Advocacy Tools and Resources

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Advocacy Tools and Resources

The 85th Legislature begins January 10, 2017. Take the time now to make your voice heard with elected officials.

2017 Library Community

Overview of the Issues

Affordable E-Resources

Increasing Broadband Access

Broadband Infographic


ALA President-Elect Julie Todaro: On the Value of Libraries. This extraordinary resource covers everything on the value of libraries from a to z. With resources for all types of libraries, this online guide covers advocacy, management, and leadership.

Texas Public Libraries ROI Study: The State Library's  study shows that for every $1 spent in Texas on public libraries, the return on investment was an astounding $4.42!

TASL's Advocacy Page for School Librarians!

Promoting Our Values, Proving Our Worth Toolkit: A Realistic, Concrete Approach –  by Julie Todaro, Past Chair, PR & Marketing Committee

OCLC Reports and Publications on Libraries

Pew Internet and American Library Project (from the Pew Research Center) - Studies on Libraries, Reading, and Technology Use

Sample Letter

Template Resolution

See the TLA PR Toolkit, Section IV, which is dedicated to advocacy and contains other samples and templates.

VIDEO: LIBRARIES IN ACTION (YouTube): Overview of activities at a library, developed by Beth Krippel at Harris County Public Library.

VIDEO: MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS LOVE READING AND LIBRARIES (YouTube): TLA PR Branding Iron Award Honoree, this video really shows how the school community really rallies around the school library.

Amazing article on the value of libraries and TexShare - Librarian Deborah Halsted facilitated the piece.


Resources and Links

ALA Advocacy Site

On using persuasive letters to engage elected officials

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