in the full range of TLA activities, to recruit new members to our library community, and to prove the value and worth of belonging to TLA in this very challenging time.”
  • Elise Walker and Ileah Hirschy will continue their roles with conference services, logistics, and planning. With TLA returning to Fort Worth for the first time in many years, the 2013 conference will offer an opportunity for many new events and services.
  • Natasha McAuliffe has joined the TLA team and will be assisting with conference and membership services.

Awards, Grants, Scholarships, Stipends: Apply! Nominate!

TLA AWARDS: It is awards season again. Be sure to check the TLA website for information about association-wide awards and unit-level awards.

  • Librarian of the Year Award: Recognizes extraordinary leadership or service within the library community within the past 12-18 months.
  • Distinguished Service Award: Recognizes outstanding and continuing service in one or more areas of the library profession.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Recognizes an exemplary career in librarianship.
  • Outstanding Services to Libraries Award: Given to an individual or to an organization in recognition of outstanding lay advocacy.
  • Wayne Williams Library Project of the Year Award: Recognizes a project that exemplifies the highest levels of achievement, professional standards, and inspiration to other libraries.
  • Libraries Change Communities Award: Given to a collaborative community effort that recognizes positive achievements and promotes outstanding library-based initiatives in Texas.
  • Benefactor(s) Award: Recognizes substantial donations.

For additional information about submitting nominations, please contact the Awards Committee Chair, Maribel Castro -

TLA Scholarships, Grants, and Stipends: The Scholarship and Research Committee of the Texas Library Association invites TLA members to submit applications for scholarships, research grants, and conference stipends to be awarded in the spring of 2013. To apply for any TLA scholarship, grant, or stipend, applicants will need to complete the online application found on the TLA website. Applicants must be TLA members to apply. Scholarship applicants must also be accepted as a graduate student at a Texas ALA-Accredited Library Program. Questions about the application process should be directed to James Karney (, chair of the TLA Scholarship and Research Committee.

PR Branding Iron Awards: Be sure to apply for TLA’s Public Relations Branding Iron Awards. With multiple categories, make sure you and your staff are being recognized for all the good work you are doing promoting your library and its services!

Unit Awards and Stipends: Numerous unit awards and stipends are also available. Information is provided at the TLA awards website.

TLA Donor Recognition

TLA offers its profound thanks to the many donors to the Association’s efforts. Contributions by members facilitate the work of the Association and help promote strong libraries in Texas. Each year, TLA receives contributions through the membership form or through separate transactions. TLA's donation program, the Library Endowment Advancement Fund (LEAF) offers the following categories: Champion ($2000 and above), Guardian ($500 and above), Promoter ($250-$499), Mentor ($100-$249), and Patron (up to $99).

These generous gifts translate into scholarships and stipends for librarians, advocacy efforts, and promotion of Texas libraries (among others). We thank the following contributors.

Patricia Smith Endowment
$500+ $250 - $499  $100 - $249
  • Baker and Taylor
  • Sherilyn Bird
  • Susan Compton
  • Yvonne Chandler
  • Sharon Criswell
  • Joe Dahlstrom
  • Molly Dahlstrom
  • Ruth Dahlstrom
  • Robert P. Doyle (Bob)
  • ExxonMobil (a match to C. Bartz)
  • Maurice Fortin
  • Barbara Gubbin
  • Kathy Hoffman
  • Barbara Immroth
  • Bob and Catherine Lee
  • Jana Knezek
  • Debra Kolah
  • Jan & Herb Moltzan
  • Dana Rooks
  • Pat Smith
  • Maureen Sullivan & Jack Siggins
  • Texas Instruments
  • Julie Todaro
  • Herman Totten
  • Ted Wanner
  • Jerilynn Williams
  • Sharon Amastae
  • Carol Bartz
  • Disney Hyperion c/o Dina Sherman
  • Irene Hoadley
  • Gleniece Robinson
  • Danielle Plumer
  • Alice Specht
  • Sam Stone
  • Janice Sutton
  • Mary Jo Venetis
  • Linda Allmand
  • Nancy K. Anderson
  • Dreanna Belden
  • Kristi & Walter Betts
  • Cindy Boyle
  • Virginia Bowden
  • Kathleen Bradbury
  • Steve Brown
  • Alvin Cage
  • Jesus Campos
  • Maribel Castro
  • Susan Chandler
  • Mary Cohrs
  • Diane Duesterhoeft
  • Martha Edmundson
  • Nora Galvan
  • Teena Garvin
  • Sandy Gillman
  • Christina Gola
  • David and Laura Gracy
  • Tina Hager
  • Dorcas Hand
  • Patsy Hawthorne
  • Elizabeth Haynes
  • David Henington
  • Judith Hiott
  • Kathy Hillman
  • Diane Hopkins
  • Houston Public  Library: Dr. Rhea Brown Lawson & the Executive Team
  • Roberta L. Janeway
  • Ling Jeng
  • April Kessler
  • Ashlynn W. Kogut
  • Toni Lambert
  • Library Interiors of Texas
  • Jackie Lowrie
  • Hollis McCright
  • Tracey Mendoza
  • NMRT Members
  • Margaret Irby Nichols
  • Maria Elena Ovalle
  • Erica Owusu
  • Margaret Patrick
  • Mary Perroni
  • Liz Philippi
  • Sandra Pickett
  • Jeanne Pyle
  • Molly Raphael
  • Marvin A. Rich
  • Terry Alegria Roper
  • Elizabeth Sargent
  • Eddy Smith
  • Barbara Kay Stripling
  • Becky Sullivan
  • Catherine Threadgill
  • Helena VonVille
  • Mary M. Woodard
  • Dr. Ronald Wyllys & Martha Richardson
  • Syma & Walt Zerkow
  • Up to $99
  • Miranda Bennett
  • Shelly Burns
  • Bonnie Case
  • Ernesto & Oralia Garza De Cortes
  • John Deats
  • Stephanie Green
  • Susan Parks Grissom
  • Karen Hendrick
  • Katherine Henley
  • Ada Howard
  • Danny Jones
  • Victoria Kemp
  • June Koelker
  • Jeanette Larson
  • J.B. Levy
  • Lee Shuey
  • Kelly W. Skovbjerg
Scholarship & Research $5000 and up
The Estate of Jean Fox
$1000 - $2499
 Samuels Foundation 
Area of Greatest Need/Other $1000 - $2499 $100 - $249  Up to $99 

 Billy Lewis

  • Linda Claytor
  • Flora Wilhite
  • Karen Balcom
  • Ted Campbell
  • Kathy and Heyward Fetner
  • Gloria Gray
  • Saranne Gans
Disaster Relief

Danielle Plumer

Up to $99
Misou DeWeese

Christina Woll

Bowlin Cousins

Reserve Fund

Carol Bartz

Whitten Intellectual Freedom Fund

Up to $99
Richard Waters

Names in the News

  • Sharon Amastae has retired from Ysleta ISD (El Paso).
  • Paul Dumont has retired from Dallas County Community College District.
  • Jayson L. Felty has been appointed director of library services at the Preston G. Northrup Memorial Library of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio.
  • Beth Fox has retired as director of the Westbank Community Library.
  • Ric Hasenyager is the new director of library services for the New York City Department of Education.


Sondra Ferstl died on July 5.

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