TLA's PR Branding Iron Awards

About the Award

As part of TLA’s effort to solicit examples of Texas PR activities, the Association sponsors the Texas Library PR Branding Awards. TLA offers PR awards in each of 10 categories, with one Best of Show prize, announced at the Annual Conference each year.
To enter, participants must submit entries to the TLA Office:  

ATTN: Texas Branding Iron Awards
3355 Bee Cave Road, Ste. 401
Austin, TX 78746

The deadline for submission is February 1 each year. Extended this year to February 28, 2016.

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All entries must include a cover letter. Letters must:

  • be signed by an administrator of the library, organization, or group;
  • describe the PR activity in 100 words or less;
  • include the name; phone number, and email of a contact person; and
  • specify the category for which the entry is submitted. (See the list under “Categories.”)

Eligible period and supporting materials: Entries may cover PR activities conducted in the past two years. All entries and supporting materials will remain with TLA. The Association reserves the right to publish any and all entries on the TLA website as part of the “best practices” section of the TLA PR Rx Toolkit website. Only items for which the sender has copyright ownership may be sent.

Format of entries: Entries should include no more than two pages of description. The bulk of the entry should include the actual products and examples of the PR effort. Supplemental materials may include, but are not limited to, photographs, scrapbooks, CDs, DVDs, announcements, and documents. Please note that all audio and visual materials must be submitted in digital form. You may also submit a Web link for your entry.No audiotapes or videotapes will be accepted. Entries are submitted by mailing the application and any materials to the TLA Office at noted below.

Judging: The entries will be judged by a panel and scored according to the quality of the final product.


  • Outdoor Advertising: billboards, bookmobiles, etc.
  • Editorial Page Strategies: letters-to-the-editor, guest columns, and editorials (resulting from editorial board visits)
  • Speeches and Speakers Bureaus: programs for speakers bureaus (training materials, speeches), prepared library speeches, and elevator speeches (two-minute speeches)
  • Broadcast Advertising (paid or earned): PSAs, TV/radio coverage/ads, interviews, etc.
  • Print Media Advertising (paid or earned)
  • Social Media and Online Activities: blogs, online auctions, list announcements, etc.
  • Special Events
  • PR Plan for either year-round activities or a special event
  • Brands and logos
  • Collateral Materials: give-aways, specialty items, that prized book bag, etc.

For more information, contact Gloria Meraz.

Created on Jun 7, 2010 | Last updated January 28, 2016