IFC Members

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1.  Members of Bylaws and Resolutions, Disaster Relief, Diversity and Inclusion, Intellectual Freedom, Lariat Adult Reading List, Jeanette & Jim Larson Mystery Grant, Leadership Development, Professional Issues and Ethics, Public Relations and Marketing, Reading List Coordination Committee, Scholarship, Tejas Star Reading List, Texas Bluebonnet Program, Texas Bluebonnet Selection, Texas Book Festival, Texas Youth Creator Awards, Texas Topaz Nonfiction Reading List, Tocker Foundation, Upstart Award, and Christina B. Woll Memorial Fund Committees shall serve for three years. The Chair of each committee shall be appointed each year for one year. Approximately one-third of the members of each committee shall be chosen each year for a three year term. Members who are absent from two consecutive meetings without good cause will be replaced upon request of the Chair.

9.  Standing committees and standing committee chairs except the Legislative Committee shall begin their official responsibilities immediately upon adjournment of the Annual Conference preceding their term of service and shall conclude at the close of Conference either one, two, or three years later, as specified in these BYLAWS.


2018-2019 Intellectual Freedom Committee

Chair,  Courtney Kincaid - P  (2016, chair 2017-2019)
Vice-Chair, Brooke King - S (2018-2021))
Board Liaison, Dale McNeill
Kelsey Brett - A (2018-2021)
Douglas Campbell - A (2017-2020)
Amanda Cargile - S (2018-2021)
Kelly Clute - P (2017-2020)

Katherine Counterman - S (2016-2019)
Jennifer Johnson-Spence - P (2017-2020)
Margaret Neill - P (2017-2020)
Thomas Rohrig - A (2016-2019)
Stephanie Russell - S (2018-2021)
Robin Swaringen - P (2017-2020)

A - Academic
P - Public
S - School 

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