Internships & Mentoring

The network of professionals, institutions, and stakeholders brought together under the auspices of TLA is large and fluid. We encourage students, librarians, and other stakeholders to strengthen their involvement in the profession and to build professional networks.

Two great ways of accomplishing this work is by participating in a mentorship (either as a mentee or mentor) and by interning or volunteering at a library, literacy organization, or TLA itself.


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Librarian Recognition

with little or no money

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Ideas for Librarian Recruitment and Retention

Welcome to resources for recruiting, recognizing, and retaining librarians, previously sponsored by the Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee and now continued by the Professional Issues and Ethics Committee. This resource is provided for the use of all Texas libraries and librarians so that they may recognize and retain quality employees in their institutions. The ideas listed in resources linked at left aim to fit within any library's budget, big or small. The committee welcomes all ideas and input from librarians around the state. 

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