Welcome to the Retired Librarians Round Table!

Beginnings: Introduced to TLA Council by convener Tina Hager in July 2012, ALIVE: The Retired Librarians Interest Group maintained membership of 100 or more for three years, and was redesignated the Retired Librarians Round Table (RLRT) by Council vote on 10 July 2015 during the TLA Annual Assembly in Austin, Texas.

Facebook : Follow your favorite retired librarians on Facebook and share your own "retirement news". 
On Facebook you can search for our group, TLA RLRT. We have two sites on Facebook: one is a page and one is a group. They have the same name. Look for the icon for the Group. Our banner is a picture that says Vote for the Library. That is our closed group. Ask to join or email debhall945@gmail.com with your Facebook username. 

TLA 2018 Dallas Retirement HIGHLIGHTS 

A Toast to Library Pioneer Lillian Moore Bradshaw 1915-2010 


Past Programs from the Retired Librarians Round Table (2016, 2017, 2018)

OFFICERS 2018-2019

Chair –  Toni Lambert - tllambert55@gmail.com
Chair-Elect – n/a
Secretary/Treasurer – Judith Hiott
Councilor – Judie Lutz
Alternate Councilor - Melinda Townsel
Past Chair - Kathy Hoffman
Webmaster - Mary Jo Humphreys




TLA April 2017 Retired Librarians Round Table Program:

Fill Your Bucket List: Create a Retirement Plan Resource Guide – This guide put together by your recently retired Texan librarian friends includes books and links about general retirement tips, new skills resources, health, travel, and finances.



-Employees Retirement System of Texas

-Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Exploring Interests and Buidling Connections

-AgeLab at MIT : Participate in research studies aimed at increasing the quality of life across the lifespan

-American Association of Retired Persons : articles, quizzes, games, discounts, etc. 

-Encore : Conneting people in later life with opportunities for work that benefits society 

-National Council on Aging : Aging Matery program and support

-Next Avenue News, articles, profiles and advice for seniors and retirees

-Pre- and Post-Retirement Tips for Librarians (ALA Editions)

-RetireWOW : Panel of experts offere advice on topics of interest 

-Retired Brains : Primary focus on continuing to work and resources 

-Seniors Love to Know : Advice and articles on “senior” topics 


-TIAA-CREF Financial Services, Life Insurance, and Guidance information 

-2017 Texas Investment Guide : A publication of the Texas State Securities Board (pdf)

-Consumer Guide to Financial Self-Defense (pdf)

-The 10 Best Books to Help You Retire Richer, According to Financial Advisors


-Medicare information on healthcare, benefits, etc. 

-Silver Sneakers : Fitness program for seniors that may cover memberships to gyms, YMCAs, etc. depending on medical insurance 


Fill Your Bucket List: Create a Retirement Plan Resource Guide (see the travel books and website links towards the end of the document)

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