Texas State Plan For Federal Depository Library Services

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TLA GODORT's Ad Hoc Committee to Revise the State Plan has completed its task. The 2005 edition of the Texas State Plan For Federal Depository Library Services is now available in HTML, PDF, and MSWord formats.

The new State Plan reaffirms the commitment of Texas depository libraries to promoting no-fee access to U.S. Government information as this information becomes almost exclusively electronic. The Texas State Plan also aims to be a mission statement, a planning document, and a statement of responsibility for Texas depository libraries. Its goal is to enhance coordination within the depository library system in Texas, and to assist those libraries in providing efficient and effective access to the federal government information needed by citizens of the state.

A copy of the plan will be sent to all federal depository libraries. Please review the plan with your Library Director and return the signed Letter of Agreement to the appropriate Regional Librarian. When Letters of Agreement are received from two-thirds of the depository libraries in the state, the plan will go into effect.


Bennett Claire Ponsford, West Texas A&M University, Chair
Kathy Amen, St. Mary's University
Charlotte Bagh, Dallas Public Library
Gay Carter, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Janetta Paschal, Angelo State University
Tom Rohrig, Texas Tech University, Regional Librarian
Sue Troyan, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Regional Librarian
Valerie Glenn, University of North Texas, Ex-Officio
Theresa Storey, Lamar University, Ex-Officio

Created on Sep 22, 2010 | Last updated May 18, 2014