Welcome from the ERT Chair

Top 10 reasons to join ERT

  1. Is a forum for vendors who exhibit at TLA
  2. Serves as an advisory committee for TLA
  3. Helps create new and additional opportunities for vendors to market and advertise at TLA
  4. Notifies vendors of upcoming events and marketing opportunities which, in turn, enables and encourages equal opportunity for all vendors who exhibit at TLA
  5. Endorses and offers vendor education to help vendors maximize their marketing opportunities
  6. Helps encourage a code of ethics for TLA vendors
  7. Serves as on-going advocacy of Texas librarians
  8. Stands as a voting roundtable at TLA conference
  9. Offers programs at TLA conference for librarians, which encourages vendor relations and communication
  10. Best Golf Challenge in the library world!
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ERT chair

Being an exhibitor at the TLA conference is such a great opportunity to meet and work with librarians, educators, and administrators across the great state of Texas. The relationships that are built are rewarding on many levels, both professionally and personally.

I encourage all of the sales representatives in Texas to not only join TLA and ERT for a nominal fee of $50, but to also become part of our exciting presence at the TLA Annual Conference & TLA Annual Assembly.

Roberto Rodriguez
ERT Chair

Created on Apr 11, 2010 | Last updated August 07, 2017