2x2 Reading List - 2016

The 2X2 Reading List is a project of the Children’s Round Table, a unit of the Texas Library Association.

Texas Library Association sponsors the 2X2 Reading List solely to encourage free voluntary reading.

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2016 2x2 List Book Covers


Explore these resources & activities for the 2016 list:

2016 2x2 List Book Covers
2016 Texas 2x2
Coloring Boot
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2016 2x2 Activities Preview
2016 Texas 2x2
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Activities in Spanish

2016 2x2 Activity Labels Preview 
2016 Texas 2x2
Book Labels

Book Labels in Spanish


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Agee, Jon. It’s Only Stanley. Dial Books. ISBN 9780803739079. $17.99. Ages 5-8. Stanley is one determined dog who is making a racket and keeping his family awake at night. What is Stanley doing? And more importantly, where is he taking them?

Beaton, Kate. The Princess and the Pony. Arthur A. Levine Books. ISBN 9780545637084. $17.99. Ages 5-8. Princess Pinecone wishes for a warrior’s horse for her birthday, but her parents fall short of the mark with a plump, gassy pony. Will she still have a chance against the other warriors in the big battle to come?

Child, Lauren. The New Small Person. Candlewick Press. ISBN 9780763678104. $17.99. Ages 4-8. Life is great for only child Elmore Green until a new small person moves in, licks his jelly bean collection, follows him around, and wears his favorite outfit. But, when Elmore has a bad dream, he discovers it can be special having a new small person around--a brother named Albert.

Dotlich, Rebecca Kai. Race Car Count! Illustrated by Michael Slack. Henry Holt & Company. ISBN 9781627790093. $14.99. Ages 3-6. Race cars zoom to the finish in this colorful, rhyming counting book, complete with race cars’ names and stats at the end. Ready, Set, Go! Meet the Race Cars!

Goodrich, Carter. We Forgot Brock! Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. ISBN 9781442480902. $17.99. Ages 4-8. When Brock gets left behind at the fair, Phillip isn’t sure what to do. How will he reconnect with his best (and possibly imaginary) friend?

Heos, Bridget. I, Fly: The Buzz About Flies and How Awesome They Are. Illustrated by Jennifer Plecas. Henry Holt & Company. ISBN 9780805094695. $17.99. Ages 4-8. A fly campaigns to a science class for flies to be the example of the insect life cycle instead of the overused butterfly. This humorous story tells how the fly tries to persuade the class while telling the reader everything they never knew about flies.

Higgins, Ryan T. Mother Bruce. Disney-Hyperion. ISBN 9781484730881. $17.99. Ages 2-5. Hilarious illustrations show Bruce, a grumpy bear who searches on the internet for scrumptious egg recipes. After a shopping spree in the forest, Bruce is surprised when the eggs he finds turn out to be much more than just a meal.

London, Jonathan. Hippos are Huge! Illustrated by Matthew Trueman. Candlewick Press. ISBN 9780763665920. $16.99. Ages 5-8. Think Lions are dangerous? Think again! Hippos are the toughest mammals around. Learn fantastic facts about hippos that will astound, amaze, and thrill!

McCloskey, Kevin. We Dig Worms! Toon Books. ISBN 9781935179801. $12.95. Ages 4-8. Worms take the spotlight through this informational book created on recycled paper bags as readers learn fun and interesting facts about these earthly creatures.

Nelson, Kadir. If You Plant a Seed. Balzer & Bray. ISBN 9780062298898. $18.99. Ages 4-7. A charming cautionary tale with expressive illustrations that show what happens when you sow seeds of kindness versus those selfishness.

Paschkis, Julie. Flutter and Hum/Aleteo y Zumbido. Henry Holt & Company. ISBN 9781627791038. $17.99. Ages 4-8. Beautifully illustrated poems that will inspire the budding poet. Written in both Spanish and English.

Paschkis, Julie. P. Zonka Lays an Egg. Peachtree Publishers. ISBN 9781561458196. $16.95. Ages 4-7. P. Zonka is a dreamer, and doesn’t lay eggs like the other chickens do. However, when she finally gives laying eggs a try, she surprises all of the other chickens with an egg that was truly worth the wait.

Petty, Dev. I Don’t Want to Be a Frog. Illustrated by Mike Boldt. Doubleday Books for Young Readers. ISBN 9780385378666. $16.99. Ages 3-7. Frog wants to be any animal besides a frog, but soon learns why being a frog might not be so bad after all. A funny lesson about how “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.”

Robinson, Michelle. There’s a Lion in My Cornflakes. Illustrated by Jim Field. Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children’s Books. ISBN 9780802738363. $16.99. Ages 3-6. When two brothers save up coupons from their cereal box to get a free lion, disaster ensues! The cereal company keeps running out of lions, so sends the boys a variety of other animals. Will the brothers ever get their lion?

Rosenberg, Liz. What James Said. Illustrated by Matt Myers. Roaring Brook Press. ISBN 9781596439085. $16.99. Ages 5-8. Aiden discovers that hearsay can’t always be trusted when she has a fight with her best friend, James. But when the truth is discovered, she realizes that their friendship can always be counted upon.

Taylor, Sean. Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise. Illustrated by Jean Jullien. Candlewick Press. ISBN 9780763675783. $15.99. Ages 3-7. Hoot Owl is very hungry and determined to catch his dinner using his wisdom and flair for clever disguises to outwit his prey. But what costume will he don when he decides on pizza for dinner?

Tupera, Tupera. Polar Bear’s Underwear. Chronicle Books. ISBN 9781452141992. $16.99. Ages 2-5. Polar Bear has lost his underwear! Join him and his friend Mouse on the search for the missing underwear through the die-cut pages.

Vernick, Audrey. First Grade Dropout. Illustrated by Matthew Cordell. Clarion Books. ISBN 9780544129856. $16.99. Ages 4-7. When a first grade student says something very embarrassing in school, he decides he will just have to drop out of Lakeview Elementary! When his best friend says something equally embarrassing, the boy learns that it is alright to laugh at yourself.

Virjan, Emma J. What This Story Needs is a Pig in a Wig. HarperCollins. ISBN 9780062327246. $9.99. Ages 3-6. A pig in a wig gets in a boat with a goat, a frog and a dog, and more creatures who fill the boat with playful rhyming words and silly action, not to mention a great hairdo!

Willems, Mo. The Story of Diva and Flea. Illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi. Disney-Hyperion. ISBN 9781484722848. $14.99. Ages 6-8. This story of adventure and friendship transports you to the streets of Paris, as two characters discover all you can learn when you get to know someone who is different from you.

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