Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC)

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Purpose: To increase attention to intellectual freedom and social responsibility as an action-oriented association

Goal: To promote intellectual freedom  


  1. Publicize the role of the Intellectual Freedom Committee to TLA members and to others outside the Association.

  2. Educate members of the organization and support effort to combat censorship in all forms.

  3. Provide a link to the current ALA Intellectual Freedom Award and other pertinent materials for use by Texas librarians. Materials should be reviewed annually.

  4. Educate the public, elected officials, and leaders about issues related to intellectual freedom.

  5. Administer a cash Intellectual Freedom Award in years when funding is available.


The Texas Library Association cannot provide legal counsel or direct funding to defend challenged materials but will, through its Intellectual Freedom Committee, offer the skills, experience and energy of its membership to defend established intellectual freedom principles.

To meet its charge to "respond on behalf of libraries and librarians in Texas who are challenged in protecting the access to materials," the Intellectual Freedom Committee of the Texas Library Association needs to know about such incidents. Any library employee, Friend or trustee who knows of a complaint or challenge is encouraged to contact the chair of the TLA/IFC.

The Texas Library Association headquarters office in Austin (800-580-2852) can provide the telephone number of its current TLA/IFC chair. You may also email TLA Executive Director, Dana Braccia.  If neither option works for you, please send a letter to: Chair, TLA/IFC, 3355 Bee Cave Rd., Suite 401, Austin, TX 78746-6763. 

The TLA/IFC chair, chosen for proven leadership and expertise on intellectual freedom issues, will advise you how to cope with the reported situation. The chair may, if appropriate, refer you to a TLA/IFC member with special experience or training by type of library (i.e., school, public, academic, special). Every effort will be made to respond to reported incidents with guidance that is timely, practical and effective. TLA/IFC will never usurp the local librarian's prerogative to resolve their own problem as the local context deems suitable or necessary.

If necessary, TLA/IFC will report serious incidents to the Office for Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association.

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