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The 2016 masterpiece was an original illustration donated by Carolyn Dee Flores.

TLA's annual art raffle benefits the TLA Texas Library Disaster Relief Fund, created to assist libraries in our state as they recover from natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, hailstorms, and fires.

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On her website (, Carolyn Dee Flores reveals that she “was a rock musician first. Then, a computer analyst. Then, a children’s illustrator.” To date, the artist has elevated five children’s books with her exquisite paintings A watercolor study for Teresita’s Big Surprise (Arte Público Press, Piñata Books) was donated by Flores for the Annual Conference in Houston (April 19-22, 2016).

Thanks to the illustrators who have donated original artworks to help build the Disaster Relief Fund and to all who have contributed generously to the fund since its inception. The annual Disaster Relief Raffle has featured works by these artists; the images are linked to their websites:



2015: Barney Saltzberg

Our Seasons2014: Grace Lin

2013: Tom Shefelman

2012: Julian Hector

gouache illustration
2011: Melanie Hope Greenberg

2010: Susan L. Roth
2009: Don Tate
2008: Diane Stanley
illustration2007: Lynn Rowe Reed
2006: Brian Floca
2005: Susan Jeffers
2004: Will Hillenbrand
illustration2003: Denise Fleming
2002: Roxie Munro
2001: Adrienne Yorinks
illustration2000: Nicole Rubel illustration
1999: Rosemary Wells

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