Genealogy Conference Stipend Award


The Genealogy Conference Stipend Committee of the Archives, Genealogy, and Local History Round Table (AGLHRT) of the Texas Library Association awards a stipend of $500 annually to cover the cost of registration and conference expenses for the TLA Conference for a librarian or paraprofessional who works with a genealogy collection or genealogy patrons. The stipend’s purpose is to encourage TLA and AGLHRT membership and provide a means for supporting participation in the Annual Conference. Recipient will gain insight into the Round Table by volunteering during the annual conference.

The stipend is supported by a generous donation from the Texas State Genealogical Society.



--Recipient must be a member of the Texas Library Association

--Recipient must be employed as a librarian or paraprofessional in a Texas Library

--Recipient must work with a genealogy collection or genealogy patrons

--Recipient must agree to be an AGLHRT volunteer during the conference

--Recipient must submit a completed application form and letter of reference on or before the stated deadline

--Recipient must submit a report evaluating the conference, stating whether it fulfilled expectations, and what was learned that can be used in the recipient’s library. Report must be written and submitted to the Genealogy Conference Stipend Committee Chair within 30 days of the end of the conference

--Recipient must agree to attend all GRT sponsored or co-sponsored pre-conferences, programs and/or meetings during the conference

DEADLINE: Submit application and letter of reference postmarked by January 10 for the conference in the spring of that year to:

Laurie Mahaffey, Chair, Genealogy Conference Stipend Committee

Central Texas Library System, Inc.

5555 North Lamar Blvd., Suite L-115

Austin, Texas 78751


Fall: Copies of the application form with a letter outlining the requirements listed below will be mailed to TLA District Chairs, System Coordinators, the Texas State Library, and TLA for inclusion in TLACast, Library Developments, Texas Library Journal, and TLA unit newsletters.

January 10: Deadline for application postmark.

January 17: Committee members begin review of applications.

January 27: Committee members will be polled for their decisions on the recipients. In the event of a tie, committee members will be re-polled.

February 3: All applicants will be notified of the results of their application submission. Notification will be sent to the TLA office and to the employer of the winning applicant.

April (TLA Annual Conference): Introduce stipend winner at AGLHRT Membership/Business meeting at TLA conference.

May (30 days after the final date of TLA Annual Conference): Stipend winner sends conference report to Genealogy Conference Stipend Committee Chair (address above).


Genealogy Conference Stipend Committee members will use the following guidelines that are listed in priority order with the most important first.

  1. The applicant demonstrates interest in professional development.
  2. The applicant attends genealogy workshops. (How are they involved?)
  3. The applicant shows commitment to libraries (TLA membership, attendance at district meetings, etc.).
  4. The applicant has good written and oral communication skills.
  5. The applicant states why they want the stipend and how they will use what they learn.

An attempt will be made over the years to award stipends to applicants from all parts of the state and from all sizes of libraries.


An amount of $400 will be given to the stipend winner prior to the TLA Annual Conference. The Genealogy Conference Stipend Committee chair will contact the TLA office about the advance, which will help defray registration and conference expenses. The balance will be paid as indicated above.


The Chair of AGLHRT will appoint the Chair of the Genealogy Conference Stipend Committee from among committee member volunteers. 


2008: Joy Wiley of the Abilene Public Library

2009: Jennifer Coffee, Pflugerville Community Library

2010: Joe Moreno, Laredo Public Library

2011: Jeffery Wright, Victoria Public Library

2012: Kathy Ritterhouse, Grand Prairie Public Library System

2013: Laura Smith, Harris County Public Library, Clear Lake City-Freeman Branch

Laura Smith with (l) Liz Sargent and (r) Sue Kaufman

Laura Smith with (l) Liz Sargent and (r) Sue Kaufman

2014: Ashley Guerrero, Bastrop Public Library

(l-r) Bill Buckner, Sue Kaufman, Ashley Guerrero

(l-r) Bill Buckner, Sue Kaufman, Ashley Guerrero

2015: Chuck Voellinger, Emily Fowler Library, Denton

Chuck Voellinger with Sue Kaufman, Bill Buckner, and Laurie Mahaffey

(l-r) Sue Kaufman, Chuck Voellinger, Bill Buckner, and Laurie Mahaffey

2016: Renee LaPerrier, Laredo Public Library

(l-r) Bill Buckner, Leslie Wagner, Chuck Voellinger, Renee LaPerriere, Sue Kaufman


2017: Esther Camacho, McAllen PL


2018: Sarah Ross Kelliher, Midland Count PL

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