Advocacy Tools and Resources

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Advocacy Tools and Resources

The 84th Legislature is here. Take the time now to make your voice heard with elected officials.

2015 Library Budget



ALA President-Elect Julie Todaro: On the Value of Libraries. This extraordinary resource covers everything on the value of libraries from a to z. With resources for all types of libraries, this online guide covers advocacy, management, and leadership.

Texas Public Libraries ROI Study: The State Library's  study shows that for every $1 spent in Texas on public libraries, the return on investment was an astounding $4.42!

Check Out TASL's New Advocacy Page for School Librarians!

Promoting Our Values, Proving Our Worth Toolkit: A Realistic, Concrete Approach –  by Julie Todaro, Past Chair, PR & Marketing Committee

OCLC Reports and Publications on Libraries

Pew Internet and American Library Project (from the Pew Research Center) - Studies on Libraries, Reading, and Technology Use

Sample Letter

Template Resolution

See the TLA PR Toolkit, Section IV, which is dedicated to advocacy and contains other samples and templates.

VIDEO: LIBRARIES IN ACTION (YouTube): Overview of activities at a library, developed by Beth Krippel at Harris County Public Library.

VIDEO: MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS LOVE READING AND LIBRARIES (YouTube): TLA PR Branding Iron Award Honoree, this video really shows how the school community really rallies around the school library.

Amazing article on the value of libraries and TexShare - Librarian Deborah Halsted facilitated the piece.


Resources and Links

ALA Advocacy Site

On using persuasive letters to engage elected officials

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