CULD Operating Procedures

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The name of this organization shall be the College and University Libraries Division (CULD) of the Texas Library Association (TLA).


The purpose of the Division shall be to promote the interests of libraries and librarians in community, junior, and senior colleges and universities in Texas; to cooperate with TLA; and to serve as an affiliate of the American Library Association's Association of College and Research Libraries (ALA/ACRL).


Any member of TLA may designate CULD as his or her type-of-library divisional membership or may become a member upon payment of the additional membership fee as provided in the TLA Bylaws.


Section 1. Officers

    • The Officers of this Division shall be Chair, Chair Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and Councilor and Alternate Councilor.
    • These officers shall perform those duties usually attached to their offices and as set forth in CULD’s STANDING RULES, and shall perform other duties as assigned by the CULD Executive Board.

Section 2. Qualifications

Each officer must be a current member in good standing of CULD and TLA.

Section 3. Terms of Office

All officers shall assume office immediately following the Texas Library Association Annual Conference. The Chair, Chair Elect, and Secretary-Treasurer shall serve a term of one year or until their successors are elected and qualified. The Councilor and Alternate Councilor shall serve terms of three years or until their successors are elected and qualified.

Section 4. Vacancies

If a vacancy occurs in the office of Chair, the Chair Elect shall become Chair for the remainder of that term and also for his/her elected term as Chair. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Chair Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, or Alternate Councilor, the Chair, with the approval of the CULD Executive Board, shall fill the vacancy by appointment until the next regular election of officers. A vacancy in the office of Councilor shall be filled by the Alternate Councilor.  A Past Chair vacancy on the CULD Executive Board must be filled by a former Chair. If a vacancy occurs in both the Chair and Chair Elect positions, the President of the Texas Library Association shall appoint a new Chair.

Section 5.  Unit Liaisons

The Chair shall be allowed to appoint one liaison from CULD to other TLA Units as deemed appropriate.  The unit liaison will initially be appointed after a call for volunteers from the general membership, and will serve as liaison to a particular unit for one-year.  A vacancy in a unit liaison position will be filled by appointment by the Chair. 


The officers and the Immediate Past Chair shall constitute the CULD Executive Board which shall administer the affairs of the Division when the Division is not in session.


    • The CULD Executive Board shall appoint, no later than October 1 of each year, a Nominating Committee of three members, none of whom is a current elected officer of the Division.
    • For the offices of Chair, Chair Elect, and Secretary-Treasurer, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. For Councilor, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected Councilor and the candidate with the second highest number of votes shall be elected Alternate. In case of a tie vote, the successful candidate will be determined by lot.
    • Elections shall be conducted annually prior to March 1.  If approved by the CULD Executive Board, elections may take place by electronic balloting at the same time as other Texas Library Association electronic balloting.


  • A general membership business meeting of the Division shall be held annually at the TLA Annual Conference, as required by the TLA Bylaws. Joint or separate program meetings may also be held. The CULD Executive Board may call special meetings by a majority vote. Members present at a meeting of the Division shall constitute a quorum. Any measure voted on by the membership will pass with a majority of the votes of those members present, voting, and in good standing.


Section 1. Standing Committees

The Standing Committees of the Division are: Information and Membership; Legislative; Program; and Scholarship. The Division Chair-Elect shall designate the Chair of each committee and work with the Chair to appoint committee members encouraging at least 1 member from a community or junior college. To provide continuity, terms of appointments to Standing Committees shall be for two years with one-half of the committee retiring each year.

  • The Legislative, Nominating, and Scholarship Committees shall consist of no fewer than three members, and as many additional members as deemed necessary by the Chair of CULD.
  • The Information and Membership Committee shall consist of a Committee Chair, the Division Newsletter Editor, the Division Webmaster, and as many additional members as deemed necessary by the Chair of CULD.
  • The Program Committee shall consist of the Past-Chair, who shall serve as chair of the committee, a member from each active CULD Discussion Group, the Chair-Elect, and as many additional members as deemed necessary by Chair of CULD.

Section 2. Special Committees

Ad hoc or special committees may be created as needed by the CULD Executive Board or by the Division Chair. The Division Chair shall appoint the members and designate the chair of each committee. The committees shall serve until their charges have been completed and reports have been accepted.

Section 3. Reports

Chairs of all standing committees, the CULD Councilor, and the Chairs of Discussion Groups shall submit written reports to the Division Chair for inclusion in the CULD Newsletter prior to the annual conference and for presentation to the membership of the Division at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference.


Section 1. Establishment

Any group of 15 or more members of the Division interested in discussing common problems which fall within the purposes of the Division may form a discussion group upon approval of written petition from the group to the CULD Executive Board. The petition shall include the purpose of the group and the requirements for membership. Petition signatures must be gathered during one meeting of the Division (either Annual Conference or Annual Assembly). In order to continue, each discussion group shall petition for reestablishment every five years, following the procedure outlined in this Section.

Section 2. Membership

Membership is open to members of the Division who are interested in the purpose of the group.

Section 3. Officers

Each group shall elect a Chair Elect and Secretary annually at the Annual Conference of TLA at a meeting of the Discussion Group. These officers and the incoming chair shall keep a roster of the members of the group, be responsible for all communication with them, preside at meetings of the group during the following year, and make a report to the CULD Executive Board after each meeting. Each discussion group chair or a designated representative may serve on the CULD Program Committee.

Section 4. Activities

A discussion group may: a) Meet together to discuss common issues; b) Establish a means of communication among its members; c) Recommend action to the CULD Executive Board; d) Incur no expenses except as authorized and make no declaration of policy.

Section 5. Discontinuance

Each group shall continue in existence until the group fails to gain the needed signatures for reestablishment as outlined in Section 1, above, or until it is dissolved by action of the CULD Executive Board.


Section 1. Chapter Affiliation

The College and University Libraries Division (CULD) is the officially recognized Texas Chapter of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), a division of the American Library Association.

Section 2. Members

Members of ACRL residing in or employed within the State shall automatically be members of the Texas Chapter of ACRL, but must also be members of CULD in order to receive the prerogatives and benefits available to CULD members. CULD members who are not also members of ACRL do not receive the benefits and prerogatives of Chapter membership.

Section 3. Officers

The officers of CULD shall serve also as officers of the Texas Chapter of ACRL. The CULD Chair shall serve as Chapter President; the CULD Chair Elect as Chapter President Elect; and the CULD Secretary-Treasurer as Chapter Secretary-Treasurer.


Section 1. Proposal

Amendments to these Operating Procedures may be proposed by the CULD Executive Board, by a committee authorized by the Division Chair, or by a petition signed by twenty (20) Division members. Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the CULD Executive Board at least one month in advance of submission to the membership of the Division.

Section 2. Action on Proposal

The Executive Board, by a majority vote of those members present, voting, and in good standing at the annual membership meeting, by mail, or any other means authorized in the STANDING RULES may adopt and amend these Operating Procedures in any manner consistent with the Bylaws and Standing Rules of TLA and ALA/ACRL.  


The rules of procedure as stated in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern this Division in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws and Standing Rules of TLA.


Adopted at the CULD Executive Board Meeting on July 10, 2014

Amended by online vote in November of 2014; Finalized November 18, 2014

Created on Mar 21, 2010 | Last updated December 09, 2014