Executive Board Candidates Forum

Hear the TLA Executive Board candidates' positions in their own words!

The first TLA Executive Board Candidates' Forum was held on February 14, 2012. The online program was moderated by TLA President Jeri Williams and Nominating Committee Chair Herman Totten. Each candidate provides a brief response to the question, How will your candidacy advance the work of TLA on behalf of Texas Libraries. The panel then takes questions from the audience.

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2012 Association Elections

If your 2012 membership was submitted to the TLA office by February 1st then you should have received an email with voting instructions and login credentials from the election company, SBS, on Thursday February 16th. If you did not receive an email, or need your login credentials resent, please contact the company directly at

Voting ends March 23rd.

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Election Information


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How to Get Bills Paid

The Executive Director is charged in the Bylaws with maintaining the accounts of each unit, but only the unit chair can authorize the spending of the money in the unit account. The reimbursement form (doc) is the mechanism for authorizing payment of money owed by the unit.


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Committee Chair

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