D3 Bylaws

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District 3 Operating Procedures



District 3

Operating Procedures



The name of this organization shall be District 3 of the Texas Library Association (TLA).



The objectives of District 3 shall be to promote cooperative efforts and understanding among librarians of District 3, including networking, professional development, and continuing education.

SECTION III Membership

Any member of the Texas Library Association may select membership in District 3. Officers must be current members of TLA.



1.    The Officers of District 3 shall be:


  • Chair
  • Chair-Elect
  • Councilor
  • Alternate Councilor
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Immediate Past Chair


2.   Officers shall assume office immediately following the TLA Annual Conference and shall serve a term of one year or until a successor is elected. The Councilor and Alternate Councilor serve for three years or until a successor is elected.

3.   The officers of District 3 shall perform those duties usually attached to their offices and duties as prescribed in the TLA Bylaws and Standing Rules.

i.      The Chair shall preside at all meetings of District 3, appoint committees and other positions (e.g., Webmaster, Vendor Relations Liaison) as necessary, and direct the work of the District.

ii.      The Chair-Elect shall act as an aide and alternate to the Chair and, during the Chair’s absence, perform the duties of the Chair.

iii.      The Secretary shall record the minutes at all District meetings and shall submit reports as required.

iv.      The Treasurer shall prepare the annual budget, maintain the District’s financial records, deposit all District funds with the TLA executive office, and submit reports as required. The Treasurer shall collect fees for District programs and issue receipts to members.

v.      The Councilor shall attend all meetings of the TLA Council, submit all resolutions from the District that require Council actions, and shall serve as liaison between TLA Council, and District 3.

vi.      The Alternate Councilor shall, during the Councilor’s absence, perform the duties of Councilor.

vii.      The Immediate Past Chair shall act as act as an aide and advisor to the Chair.


B.   Elections

1.    Members in attendance at the District 3 meeting at Annual Assembly will elect the Nominating Committee and designate a chair. The Chair of District 3 may not be involved in the election and may not serve on the Nominating Committee. If possible, members of the Nominating Committee should not also be members of the Executive Committee

2.   The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of candidates for all offices. There shall be at least two candidates for the office of Councilor.

3.   Officers shall be elected by electronic means prior to the annual meeting by a plurality of members voting. The Councilor candidate with the highest number of votes shall be elected Councilor. The candidate with the second highest number of votes shall become the Alternate Councilor.

4.   In case of a tie vote, the officer shall be selected by lot.


C.   Executive Committee

1.    The officers shall constitute the Executive Committee and shall administer the business of the unit when it is not in session.

2.   The Executive Committee shall meet as deemed necessary by the Chair or a majority of the Executive Committee.


D.  Vacancies

1.    If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Chair, the Chair-elect shall become Chair for the remainder of that term and also serve the term to which the Chair-elect had been elected.

2.   If a vacancy occurs in the office of Councilor, the Alternate Councilor shall become

Councilor for the remainder of the term.

3.   If a vacancy occurs in any of the other elected offices, the Chair, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall fill the vacancy by appointment until the next general election.

4.   If a vacancy occurs in both the Chair and Chair-elect positions, the President of the Texas Library Association shall appoint a new Chair, who shall proceed as outlined above.

5.   The position of any officer will be considered vacant upon missing two or more consecutive meetings without due cause or failure to remit dues to maintain TLA membership.



District 3 shall meet at least annually. The official annual meeting shall be the Fall Meeting. In the event that no Fall Meeting is held, the official meeting will be the following meeting at Annual Conference. Members present shall constitute a quorum. In accordance with District objectives and in order to promote diverse participation, the District 3 Fall Meeting shall be open to any interested party. A registration fee may be charged. Such fee shall be determined in advance of the meeting by the Executive Committee.



Other committees may be created as needed by the Executive Committee or the Chair. The Chair shall appoint the members and designate the chair of each committee. The committees shall serve until their charges have been completed and reports have been accepted or until such time as the Executive Committee designates.



The rules of procedure as stated in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern this unit in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws and Standing Rules of TLA.


Operating Procedures may be adopted or amended at any general membership meeting of the unit by a majority vote of the members present and voting, provided 30 days’ notice has been previously given to the membership and such changes are consistent with the Bylaws and Standing Rules of TLA.


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