TLACast • Volume 33, No. 4 • August 2014


Annual Assembly Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who attended TLA's Annual Assembly in Austin. We had a great planning conference and offer special thanks to Rep. Byron Cook, who was our keynote speaker.

We offer our congratulations to Susan Mann, who received the S. Joe McCord Library Hero Award from the Texas Political Action Committee.

The three-day event in Austin allowed TLA officers and members to plan a full year of activities and to engage in some innovative CE opportunities.

We thank our Assembly exhibitors and congratulate the Assembly Passport winners. Check them out!

Handouts and slides from the 2014 Annual Assembly are now available.

TLA Annual Conference
April 14-17, 2015, Austin

It’s never too early to start thinking about conference. Check out the slate of  TLA Exhibitors already booked for Austin!

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Oxford University Press - one of the world's leading innovators in online academic research, publishing leading reference works and over 200 highly-cited journals.

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TCEA - a member-based organization devoted to the use of technology in education.

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VOTE on the Association's Future

Every now and again, it’s helpful to take stock of where we are and determine how best to go forward professionally and personally. For members of the Texas Library Association, professional assessment includes looking at the operations of the library at which we work or support, our own professional and personal growth in our field, and the general outlook for libraries. An important element in this review is the role of the Texas Library Association in these key areas.

Like most institutions in the state, the Texas Library Association was subject to the financial pressures of the recent financial downturn. Now that the state budget and many local budgets reflect economic gains, we are in a time of targeted growth, and libraries, librarians, and library supporters must be part of that renewal.

During the 2014 Annual Conference, the Texas Library Association Council approved a dues adjustment proposal to be brought before the TLA membership for approval. The proposal will be part of a special fall TLA ballot. Current members will be eligible to vote. Instructions for participation will be emailed to members with valid email address (and print ballots will be sent to those without current email addresses) by August 28.

The election will run from August 29 through September 29. This special vote will include several matters. As per the TLA Bylaws, the dues proposal will also include a pro and con statement written by members.

Ballot Items

Amendment 1: Amendment to change the notice required by Council to vote on a change to TLA’s Bylaws from three months to 45 days in Article XVI of the TLA Bylaws. Yes / No  

Current Language:
Article XVI – AMENDMENTS TO THE BYLAWS, Section 1 Membership Approval

1. Submission in writing to the Bylaws Committee three months in advance of submission to Council.

3. All proposed amendments to Articles VII, IX, and XII may be amended and adopted by a two-thirds vote of Council provided the proposed amendment shall have been sent to the Bylaws Committee three months in advance of a Council meeting.

Proposed Language:

1. Submission in writing to the Bylaws Committee forty-five (45) days in advance of submission to Council.

3. All proposed amendments to Articles VII, IX, and XII may be amended and adopted by a two-thirds vote of Council provided the proposed amendment shall have been sent to the Bylaws Committee forty-five (45) days in advance of a Council meeting.

Amendment 2:  Amendment to permit Council to hold a special virtual meeting by adding the bolded sentence to Article VI of the TLA Bylaws. Yes / No

Article VI – COUNCIL, Section 5 Special Meetings
Special meetings may be called by the President. Upon written request of ten members of the Council, a meeting must be called within forty-five (45) days. Special meetings may be virtual.

Amendment 3: Amendment to Article IV of the TLA Bylaws to define the process to fill a vacancy in the office of Immediate Past President and to re-number 3-6 as 4-7.  Yes / No

Insert in Article IV – OFFICERS, Section 4 Vacancies
3. A vacancy in the office of Immediate Past President shall be filled by the most recent Past President who is available and willing to serve for the remainder of that term.

Amendment 4: Amendment to Article III of the TLA Bylaws to substitute the annual dues schedule as printed below and to authorize the TLA Council to make adjustments based on the CPI. Yes / No

Article III – MEMBERSHIP, Section 4 Dues
Current Language:
Annual dues are applicable to the calendar year and are due January 1, of the year to which they apply. Annual dues are set by Council subject to approval by membership. Annual dues for the various classes of membership shall be (printed below)

Proposed Language: Annual dues for the various classes of membership are applicable to the calendar year and are due January 1 for the year to which they apply. The annual dues schedule is set by Council subject to approval by membership. However, optional adjustments not to exceed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the previous year rounded to the nearest dollar may be recommended by the Executive Board, subject to approval by Council.

Membership Categories
Being Adjusted
Current Dues 2015 Proposed Dues
Personal Memberships  
Salary: Unemployed through $9,999 $25.00 $25.00
Salary $10,000 through $14,999 $ 40.00 $ 45.00
Salary $15,000 through $19,999 $ 50.00 $ 60.00
Salary $20,000 through $29,999 $ 65.00 $ 75.00
Salary $30,000 through $39,999 $ 90.00 $105.00
Salary $40,000 through $59,999  $125.00 $145.00
Salary $60,000 through $79,999  $135.00 $155.00
Salary $80,000 and above  $150.00 $170.00
Full Time Library Student,
HS Student, Retired Librarian
$25.00 $25.00
Out-of-State Resident, Trustee,
Lay Person
$30.00 $35.00
Vendor Previously included in Out-of-State
Resident, Trustee, Lay Person
Supporting Member $200.00 $230.00
Corporate Member Recognition commensurate
with contribution
Contributions Commensurate
with Benefits Assigned
Institutional Memberships  
Budget under $1,000,000 $100.00 Contributions Commensurate
with Benefits Assigned
Budget $1,000,000 and above $250.00 Contributions Commensurate
with Benefits Assigned
Affiliated Membership $50.00 $60.00

Legislative Update

The state’s budget deliberations have already begun. The Legislative Budget Board (LBB) is a committee of top legislators which oversees the drafting of the initial state budget for the upcoming state biennial budget (2016-2017). LBB staff will begin hearings on state agencies’ Legislative Appropriations Requests (LARs, or proposed budgets) in the coming weeks. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC), which submitted its LAR in early August, is scheduled to go before the group on September 2. 

The TSLAC budget is submitted with two main parts: the request for the base budget (i.e., the funds needed to continue services and operations at current levels) and the request for exceptional items (i.e., additional funding for existing or new operations). The exceptional items list provides the means to secure additional support for programming. The final list of exceptional items for TSLAC includes the following:

State Library’s Exceptional Items List - Priority Ranking and State Funding (General Revenue) Requested

Items in bold are statewide library programs.

  • Priority: 1 of 6: Archival preservation of state agency electronic records, Total of $900,000/biennium
  • Priority 2 of 6: Shared Digital Content (TexShare, TexQuest), Total of $6.4 million/biennium
  • Priority 3 of 6: Salary Adjustment for Agency Staff (brings key positions up to mid-point of salary range), $900,000/biennium
  • Priority 4 of 6: State and local records management FTEs: $400,000/biennium
  • Priority 5 of 6: Internal agency accounting system: $500,000/biennium
  • Priority 6 of 6: Funding for Library Workforce Development Training and Support: $550,00/biennium

The library community is committed to advocating for library programs as well as the overall needs of the agency. TLA has planned numerous opportunities for the library community to engage in organized advocacy activities.

Most importantly, though, all library supporters are urged to begin contacting their elected officials and candidates for office NOW. It is critical that decision makers hear from library supporters BEFORE THE SESSION and ON A REGULAR BASIS.

Planned Activities and Timeline

  • August 20 – September 3, 2014: Introduce yourself to your state representative and senator by: 1) setting up an appointment at the district office; 2) setting up a time to meet their staff; and/or 3) writing a letter telling them about your library’s services, how many people/students rely on your services, and giving some concrete examples and statistics on the value your library brings to the community/institution you serve.
  • September 1 – October 15:  Collaborate with your colleagues at TLA District Meetings to plan legislative visits and activities. Brief your friends groups, PTAs, student chapters, and supporters about the statewide agenda for library funding. Recruit friends to participate in your advocacy activities.
  • September 2: The State Library and Archives Commission appears before the Legislative Budget Board, 2:00 PM, Room: E2.030.
  • October 1 – October 31: Use Library Snapshot Day (you can select any day in October) as a PR and advocacy forum. Invite your elected officials to the library. You can have them attend an activity, receive an award, offer story hour, pose for a “READ” poster, kick off an event, review the use of the state’s databases, etc. The goal is to get decision-makers in your library so they can see the activity and importance of your library.
  • November 4: General Election
  • November 10: Prefiling of legislation for the 84th Legislature begins.
  • November 10 – December 1: Send a note thanking your elected officials for their service to Texas. Remind them of who you serve and include information about how they can support libraries (BY SUPPORTING THE LIBRARY BUDGET REQUESTS from TSLAC).
  • January 13, 2015: First Day of the 84th Legislature
  • January 14 – beginning of February: House and Senate leaders appoint committees for the 84th Legislature. Note: while we may have an idea of who may serve on committees, the appointments are not official until this process is completed!
  • February: State budget hearings on Appropriations Bill (HB 1/ SB 1) begin.
  • February 12: Library Virtual Action Day. Plan activities that you and your library supporters can undertake to promote statewide funding for library programming. From social media campaigns to group letter-writing projects, target February 12 as a day to blitz your elected officials’ offices with letters, emails, calls, tweets, etc. with news and requests from constituents for support of library funding.
  • February – May: Keep up the pressure by recruiting others to help deliver the message to your legislative officials.
  • March 13: (60th day) Deadline for filing bills and joint resolutions other than local bills.
  • Mid March Early April: House and Senate Budget Committees usually finalize their recommended budget amounts for agencies. The next phase of budget deliberations will have both full chambers (House and Senate) consider and vote on their respective versions of the budget.
  • April 14: A special preconference will be held in conjunction with the TLA Conference. Librarians and library supporters can sign on for issue and advocacy training in the morning, and legislative office visits will be on the agenda for the afternoon.
  • April – May: Continue contacting legislative offices, particularly as lawmakers zero in on the final budget, and the deadline nears for the passage of all bills.
  • May: The House and Senate leaders appoint key lawmakers from each chamber to a special conference committee to negotiate any differences between the House and Senate versions of the state budget. Both chambers must then approve the conference committee recommendations.
  • June 1, 2015: End of the Regular 84th Legislature.
  • June 21: Last day the Governor can sign or veto bills.

TLA will post which lawmakers serve on key committees. Watch for this information and please contact your elected official if they serve on any of those key committees.

If you need assistance or information on TLA’s Legislative Platform or advocating for library issues, please contact:

  • TLA Legislative Committee Co-Chairs Jennifer LaBoon ( and Rebecca Sullivan (
  • TLA Director of Communications Gloria Meraz (

TLA Membership

TLA offers a membership that fits you, your institution, or company. With outstanding benefits, membership in TLA brings discounts, expertise, and learning opportunities at a great value. Here is a summary of some of the benefits for each category of membership.

Institutional Membership

  • Discounts for legal services with Digital Information Legal Specialist, attorney Gretchen McCord. See:
  • Access to GrantStation’s extensive searchable database of funding sources and technical resources for the discounted price of $79 per year.
  • Reduced rates for NonProfit Liability Insurance from Frost Insurance Services, Inc. and Monitor Liability Managers. This program includes insures for library directors, officers, and trustees for library foundations.
  • Ability to use purchase orders for all TLA financial transactions.
  • Seventy percent (70%) discount on exhibit booth rentals in the TLA Exhibit Hall to promote your library’s products and services and to recruit prospective employees.

Corporate Membership

  • Publicity and Recognition to the TLA Community
  • TLA Membership Directory
  • Annual feature article in the Texas Library Journal
  • Recognition in TLACast, Texas Library Journal which includes the TLA Conference Program (winter issue), the Buyers Guide to TLA Exhibitors (spring issue), and the TLA Pocket Program
  • Year-round exposure on the TLA website, which includes a dedicated page featuring an article and ad from your corporate representative and a dedicated page link from the TLA main page throughout the year. See the current corporate members featured.


Jeanette and Jim Larson Mystery Grant Program for Public Libraries

Longtime TLA member Jeanette Larson and her architect husband, Jim, have established a fund to help a public library or public library branch annually acquire materials in the mystery genre to delight their customers. Jeanette is a well-known library consultant, children’s services specialist, and author with work experience at the Mesquite Public Library, Austin Public Library, and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Both Jeanette and Jim are voracious mystery readers and viewers, borrowing many books, videos, and audiobooks from their public library. The fund is their way of giving back to all the libraries they have used.

The purpose of the grant award is to help a library foster and expand enthusiasm for the mystery genre in print, audio, film, and/or electronic form. The application deadline will be January 15 with notification of the successful application on April 1, 2015.  The elements of the application will include the following:

  1. Name, address, and contact information of the applicant.
  2. A brief statement of the need or gaps evident in the library’s current collection and how the funds will be used to meet the needs or fill the gaps.
  3. A brief statement of how the community will benefit from the award.
  4. Signature of library director and appropriate governing authority.

Details and application materials for the Larson Mystery Grant will be available on the Awards section of TLA website.

New Legal Resources at a Discount!

Digital Information Law recently acquired the respected journal The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter. First published in 1997, The Newsletter provides valuable information, analyses, and news about copyright and other issues pertinent to professionals working in the digital information environment. 

Gretchen McCord will serve as the new editor and will continue the publication's original focus on explaining – in plain English for other lawyers and nonlawyers – the complex areas of copyright, privacy, licensing, and other legal issues relevant to developing media. For more information, see TLA members may receive a 20% discount on subscriptions by using the coupon code TLA2104 at checkout.

LeafLEAF Contributions

Grow the Library Endowment & Advancement Fund (LEAF), a restricted fund that provides money for special projects benefiting Texas libraries and librarians. To learn more, see contributing to TLA, where you can make an ONLINE DONATION or print a PDF to mail or fax to the TLA Office.

Donation Levels 
  • Donor ($15 - $49)
  • Patron ($50 - $99)
  • Mentor ($100 - $249)
  • Promoter ($250 - $499)
  • Guardian ($500 - $749)
  • Partner ($750 - $999)
  • Pillar ($1000 - $1999)
  • Champion ($2000+)

TLA thanks the following contributors for their recent generous donations to TLA. These contributions were applied to various LEAF funds, including the Patricia Smith Endowment Fund, the Texas Bluebonnet Award Endowment Fund, Area of Greatest Need, and the TLA Disaster Relief Fund, among others.

Champion ($2000+)
  • Roberta Janeway: Scholarship & Research Fund for Janeway Grant

  • Jeanette and Jim Larson: Jim and Jeanette Larson Mystery Fund

Pillar ($1000 - $1999)

  • Samuels Foundation: Scholarship & Research Fund for Janeway Grant

Partner ($750 - $999)

  • BILL & MELINDA GATES Foundation: Pat Smith Endowment for Excellence
Guardian ($500 - $749)
  • Maggie Wong: Area of Greatest Need

Promoter ($250 - $499)

  • Christopher Jowaisas: Area of Greatest Need and Pat Smith Endowment for Excellence    
  • Danielle Plumer: Disaster Relief Fund

Patron ($50 - $99)

  • Hughston PTA: Texas Bluebonnet Award Endowment Fund          

Donor ($15 - $49)

  • Saranne Gans: Area of Greatest Need

TLA Bequests and Planned Giving

We want to acknowledge the many wonderful library supporters who, through the years, have made TLA part of their lives. We have been enriched by the participation of thousands of librarians and library supporters, and the full library community has benefited from the financial contributions of many of their colleagues.

Planned giving and bequests to TLA have allowed many programs and initiatives to flourish at TLA. They offer individuals a chance to dedicate posthumously a portion of their assets to the library community or to settle on gifts to the Association over an extended period of time. These legacy donations express the generosity and deep commitment to library services of the donors. TLA and the library community stand in ongoing gratitude for this philanthropy.

Contributions may be undesignated and left to the area of greatest need or may be designated for a particular cause or interest. If you would like to learn more about planned giving, please contact Pat Smith, executive director of TLA.


District meetings provide regional settings for presenting continuing education, carrying on legislative activities, and recruiting members. The annual fall meetings also present a wonderful opportunity for local librarians, para-professionals, and trustees from all types of libraries to meet, network, and set a foundation for collaborative efforts. Details on district meetings are added as they are received; check individual TLA district webpages for additional meeting information.

Saturday, September 20
San Angelo

Saturday, October 18
El Paso CC, Mission Del Paso Campus

Tuesday, September 23
To Be Announced

Friday, October 17 - Social Event
Chadra Mezza & Grill, Fort Worth
Saturday, October 18 - Joint Webinars with District 5

Friday, October 17
Texas State University - Round Rock

Saturday, October 18
San Jacinto College Central, Pasadena

Thu/Fri, November 6-7

Saturday, September 20

Centennial Library, Midland

Friday, October 17 - Virtual Business Meeting
Saturday, October 18
- Joint Webinars with District 7

Saturday, October 18
Canyon Lake

Continuing EducationVisit TLA's CE Corner for information about CE credits, additional events, and registration.

RDA Demystified Part Two: Introduction to FRBR
September 18

The Resource Description and Access (RDA) standard has replaced AACR2 as the foundation of American library cataloging – but many librarians are unfamiliar with it. This session is part two of a three-part series. (Part one can be accessed online. Contact Ted Wanner,, for information.) The series is presented by Annie Glerum of Florida State University who explains RDA in clear terms, starting with the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR), the conceptual model at the heart of RDA.

RDA Demystified Part Three: Cataloging in a Multi-Standards Environment
October 2 -
See description above.

New Training Resources for TLA Officers

If you are a new TLA officer (or just one with questions about how the Association operates), check out the Officer Resource Page. It offers instruction, tips, and forms that will help you navigate working through the administration of a TLA Unit.

We are also pleased to announce the creation of a new tutorial specifically on unit financial statements and reports. See the TLA unit financial tutorial prepared by TLA’s Director of Administration Glenda Genchur.

Libraries Promoted at South by Southwest

Vote to bring the power of library services to the high tech world. TLA is proposing a special program on gaming in the libraries at the world famous South by Southwest Conference. You can vote to have this program selected for the final roster by participating in the open public voting period (August 11 to September 5). Go to: to create a login and vote!

VOTE FOR: Play & Learn: Games and Instructional Practices

By integrating play theory and games into instruction, schools and libraries can present new and relevant learning experiences. The Maker Movement is an expression of constructive play activities. Games (analog or electronic) provide a broad platform for learning. From bringing communities together to engaging students, game-based approaches provide an exciting means for delivering instruction, encouraging exploration, and reinforcing multiple literacies (digital, reading/writing, math, etc.).

TBF 2014Texas Book Festival: October 25-26

Texas Book Festival celebrates authors and their contributions to the culture of literacy, ideas, and imagination. Founded in 1995 by First Lady Laura Bush, Mary Margaret Farabee, and a group of library supporting volunteers, the Texas Book Festival promotes the joys of reading and writing through its annual Festival weekend, the one-day Texas Teen Book Festival, the Reading Rock Stars program, grants to Texas libraries, a youth fiction writing contest, and year-round literary programming.

The 2014 Festival headlining authors

  • Martin Amis, internationally best- selling author, whose most famous works include Money, London Fields, and The Information.
  • Lidia Bastianich is an American celebrity chef focusing on Italian and Italian-American cuisine, and also a beloved public television cooking host, author, and restaurateur.
  • Edan Lepucki is a new author whose debut book, California, has become a personal cause for Stephen Colbert and Colbert Nation, who have campaigned to get the book on the New York Times Best Sellers list.
  • Ziggy Marley is a Jamaican musician, the oldest son of reggae legend Bob Marley, and a children's book author.
  • Hector Tobar is a novelist, non-fiction writer, and reporter for the Los Angeles Times. In 1992, he won a Pulitzer Prize for his work as part of the team covering the L.A. riots. His latest work, Deep Down Dark, is the exclusive, official story of the 2010 mining accident in Chile when 33 miners were trapped for 69 days.
  • Valerie Plame Wilson, whose new novel Burned comes out this fall, is a former United States CIA operations officer and is married to former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson.
  • Lawrence Wright is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, screenwriter, and staff writer for The New Yorker magazine. His latest book Thirteen Days in September: Carter, Begin, and Sadat at Camp David will be released in September.
  • Tiphanie Yanique is a Caribbean fiction writer, poet, and essayist, born in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Her debut collection of short stories, How to Escape From a Leper Colony, won endless praise and awards, and her first novel, Land of Love and Drowning, is out this month.

This year's Festival poster is a color photograph of vintage movie palace the Texas Theatre, which opened in Seguin Texas in 1933. The photographer, Dan Winters, is internationally known for his celebrity portraits, photojournalism, and illustrations as well as the recipient of more than 100 awards.


TSLAC Receives Gift
The Texas Historical Foundation (THF) gifted $5,000 to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The gift will be used for the preservation and indexing of Texas Supreme Court Records dating from 1840-1870. A previous award in 2012, which was also funded from THF’s Texas Legal History Preservation Trust, assisted the state agency in launching this long-term effort. 

SAPL Launches New Project
In late July, the San Antonio Public Library launched the Digital Library Community Project, which will make the library’s digital offerings more accessible to users and potential users. The launch introduced the project to the community and also served as a strategy to increase the library's reach by announcing partnerships with the Human Services Department–Senior Centers, Haven for Hope, Convention Center, and the YMCA. Additional partners and sites will be added as the program expands. This initiative is being funded by the Friends of the San Antonio Public Library and the San Antonio Public Library Foundation.

Spotlight on the Van Dusen-Tobin-Kaiser Scholarship

The Van Dusen-Tobin-Kaiser Scholarship is presented in even-numbered years and supports a library school student pursuing studies leading to a career as an elementary school or children’s librarian. The 2014 winner is Ashley Nichols. She writes,

It is truly an honor to be awarded the Van Dusen-Tobin-Kaiser Scholarship. Winning this scholarship helps make it possible for me to continue my graduate studies and my career as an elementary school librarian. Working with children is my passion, and I am very grateful for this scholarship allowing me to increase my knowledge and learn new practices in library science in order to help my students be more successful learners.

Congratulations, Ashley! TLA thanks our longtime corporate friends Milton Van Dusen, Bill Tobin, and Greg Kaiser for their continued commitment to the library community.

Names in the News

  • Chris Accardo is now the interim director for Weatherford Public Library.
  • Jennifer Brown is now library director for Rose Memorial Library in Stony Point, NY.
  • Stacy Cameron is the new coordinator of Library and Media Services for Frisco ISD. 
  • Dale G. Fleeger retired as director of library services for Weatherford Public Library at the end of July.
  • Cesar Garza, formerly with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, is now with Austin Public Library. 
  • Howard Marks is the new director of the University of Texas at Permian Basin.
  • Bobbie Long, library director of Collin College Central Park Campus, is retiring at the end of August.
  • Gretchen McCord’s Digital Information Law recently acquired the respected journal The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter. McCord will serve as the editor.  
  • Jeanne Standley, director of the Robert R. Muntz Library at The University of Texas at Tyler, has been appointed by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to the TexShare Advisory Board.
  • Chris Tetlaff-Belhasen of Del Mar College has announced her retirement.
  • Patricia Tuohy, longtime executive director of CTLS, Inc. (Connecting Texas Libraries Statewide, formerly the Central Texas Library System), retired at the end of March.
  • Deanne Vance, librarian at Liberty Hill High School, has announced her retirement.


  • Freddie Mae Brown, a longtime librarian at Houston Public Library, passed away in early June.
  • Sara Lamun Hilgers died on July 2 in Austin.
  • Steve Fulton, who served as a librarian in public, special, and college libraries in Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, died April 27.
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