Dominique Raccah

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Dominique Raccah


Dominique Raccah
CEO & Publisher,  Sourcebooks, Naperville, IL

What services & products does your company provide?
Sourcebooks is an independent publisher with a wide variety of genres including fiction, romance, children’s, YA, gift/calendars and college-bound. It publishes over 300 new titles each year, and has more than 60 New York Times bestsellers. Sourcebooks’ ecommerce businesses include Put Me In the Story, the #1 personalized books platform, Simple Truths, and 1-2-3 Magic.

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What trends do you see in the library market?
As the publishing landscape evolves, the tools may change, but the role of the library and its dedicated librarians remains the same: to foster learning, engage communities, and create a lifelong love of books.  As a publisher, we’ve been working aggressively with librarians (in schools and in communities) to carry out that mission and craft a vision that’s central to the future of the book, whether in physical or digital form.  From developing new, interactive programming opportunities to forging digital initiatives and offering fantastic content across a variety of platforms, together, we’re ensuring a future full of possibility for books and libraries.

What motivates you to be a member of TLA?
We see TLA as a source of knowledge, expertise, and passion that is palpable when talking with Texas Librarians. TLA is a great medium for Sourcebooks to connect our books with readers and advocates for learning. We believe that books change lives and feel strongly that Texas librarians share the same motto.

Created on Mar 1, 2011 | Last updated March 24, 2017