PLD Operating Procedures

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TEXAS LIBRARY ASSOCIATION Public Libraries Division Operating Procedures


The name of this organization shall be the Public Libraries Division (PLD) of the Texas Library Association (TLA).


The objective of the PLD shall be:

  1. To provide a forum for communication among and a source of professional advice and assistance to all concerned with public library service in Texas;
  2. To facilitate cooperation between all types of Texas libraries and librarians as well as other related institutions and individuals in the interest of improved public library service in Texas;
  3. To encourage public librarians in Texas to continue their education in response to the changing circumstances of public libraries;
  4. To speak for the profession, in accordance with Texas Library Association (TLA) policies and regulations, on matters pertaining to public libraries in Texas including but not limited to legislative matters at all governmental levels.

SECTION III – Membership

Any member of the Texas Library Association may select membership in the PLD.  Officers must be current members of TLA.


  1. Officers
    1. The officers of the PLD shall be Chair, Chair-Elect, Councilor, Alternate Councilor, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Immediate Past Chair.
    2. All officers shall assume office immediately following the TLA Annual Conference and shall serve a term of three (3) years— except for the Secretary, whose term is only one (1) year— or until a successor is elected. The officers of the PLD shall perform those duties usually attached to their offices and all duties as prescribed in the TLA Bylaws and Standing Rules.
    3. The Chair shall preside at PLD meetings at TLA Annual Conference and at TLA Annual Assembly, coordinate the work of all committees, appoint all committee members, liaisons and designate committee chairs with the exception of the Nominating Committee.  The Chair shall submit an annual budget to TLA.  That budget must be less than the total of the annual membership allotment plus the rollover from the previous year.  The budget will be targeted to preserve an operating reserve (rollover to next year) of $6,000 to $8,000. The Chair shall also serve as a member of the PLD Program Committee.
    4. The Chair-Elect shall preside at PLD meetings in the absence of the Chair, assume the office of the Chair should that office be vacated.  Chair-Elect shall also serve as a member of the Program Committee.
    5. The Public Libraries Division Chair is a 3-year term, served as follows: The first year as Chair-Elect, the second as Chair, and the third as Immediate Past Chair. The Immediate Past Chair shall serve as Chair of the Program Committee for the TLA Annual Conference for that third year. The Immediate Past Chair shall coordinate the scheduling of all programming at TLA Annual Conference including scheduling Executive Committee meetings and General Membership meetings, working in close consultation with the Chair.
    6. The Secretary shall record the minutes at all Executive Committee meetings and General Membership meetings of PLD, read the minutes of the previous meeting at the PLD meeting at the TLA Annual Conference and TLA Annual Assembly and prepare instant minutes for all meetings within 24 hours of the meeting and submit a copy of Minutes to the TLA Office.
    7. The Treasurer shall make a financial report at the meeting of PLD at the TLA Annual Conference and TLA Annual Assembly.
    8. The Councilor attends all TLA Council meetings, submits PLD resolutions for Council action, and acts as the voting representative for PLD at TLA Council.  In the absence of the Councilor, the Alternate Councilor shall perform the duties of the Councilor.
  2. Elections
    1. A Nominating Committee of at least three (3) members appointed by the Executive Committee, with the exclusion of the chair, shall present a slate of candidates for all offices before the electronic voting deadline established by TLA prior to the TLA Annual Conference.  There shall be at least two candidates for all offices.
    2. Officers shall be elected annually by electronic means prior to TLA Annual Conference at the time of TLA electronic balloting by a plurality of members voting.  The Councilor candidate with the highest number of votes shall be elected Councilor. The candidate with the second highest number of votes shall become the Alternate Councilor.
    3. In case of a tie vote the Nominating Committee will draw names between the tied candidates at the next General Membership meeting at Annual Conference.
    4. If for any reason a candidate is elected to office but is unable to assume office, the candidate with the second highest vote will assume the office.
  3. Executive Committee
    1. The elected officers, immediate past chair and chairs of Standing Committees shall constitute the Executive Committee and shall administer the business of the unit when it is not in session.
    2. The Executive Committee shall meet at TLA Annual Assembly and at TLA Annual Conference.  Other meetings may be held as deemed necessary by the Chair or a majority of the Executive Committee.  Four (4) Executive Committee members in attendance will be considered a quorum.
  4. Vacancies
    1. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Chair, the Chair-elect shall become Chair for the remainder of that term and also serve the term to which the Chair-elect had been elected.
    2. If a vacancy occurs in the office of Councilor, the Alternate Councilor shall become Councilor for the remainder of the term.
    3. If a vacancy occurs in any of the other elected offices, the Chair, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall fill the vacancy by appointment until the next general election.
    4. If a vacancy occurs in both the Chair and Chair-elect positions, the President of the Texas Library Association shall appoint a new Chair, who shall proceed as outlined above.


Regular meetings shall be held annually at the TLA Annual Conference.  15 members present shall constitute a quorum.


PLD shall have the following Standing Committees:  Membership, Program, and Scholarship, as well as a Legislative Liaison (formerly the Legislative Committee).  The Legislative Liaison will be appointed by the PLD Chair for a three (3) year term and will serve as an ex-officio voting member of the TLA Legislative committee. The Legislative Liaison is also expected to be available for a fourth year, following the three (3) year term, to serve as coach and to assist the new Legislative Liaison. These committees and liaisons will report directly to the Chair and to the membership of PLD at the TLA Annual Conference and to the Chair at TLA Annual Assembly.  All committee members with the exception of Nominating Committee shall serve for three (3) year terms.

The duties and structure of the Nominating Committee are detailed in SECTION IV – Administration, B. Elections.

Other committees may be created as needed by the Executive Committee or the Chair. The Chair shall appoint the members and designate the chair of each committee with the exception of the Nominating Committee. The committees shall serve until their charges have been completed and reports have been accepted or until such time as the Executive Committee designates.  If an appointee resigns before their term is completed, the replacement appointed by the Chair shall serve out the remainder of the original term.

  1. The Membership Committee shall promote active and diverse membership in PLD and shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members, two (2) of whom have been members of TLA less than five (5) years at the time of their appointment.  The Chair of the Membership Committee is responsible for planning the annual general membership meeting, program or event and coordinating with the PLD Chair in scheduling that meeting.
  2. The Program Committee shall plan and execute all programs and pre-conferences for PLD.  The Immediate Past Chair, as part of their term, shall serve their third year as Chair of the Programming Committee.  The other members shall include the current Chair-Elect, Chair and a minimum of two (2) other members at large.
  3. The Scholarship Committee shall establish criteria for an annual grant or grants to encourage attendance of library personnel at the TLA Conference.  The Committee shall also critique applications and award grants as funded in the PLD budget.  Scholarship Committee shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members.


The rules of procedure as stated in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern this unit in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws and Standing Rules of TLA.


Operating Procedures may be adopted or amended at any general membership meeting of the unit by a majority vote of the members present, provided notice has been previously given of at least thirty (30) days, and such changes are consistent with the Bylaws and Standing Rules of TLA.

A copy of the amended Operating Procedures shall be filed with the Executive Director of TLA and with the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee of TLA.

Operating Procedures adopted:         04/21/2017

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