Getting Involved in TLA

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The group affiliations you select as part of your TLA membership will automatically include you in a network of colleagues that share your professional interests. In addition, the MyTLA section on this website allows you to further define and expand your interactions in TLA via personalized social media interactions and groupings. 

TLA's yearly calendar includes Legislative Day in February (odd-numbered years), Annual Conference held in March or April, the TALL Texan Leadership Development Institute in June, Annual Assembly in July, and district meetings in the fall (September-November). The Association's officers, unit committees, and task forces, of course, meet throughout the year to fulfill their specific missions.

By attending TLA events, requesting a committee appointment, being a conference volunteer, participating in legislative advocacy, and establishing your place in MyTLA, you'll find endless ways to further the mission of the association while discovering resources and opportunities to enhance your career.

Created on Mar 20, 2010 | Last updated February 21, 2012