Devin Zimmerman Conference Stipend

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2018 - Joshua Salmans
2017 - Andria Amodt Ho
2014- Heather Aston, Coppell Middle School East
2013- Sarah Schmidt, Angelo State University
2012- Kathy Grupe, Academy at West Birdville
2011- Angie Bartula, Arlington Public Library
2010- Lea Engle, University of Texas at Austin
2009- Ashlynn Wicke, Alfred R. Neumann Library, University of Houston Clear Lake 

 Devin Zimmerman Conference Stipend

The Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT) of the Texas Library Association will make available a stipend of $400 for a librarian who is involved in library instruction to attend a TLA Conference. The purpose of this stipend is to encourage membership and participation in TLA and LIRT.


Requirements: The basic requirements of a person applying for the stipend:

  1. Must be employed as a professional librarian in a Texas Library.
  2. Must be involved in library instruction activities.
  3. Must have no more than two years experience in library instruction.
  4. Must agree to apply part of the stipend to membership in TLA, if not already a member.
  5. Must agree to become a member of the Library Instruction Round Table, if not already a member.
  6. Must agree to attend and be recognized at LIRT's annual business meeting at the TLA conference. Participation in Bites with LIRT is strongly encouraged.
  7. Must agree to submit a report and evaluation on the TLA Conference telling whether it fulfilled your expectations and what, if anything, you learned that you will be able to put to use in your library. This report must be written and submitted to the LIRT Chair within 30 days of the conference.
  8. Ongoing interest in and involvement with LIRT activities.
  9. Must agree to serve on the following year's selection committee for the stipend award.


Your completed application form and accompanying "Letters of Reference" must be emailed to Joshua Wallace on or before February 19th.

Application deadline is February 19th.

Joshua Wallace, selection committee chair


Timeline: Stipend Committee will use the following timeline as a guide for its work:

  • January 11 -- Application form will be made available electronically via the web, Adobe PDF, or a Microsoft Word document.
  • February 19 -- Application deadline. Letters of recommendation from immediate supervisors must be sent via email.
  • March 5 -- Notification will be sent to the recipient and all other applicants. Notification will also be sent to the TLA Office.
  • April  -- Introduce stipend winners at LIRT Business Meeting during TLA Conference.
  • May  -- Stipend winners shall send their Conference Report to the LIRT Chair within 30 days of the TLA Conference.

Evaluation of Applications: The following guidelines shall be used when reviewing the applications:

  1. The applicant demonstrates interest in professional development.
  2. The applicant shows commitment to libraries and their missions.
  3. The applicant shows commitment to library instruction.
  4. The applicant has good written communication skills and expresses her/himself well.

An attempt will be made over the years to award stipends to applicants from all parts of the state and from all types of libraries.


One-half of the conference stipend ($200) shall be made available to the stipend winner prior to the TLA Conference. The winner shall contact the TLA office for this advance in order to defray conference expenses. The remaining funds ($200) will be awarded upon receipt of the Conference Report by the LIRT Chair.

Created on Mar 26, 2010 | Last updated April 09, 2018