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Texas Library Association members are a diverse group. Our approximately 7,000 members are from large urban cities and remote rural areas; they are millennials, gen-Xers, and baby boomers; they work at all types of libraries including academic, public, special and school; their ethnicities reflect the melting pot that is Texas; and their interests are as wide-ranging and varied as they are.

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2011 TLA Membership Renewal

Dear TLA Members and Library Supporters,

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Secure member services and directory information – as listed below – are accessible with your member login. Unit and member communications are facilitated through TLA discussion lists and blogs already in place and TLA social media channels. Contact the TLA Office if you have questions.

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Corporate Membership in TLA

TLA offers many ways to recognize your company for Helping Libraries Grow.

Corporate Membership is one of many that we highly recommend. See some examples below of initiatives facilitated through our corporate partnerships that are making a large contribution to Texas libraries. In return for your investment as a Corporate Member, TLA offers you many benefits and much recognition. We thank you for your investment in TLA and Texas libraries.

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Individual Membership in TLA

RENEWING? Please go to the Members Only/Officers Only section.

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