Siddie Joe Johnson Award Winners

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Siddie Joe Johnson Award Winners

The Siddie Joe Johnson Award is presented to a public or school librarian to recognize outstanding achievement in children’s library service.

The SJJ Award was named in honor of Siddie Joe Johnson, who served as Children's Librarian and Coordinator of Children's Services for the Dallas Public Library for twenty-seven years. Ms. Johnson, a published poet and author, was the recipient of awards from the Poetry Society of Texas and the Texas Institute of Letters, as well as from the American Library Association for her work in children's library service.

Nominees are evaluated on the basis of outstanding or innovative programs, a sustained high level of performance, leadership ability, involvement in professional organizations, community involvement, and cooperation with parents and other libraries, especially outside their own system.

2017  Kathleen Grupe, West Birdville Elementary, Birdville ISD

2016  Maria E. Rodriguez, Robert T. Hill Middle School, Dallas ISD

2015  Kay Gooch, Austin ISD

2014  Rose Brock, Coppell Middle School, Coppell ISD

2013  Carol Richmond, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School

2012  Kristi Betts, Kinkeade Early Childhood School, Irving ISD

2011  Tina Hager, Little Elm Public Library


2009  Jacqueline Bridges Sheppherd, Arlington ISD

2008  Viki Ash, San Antonio Public Library

2007  Debra Marshall, Coppell ISD

2006  Karen Kessel, Irving ISD

2005  Sue McGown, St. John's Lower School, Houston

2004  Susan King, George Memorial Library, Richmond

2003  Caro Ann Germann, The Kinkaid School, Houston

2002  Jeanette Larson, Austin Public Library

2001  Lea Bailey, Elliott Elementary School, Irving ISD

2000  Lisa Coker, Sterling Municipal Library, Baytwon

1999  Cyd Sheffy, Fort Worth ISD

1998   Susan Allison, Richardson Public Library

1997  Rose Trevino, San Antonio Public Library

1996  Kathy Toon, Dallas Public Library


1994  Susan Sanders, Austin ISD

1993  Valerie M. Childress, Tyler ISD

1992  Molly Krukewitt, Fort Bend County Library

1991  Sandra Bennett, Irving ISD

1990  Ramona Kerby, Arlington ISD

Created on May 8, 2017 | Last updated October 04, 2017