ERT Operating Procedures

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Operating Procedures adopted April 20, 2012
Amended July 23, 2013


The name of this organization shall be the Exhibitors Round Table. It is a Round Table of the Texas Library Association.


To promote greater communication between Librarians and Library VendorsTo promote programs that will increase awareness of mutually beneficial relationships for the betterment of libraries and library service To establish guidelines for Librarians and Library Vendors for Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars, etc.To enhance the legislative efforts of the Texas Library Association by active participation in the legislative processTo encourage greater cooperation in education, scholarship, and community services


Membership is open to any person who actively works for a company selling to any type of Library, or to any Texas Library Association member interested in vendor activities. All members must be individual members of TLA.


Regular meetings will be held semi-annually. The group will meet at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference and at the Annual Assembly of the Texas Library Association. Committees of the group will meet as needed. The Executive Committee may call special meetings by a majority vote.


Section 1. Officers - The administration of the group will be by the Executive Committee consisting of a Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Councilor, and Alternate Councilor. The immediate Past Chair will also be a member of the Executive Committee.

Section 2. Duties

A. Chair - The Chair will preside at meetings and represent the organization as necessary.The Chair will appoint committees as needed.The Chair will have final responsibility for all operations of the round table.

B. Chair-Elect - The Chair-Elect shall preside in the absence of the Chair.The Chair-Elect will be the supervisor for standing and appointed committees.The Chair-Elect will chair the Program Committee.The Chair-Elect will serve as Chair after a one-year term as Chair-Elect.

C. Secretary - The Secretary shall record all minutes of meetings and votes of the round table and Executive Committee.The Secretary shall read and/or distribute minutes of the previous meetings.The Secretary shall submit minutes of the Annual Conference meeting to all officers and the Executive Director of the Texas Library Association within one month of the meeting.

D. Treasurer - The Treasurer will monitor all donations and income.The Treasurer will monitor all expenses.The Treasurer will maintain the fiscal responsibility of the Round Table.The Treasurer will report the unit's financial status at its two regular meetings.

E. Councilor and Alternate Councilor - The Councilor will attend all meetings of the Texas Library Association Council.The Councilor will submit all resolutions that require Council action.The Councilor will serve as a liaison between the Texas Library Association Council and the Round Table.The Councilor will attend all meetings of the unit and of the Executive Committee.The Alternate Councilor will fulfill the above duties in the absence of the Councilor.

Section 3. Terms of Office - The Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer will serve one-year terms. Each term will begin at the close of the Annual Conference. For continuity in policies, the Councilor and Alternate Councilor will serve three-year terms.

Section 4. Vacancies - A vacancy in the office of the Chair shall be filled by the Chair-Elect, who shall serve for the unexpired term and the following year.Should the offices of both Chair and Chair-Elect be vacated, the President of the Texas Library Association shall appoint a new Chair to serve until the next Annual Conference.A vacancy in the office of Councilor shall be filled by the Alternate Councilor who shall serve for the unexpired term.The Chair shall fill any other vacancy by appointment. The appointee shall serve until the end of the next Annual Conference.


Elections will be held during the Annual Meeting, held during the Annual Conference of the Texas Library Association.The slate of officers proposed by the Nominating Committee shall be presented. Additional nominees may be made from the floor.Terms for newly elected officers shall begin at the close of the TLA Annual Conference.If approved by the Executive Committee, elections may take place by electronic balloting at the same time as other Texas Library Association electronic balloting.


Section 1. Nominating Committee - Each year at Annual Conference, the Executive Committee will appoint a Nominating Committee to nominate a slate of officers for the following year.At least two people must be nominated for the position of Councilor. The person with the highest number of votes shall fill the position of Councilor. The person with the second highest number of votes shall fill the position of Alternate Councilor.

Section 2. Exhibit Committee - Each year at Annual Conference, the Chair will appoint an Exhibits Committee, which will assist the Texas Library Association in handling the exhibits at Annual Conference. The Exhibit Committee will consist of group members who live and work in the local area in which the Annual Conference is held.

Section 3. Program Committee - The Chair-Elect will chair this committee. Its duties will be to coordinate and stage a program which will benefit the Texas Library Association members.

Section 4. Operating Procedures Committee - This committee shall be responsible for researching and reporting recommendations to the membership regarding the Round Table's operating procedures.

Section 5. Select Committees - The Chair will appoint committees as necessary to run the Round Table's business.


These Operating Procedures may be amended. To amend Operating Procedures, members must present proposed changes to the membership thirty (30) days prior to a meeting at which the vote is to be taken. (If approved by the Executive Committee, this vote may be by electronic balloting.)


Members present at a meeting of the Round Table shall constitute a quorum. Any measure voted on by the membership will pass with a majority of the votes of those members present and in good standing.

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