Book Cart Drill Team 2018 Competition

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Calling all you book cart fans out there: It's time to spruce up your ride, don unique bibliographic garb, and rev up your engines for our Annual Book Cart Drill Team Competition. You do not have to be registered for conference to participate! Trophies will be awarded for first, second, and third place. Grab a posse of your library cohorts and enter this spirited competition that shows librarians can make even a BOOK CART tell a story! The entry form is available online. 

Thursday, April 5 at TLA 2018 in Dallas

DEMCO CAN SUPPLY UP TO 10 CARTS FOR YOUR TEAM’S USE: Teams are not allowed to bring in their own carts.

Payment must accompany application.


  1. The number of teams will be limited.
  2. DEMCO will supply up to 10 book carts per team.  TLA teams are not allowed to bring in their own carts. 
  3. All teams must check into contest no later than 4:30 pm to receive their performance time assignment.
  4. All teams must advise TLA of the name of the team captain to whom correspondence from TLA may be directed. The captain will be the spokesperson for the team.
  5. Each team must advise TLA by March 23, 2018 if recorded music is required for their performance. All music must be sent to TLA by March 23, 2018.
  6. Trophies will be awarded to the first, second, and third place teams.  Judges, at their discretion may award honorable mention ribbons to teams who, in their opinion are deserving of this award.
  7. Decision of judges is final. 
  8. Judging will be based on two criteria:
    1. Technical Ability – organization, precision, unique moves, timeliness
    2. Artistic Impression – overall performance, music, costumes, cart décor
  9. Each team will be allotted five minutes in which to decorate their book carts prior to their performance.  One end panel of each cart shall remain undecorated in order to display the DEMCO logo.  For reference, the supplied book carts will be DEMCO product 1416572 - two tier (
  10. Each routine may last no more than 4 minutes.  If the team goes over the 4-minute time limit, .05 points for each 10 seconds over the 4 minutes will be deducted from the Technical Ability score.
  11. Cost of entry is $25.00 payable to TLA.  The fee must be included with each team’s application.  It can be paid by check or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus). 
  12. If TLA cancels event, the entry fee will be returned in full.  If a team cancels on or before March 20, 2018, the fee will be returned minus a $10 processing fee.  If a team cancels March 23, 2018 or later, the fee will be forfeited.
  13. Questions should be directed to Elise Walker.
  14. This event or part of this event may be televised.  Team members may be asked to sign a release; however, this is not mandatory.  If the team wishes not to be televised, TLA will make sure that it will not be televised.
  15. TLA may videotape this event for archival purposes only.
  16. TLA or DEMCO, Inc. cannot be responsible for injury or damage to person or property incurred during performance. Teams agree that they will indemnify and hold harmless of, from and against all claims, demands, actions damages, loss, cost, liabilities, expenses and judgments recovered from or asserted against TLA or DEMCO, Inc. on account of injury or damage to property.
  17. Any and all matters not specifically covered by the preceding rules and regulations shall be subject solely to the decision of TLA.  TLA shall have the full power to interpret, amend, and enforce these regulations provided any amendments, when made, are brought to the notice of the participants.  Each participant agrees to abide by the forgoing rules and regulations and by any amendments or additions thereto in conformance with the preceding sentence.
Created on Jan 6, 2011 | Last updated March 01, 2018