Appointment Acceptance Form

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Use this form to accept your appoinment to the committee selected. Submit one form per committee appointment.

Select Name of Committee/Task Force/Other Appointment

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select number of years serving

select term start year

select term end year

Add the name and contact information of employer

TLA Standing Rules, Rule 9, A: All persons appointed to serve as TLA committee members and chairpersons must be members in good standing of TLA prior to April 30th each year throughout the term of his/her appointment.  Persons not fulfilling this requirement shall be replaced by TLA president.


TLA Bylaws, Article III, Section 3, D: Be able to serve the Association in the following manner:

1. Hold no more than one Executive Board position and avoid any conflict of interest by pursuing or holding any positions within Units; or

2. Hold no more than one presiding Unit position or one voting Councilor or Councilor-alternate position; Not seek in the same election cycle multiple positions that would conflict in sections D.1 and D.2

3. Serve in the following appointed positions:

a. One multi-year TLA Standing or Special Committee appointment; and

b. One single year TLA Standing or Special Committee appointment; and

c. One or more unit appointments concurrently as not prohibited in Section D.1; and

d. Ancillary positions as required which would include, but not be limited to, the following: Executive Board, Program Committee, and legislative liaisons; and District Chairs and reading list Chairs serving on their respective coordinating committees.

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Created on May 14, 2014 | Last updated February 21, 2016