District Meeting Checklist

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  1. Remember that the TLA Executive Director must sign all contracts (e.g., hotel meeting space, speakers, caterers) involving TLA Funds.
  2. Provide transportation and hospitality to TLA Executive Board guest (to and from airport, to the meeting, etc.). You might provide dinner or breakfast with other district officers prior to your meeting. A memento or gift from your district will always be appreciated.
  3. Recognize any new members to TLA in your district.
  4. Have at least one runner available to you, personally, for any last-minute emergencies.
  5. Have a prompter at the head table (district secretary?) who can remind you of any glaring oversight or deviation from the agenda.
  7. Keep your comments short to expedite the flow of the meeting. Humor or quotation if appropriate.
  8. Introduce your entertainer(s). Consider a total departure from your district's traditional entertainment.
  9. Acknowledge the past Chair and other officers.
  10. Allow time for your Councilor's report during the business meeting.
  11. Include short unit reports from Legislative, Awards, Membership, or other TLA committees.
  12. When District Nominating Committee makes its report, have ballots available in case there are nominations from the Floor.
  13. Encourage attendees to pick up copies of all materials of interest on the Information Table. Better yet, stuff your hospitality bags with one copy of each announcement if enough are provided. (TLA Office will mail one or two boxes full of these sometime prior to your meeting.
  14. One person on your staff should be responsible for magic markers, nametags, signs, and other supplies, but appoint a back-up person!
  15. Chair-Elect should be given an opportunity near the end of the proceedings to invite everyone to the next annual meeting.
  16. Chair should remind members about District Caucus at Conference. Ask for suggestions as to format, activities at your Caucus.
  17. Send Instant Minutes within 24 hours of any district meeting, including officers' meetings.
  18. The Texas Library Political Action Committee is not an official organ of the Texas Library Association. Time may be allotted for a PAC member to report and to solicit new members, but not during the Business Meeting. It is strongly suggested that someone other than the District Chair make this report.
  19. If you enlist the help of the TLA Office for bulk mailing, be advised that they require 4-6 weeks lead time to provide this service.
  20. Requests for Deposits or On-site payments should be made 15 days prior to payment date or meeting. Handwritten checks can be made in emergency situations.
Created on Aug 10, 2010 | Last updated September 06, 2013