2x2 Reading List - 2017

The 2X2 Reading List is a project of the Children’s Round Table, a unit of the Texas Library Association.

Texas Library Association sponsors the 2X2 Reading List solely to encourage free voluntary reading.

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Campbell, K.G. Dylan the Villain. Viking Books for Young Readers. ISBN 9780451476425. $17.99.
Dylan's parents think that he's the best super villain ever! When Dylan starts school and sees classmate competition, he learns that he might not be the biggest, best baddie like his parents thought he was.
Cover Image Reviews: PW, Kirkus, SLJ, Booklist, Horn Book, BCCB 

Churnin, Nancy. The William Hoy Story: How a Deaf Baseball Player Changed the Game. Illustrated by Jez Tuya. Albert Whitman & Company. ISBN 9780807591925. $16.99.
Do you know why umpires use hand signals when calling plays in baseball? This story about baseball player, William Hoy, tells about how he overcame the challenges of being deaf to help change the way umpires called plays.
Cover Image Reviews: PW, SLJ, Booklist, Kirkus, BCCB, Horn Book

Clanton, Ben. It Came in the Mail. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. ISBN 9781481403603. $17.99.
Getting mail can be fun, even when you get more than you bargain for (like a dragon and a whale). Watch Liam receive some unexpected items, and turn generous when he decides to share his packages, pigs and pickles included!
Cover Image Reviews: BCCB, PW, Kirkus, Booklist, SLJ, Horn Book

Clanton, Ben. Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea. Tundra Books. ISBN 9781101918715. $7.99.
Follow the adventures of Narwhal and his pal Jelly the jellyfish as they discover friendship and the wide world of the ocean together in this new graphic novel series, perfect for young readers.
Cover Image Reviews: *Kirkus, Booklist, *BCCB, *SLJ

Collins, Ross. There’s a Bear on My Chair. Nosy Crow. ISBN 9780763689421 $16.99.
Mouse tries several hilarious tactics to get Bear out of his chair. When nothing works, he gives up and finds his own cozy place to rest, but what will Bear think of Mouse’s new spot?
Cover Image Reviews: Kirkus, *PW, SLJ, Horn Book

Dickson, Irene. Blocks. Nosy Crow. ISBN 9780763686567. $14.99.
Ruby has red blocks and Benji has blue, when they get mixed together whatever will they do!?
Cover Image Reviews: *Kirkus, *Booklist, SLJ, Horn Book

Dyckman, Ame. Horrible Bear! Illustrated by Zachariah OHora. ISBN 9780316282833. $16.99.
A little girl thinks bear is horrible because he broke her kite. An "I'm sorry," makes all the horrible go away, and a sweet friendship is formed.
Cover Image Reviews: *SLJ, *Booklist, Kirkus, *PW, Horn Book

Elya, Susan Middleton. La Madre Goose: Nursery Rhymes for Los Niños. Illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal. G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers. ISBN 9780399251573. $16.99.
Classic English rhymes introduce the reader to simple and beautiful Spanish words. The multicultural illustrations bring visual life to the message.
Cover Image Reviews: Kirkus, SLJ, PW, Booklist, BCCB

Jarvis. Alan’s Big Scary Teeth. Candlewick Press. ISBN 9780763681203. $16.99.
Alan’s teeth are big and scary until his big scary secret comes to light!
Cover Image Reviews: *PW, Kirkus, SLJ, Horn Book

Jenkins, Martin. Fabulous Frogs. Illustrated by Tim Hopgood. Candlewick Press. ISBN 9780763681005. $16.99.
Hop into this fabulous book filled with information all about frogs. Meet a few of the 5,000 different types of this amazing amphibian, from small to large, to discover your new favorite type of frog.
Cover Image Reviews: Kirkus, PW, Booklist, SLJ, Horn Book

Krans, Kim. 123 Dream. Random House Books for Young Readers. ISBN 9780553539325. $16.99.
Children will develop early literacy skills (including phonological awareness and number recognition) and be dazzled by this clever and beautifully illustrated book.
Cover Image Reviews: Kirkus, PW, SLJ

Kuhlman, Evan. Hank’s Big Day: The Story of a Bug. Illustrated by Chuck Groenink. Schwartz & Wade Books. ISBN 9780553511505. $16.99.
Hank the pill bug has a day full of adventure with his friend, Amelia.
Cover Image Reviews: *Kirkus, *Booklist, *PW, Horn Book, SLJ

Lehrhaupt, Adam. I Will Not Eat You. Illustrated by Scott Magoon. Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books. ISBN 9781481429337. $17.99.
Theodore thinks all the animals that come by his cave want to be eaten, until a boy stops by and won’t go away. Has Theodore found a new type of food or has he finally found a friend?
Cover Image Reviews: PW, Kirkus, SLJ, Horn Book

Lombardi, Kristine. The Grumpy Pets. Abrams Books for Young Readers. ISBN 9781419718885. $14.95.
Billy is pretty grumpy so his mom takes him and his sister to the pet store. Everyone finds a perfect happy pet, but it just isn’t working for Billy. Just when he loses all hope, he sees the scruffy, grumpy dogs and finds his perfect match!
Cover Image Reviews: Kirkus, SLJ, Horn Book

Rex. Adam. School’s First Day of School. Illustrated by Christian Robinson. Roaring Brook Press. ISBN 9781596439641. $17.99
It is school's first day and he's got a lot to learn! Learn along with the building as he goes from being anxious to understanding what it’s like to host children every day.
Cover Image Reviews: *Booklist, *Horn Book, *PW, *Kirkus, *BCCB, *SLJ

Roderick, Stacey. Ocean Animals From Head to Tail. Illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya. Kids Can Press. ISBN 9781771383455. $16.95.
From a big-eyed squid to the twisty-tailed seahorse, learning about ocean animals is lots of fun in this guessing-game book with interesting creatures.
Cover Image Reviews: Kirkus, PW, SLJ, Booklist

Smith, Alex. Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion. Scholastic Press. ISBN 9780545914383. $17.99.
Little Red outwits the Lion in this fractured fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Spunky Little Red saves her Auntie Rosie while teaching the Lion a few lessons about manners.
Cover Image Reviews: *Kirkus, PW, *Booklist, BCCB

Thomas, Jan. Is That Wise, Pig? Beach Lane Books. ISBN 9781416985822. $14.99.
It’s time to make soup and silly pig wants to help. Find out if his plan is wise in this story about animal friends that will leave you laughing.
Cover Image Reviews: Kirkus, *PW, SLJ

Yoon, Salina. Duck, Duck, Porcupine! Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children’s Books. ISBN 9781619637238. $9.99
Join Big Duck, Little Duck, and Porcupine as they explore the outdoors in this colorful adventure for beginning readers.
Cover Image Reviews: Kirkus, PW, BCCB, Booklist, *SLJ, Horn Book

Young, Amy. A Unicorn Named Sparkle. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. ISBN 9780374301859. $16.99.
Lucy sends away for a unicorn but gets a goat instead in this story of unexpected friendship. Sparkle the goat soon finds his way into Lucy's heart, and her home!
Cover Image Reviews: PW, Kirkus, SLJ

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