Councilor Job Description

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TLA Councilors govern the Texas Library Association and determine its policy except where the Bylaws assign responsibility otherwise.


  1. Approves the annual budget of TLA which is prepared and recommended by the Budget Committee.  The Executive Board has the power to amend the adopted budget within the limits of the total amount approved;

  2. Chooses annually, by lottery, one Unit Councilor to serve on the TLA Budget Committee;

  3. Authorizes a membership referendum on questions of policy;

  4. Fills vacancies in the office of Treasurer and among the Representatives-At-Large on the Executive Board;

  5. Grants permission, by majority vote, for TLA members other than Councilors to speak on issues at Council meetings;

  6. Resolves a conflict in election of officers;

  7. Approves all proposed amendments to the Bylaws.  A 2/3 vote of Council is required to amend Articles VII, IX, X, XII.  Amendments to other Articles must be submitted to membership after approval by Council;

  8. Retains all powers not otherwise provided for in the Bylaws;

  9. Votes and speaks on all Council matters and actions.  Voting members of Council are:  President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, ALA Councilor, Five Representatives-At-Large, Councilors of Units (or their Alternates):  Divisions, Districts, Round Tables;

  10. No person shall have more than one vote on Council;

  11. Non-voting Members of Council:  Speaks at Council but does not vote.  Non-voting members of Council are: Executive Director, TLA Legal Counsel, Chairs of organizations affiliated with TLA; Chairs of Standing Committees, Councilors of Interest Groups;

  12. Represents, speaks for and reports for constituents of Unit, Affiliate, Interest Group or Standing       Committee at Council meetings and to TLA Executive Board if so requested; and

  13. Reports to constituents concerning Council and TLA Executive Board actions on votes that affect the Association or the Group.


  1. All members of Council shall be TLA members in good standing and residents of Texas and must have paid Association dues by February 1.

  2. In the event a member of Council, other than an Executive Board member, is absent without due cause from two meetings during tenure of office, the position shall be declared vacant by Council and a new election shall take place according to the Unit Bylaws.


  1. Knowledge:

  • Organizational structure of the Association goals of the Association and of the consultant group represented

  • Parliamentary procedure - in order to conduct the business of Council in an orderly and effective manner

  1. Mental Applications:

  • Prepares self by reading all Council materials in a timely manner

  1.  Accountability:

  • Reports all considered Council actions to constituents and receives input

  •   Represents constituent group at Council meetings but may exercise independent judgment when there is no directive

  • Reports Council actions to constituent group

  •  Performs other activities as required in Unit's or organization's Bylaws

  •  Attends Council meetings and participates in activities even without specific instructions or guidance from Unit

  • Brings to Council all appropriate action of Unit requiring Council approval

  • Provides to Council written reports of Unit’s activities




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13.) See separate Bylaws of:  Units (Divisions, Districts, Round Tables), Affiliates and Interest Groups for duties of Councilors  See TLA Bylaws Article IX and Standing Rule 9 for Committee chairs' duties and charges of committees 
14.) Article VI Sec. 3 
15.) Standing Rule 4 A 1

Created on Mar 31, 2010 | Last updated July 25, 2011