Unit Financial Statements Request Form

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This form is used by committee, division, district, round table, or special interest group to request the unit's financial statements from the TLA director of administration.

Please enter the name of the unit (committee, division, district, round table, interest group, etc.) for which you are requesting financial information. Use one form per unit.

Please fill in your first and last name.

Please include the title of your position within the unit (e.g., chair, vice-chair, treasurer, etc.).

Please specify the date or date range of records you are requesting (e.g., most recent financials; previous two years; 2013-2014; etc).

Please select the method by which you would like the financial documents sent to you.

Please list your email address.

Please note your fax number.

Please enter the mailing address where you want the records mailed.

Please include any additional information about this request that you believe is pertinent.

Created on Jul 2, 2013 | Last updated July 02, 2013