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Welcome. Thank you for your efforts to keep content on the TLA website current and engaging. The Webmaster Instruction Manual explains processes and procedures you'll follow to edit and expand your unit website using our content management system. Contact Mary Ann if you have questions or encounter difficulties in accessing and editing your pages. Tips and suggestions acquired from working with the website are also always welcome, of course. Please submit in an email or as a comment below.

MEMBER Webmasters/Officers (division, round table, interest group, committee, task force): Unit webmaster login usernames are based on the acronym of the unit, entered as all caps; committees use their acronym in lowercase as the username. If you don't know your unit's password, please ask your unit chair, use the comment function on this page to request the information, or contact Mary Ann in the TLA Office (512/328-1518).

NOTE: Bookmark this instruction page to avoid having to log in to access it from the Members Only Menu, or take an even shorter route by entering /user/login in the URL window after


After you are logged in, go to the TLA homepage to access a list of your group pages from the interface at the top left or navigate directly to the page you want to edit.

LOGOUT Simply enter logout in the URL window after

Created on Aug 6, 2013 | Last updated August 04, 2016