Intergalactic Dance Club Round Table


By vote of the TLA Council at annual conference in April of 2012, the Doo-Wop Intergalactic Round Table was allowed to morph into the Intergalactic Dance Club Round Table.

Despite a rather lengthy tag round of discussion on the resolution, questions remain regarding how to pronounce this new acronym and whether the lead singer (chair) will be assigned a more fitting title.

Stay tuned, etc.

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Text of the Petition to Create Doo-Wop


- Established in 1996 to promote pitch, harmony and levity in TLA -


Whereas, it has been determined that TLA has a void in its artistic and cultural development; and

Whereas, TLA membership is replete with multi-talented closet performers; and

Whereas, these performers need a forum for their artistic expression;

Therefore we the undersigned do propose the creation of the Doo-Wop Interest Group,

And hereby petition TLA Council to sanction the formation of this new and dynamic Interest Group.


Thanks and a tip of the hat to former Bylaws and Resolutions Committee Chair Syma Zerkow for allowing the Interest Group such a dramatic emergence. And would you believe it? They let us get away with it!

Created on Mar 20, 2010 | Last updated May 03, 2012