Building Learning Communities for Librarians Engaging in MOOCs

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by Billy Hoya

What are MOOC’s?

Many academic institutions are now offering select courses online with enrollment available to anyone with a computer. These courses – called Massive, Open, Online Courses, or MOOCs (/mu:k/) – are a great way for librarians to brush up on old skills or learn new ones.

There are several providers offering MOOCs. Two of the largest and most well know are Coursera and edX. Both offer a mix of scheduled and self-paced courses. Most courses are accessible free of charge, though you will have to pay for a certificate.

Building Learning Communities

While edX and Coursera both provide you ways to interact with your fellow classmates, it’s always good to have a group of peers to work with, and TLA wants to help you build learning communities with your fellow librarians.

To let others know the classes you’re interested in, join the TLA Learning Communities for Librarians by sending an email to You can then post to the group by sending email to You can also see past post by going to If you have a Google Account, you can login to post to the Web. Once you’ve found a group, let Billy Hoya know and he will create a private group that you can use to communicate with your group.

If you have a large group and would like to have your group meet periodically using video conferencing, contact Hoya, and he can schedule a session for your group on one of TLA’s video conferencing platforms.

Have any other question?  Post to to get answers!

Created on Oct 9, 2015 | Last updated October 09, 2015