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Distinguished Library Service Award for School Administrators

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The Distinguished Library Service Award for School Administrators recognizes administrators for their continued support of library services.

To nominate your administrator, review the criteria, print or download the APPLICATION FORM and submit by Monday, February 6, 2017.

CRITERIA for the Award 

Each nominee will be judged on these 9 criteria with a score of 0-5 assigned to each item.
The nominee with the highest overall score will be selected as the award recipient.

  1. Describe how the nominee has been instrumental in staffing the library proportionate to student population throughout the entire instructional day for professional and clerical staffing needs.
  2. Describe how the nominee has been instrumental in funding the local library budget, promoting bond issues, or seeking special funding to support the library.
  3. Describe how the nominee establishes a campus or district culture that sets high expectations, promotes learning, and creates an understanding of the library as an integral part of the learning process.
  4. Describe how the nominee promotes varied reading projects and reading at both professional and student levels.
  5. Describe activities of the nominee that facilitated the long-range planning for facility improvement of the library and the use and integration of technology, telecommunications, and information systems. Describe how the nominee supports library policies, innovation in library programming, and/or professional collaboration.
  6. Describe how the nominee supports participation in institutes, workshops, seminars, conferences, in-service, interactive distance learning, video conferencing, and state and national library related conferences.
  7. Describe how the nominee advocates for the integration of technology, as well as participation in state and national technology initiatives in the library, school, or district.
  8. Describe how the nominee assisted in the development and implementation of a comprehensive program of parent and community relations that relate to the library.


MVP (Media/Virtual Presence) Award

View List of Past MVP Winners

The MVP (Media/Virtual Presence) Award is given to those school librarians who show excellence in their virtual presence through several different avenues, including but not limited to Twitter, professional websites, Facebook, school library websites, blogs, Pinterest, and other social media. Winners for this award will be selected by the TASL MVP Award Committee. The Committee will consider each applicant's media/virtual presence as a total package. Applicants should therefore present the sum total of their online presence as one application.


Nominations (online form) are accepted between January 14 and February 14 of 2017. The award will be presented at the 2017 TLA Annual Conference during the TASL general business meeting and program session.

  1. Relevance: The web media pertains to K-12 libraries and includes relevant and currently updated information on books, programs, library updates, and library-related information that impacts school libraries and school communities.
  2. Timeliness: Updated and current. Web media must have consistent and regular postings during the preceding and current years. The postings should be a regular part of the librarian’s job and/or library activities.
  3. Social Interaction: Web media are directly responsive to library patrons, campus staff, and/or librarians as appropriate. Places to post comments and responses to posts are clear and encourage feedback (if part of the website).
  4. Blog Components: Different links, widgets, and/or media are displayed on the blog to evoke a feeling of interactive participation as well as timely information that relates directly to the library program. Student learning products and classroom-library collaboration are evidenced in the posting. 
    1. Twitter Components: Tweets relate to multiple topics, include images and links, and engender retweets/faves that indicate interaction with others. Student learning products and classroom-library collaboration are evidenced in the tweet content.
  5. Appearance: Web media is accessible and can be easily searched. Images, tags, or hashtags are placed to help users find information readily. It is pleasing in appearance and the effort put into the appearance should be obvious. The writing is fluent, easy to read, free of typographical errors, and grammatically correct. (Or the writing follows the conventions of the tools such as comprehensible abbreviations on Twitter.) Copyright information/links are used and all links are active.

CATEGORIES: There will be an award for best MVP (Media/Virtual Presence) as well as two honorary awards for excellence.

Announce your nomination by displaying this badge (png) on your webpage. Badge: Nominated for the TASL MVP Award

Library Information School Student Scholarships

Library Information School Student Scholarships
encourage school librarianship and participation in TLA and TASL.

The Texas Association of School Librarians, a division of the Texas Library Association, wants to encourage persons to become school librarians and also wishes to encourage membership and participation in TLA and TASL. To carry out this objective, TASL annually offers five academic scholarships of $500 each.

Who May Apply
Anyone pursuing graduate-level coursework in school librarianship for initial library certification, for a degree program, or for professional growth.

Use of Scholarship
Funds from the scholarship may be applied to expenses associated with a full semester (either summer or long sessions) of college credit, including, but not limited to, tuition, housing, or travel to course site.

Applications will be evaluated by the following criteria.

  1. Demonstrates commitment to school librarianship. (Example: volunteer work in a library, encouragement of students' library usage, attendance at library workshops, indication from letter of recommendation.)
  2. Demonstrates good written communication skills. (Example: evaluation of application)
  3. Financial situation of applicant will be considered. (Example: number of years in position, family responsibilities, amount of assistance from other sources)
  4. Applicant's chance of continued involvement with TLA and TASL. (Example: career goals, indications from personal statement and/or letters of recommendation)

How To Apply

  • SPRING: Application information available through TLA and TASL websites and Texas institutions granting school librarianship certification.
  • March 1: Application deadline
  • March: Announcement of scholarship recipients

Scholarship Application

Shirley Igo School Library Collaboration Award

View List of Past Winners 

Sponsored jointly by the Texas PTA and the Texas Library Association

PURPOSE: This award recognizes an outstanding collaboration between a PTA organization and the school library media center during the 2015-16 and/or 2016-17 school year. Projects and efforts at both the local campus and district levels are eligible. 

ABOUT SHIRLEY IGO: This award honors the memory of Shirley Igo of Plainview, a past president of the Texas and National PTA and a longtime champion of libraries, education, and literacy. 

TO ENTER: Submit emailed entries to the chair of the Igo Committee, Sharon Gullett. 

Subject Line: Shirley Igo Collaboration Award
Email: sharon.gullett@gmail.com

The nomination deadline is for the 2017 award is midnight, March 15, 2017.

Entries must include all four items:

  1. A completed contact information form. (Click here for the Shirley Igo Contact Information Form.)
  2. A description, in 500 words or less, of the purpose and objectives of the collaborative activity (Be VERY clear about the collaboration between the PTA and the school library), a program description, and results of the activity. This is usually written by the librarian but can be written by a parent or someone in the PTA. Identify the campus and/or district in the descriptive narrative.
  3. A letter from the principal, superintendent, or another administrator about the collaboration between the PTA and the school library on this project 
  4. A letter from the PTA explaining parental involvement in the project

Examples of eligible projects (any project or service that improves the educational experience and literacy achievements of Texas students):

  • Raising the awareness of the school library 
  • Providing funding for materials and programs for the library
  • A multi-generational family literacy program (such as Dia de los Ninos/Dia de los Libros);
  • Volunteers in the library
  • Innovative programming for students (e.g., one book/one school program)
  • Programs for getting parents involved in reading with their children
  • Collaborative advocacy initiative
  • Fundraising for library books and support
  • Public relations and media coverage of library events and services
  • Continuing education stipends and scholarships for library staffs
  • Staffing the library while librarians attend continuing education events and conferences
  • Promoting reading incentive programs such as the Texas Bluebonnet Award program
  • Engaging local businesses and organizations in school library activities
  • Empowering the school administration to allocate resources for the library to achieve the statewide school library standards
  • Empowering the school administration to make the library accessible to students on a flexible schedule
  • Partnering with a local public or college/university library on a program or project
  • Sponsoring the participation of a school librarian in TLA’s TALL Texans Leadership Development Institute
  • Advocacy efforts for at least one certified librarian on each campus within a school district
  • The library and PTA jointly drafting literacy goals for the school year and publishing them for parents

JUDGING: The entries will be judged by a panel of elementary, middle, high school, and district-level librarians from the Texas Association of School Librarians (TASL), a division of the Texas Library Association. The decision will be reached one month prior to the annual TLA conference, and all applicants will be notified by email of the decision reached.


  • Purpose/Objectives. Shows a sense of purpose and objectives for collaborative efforts.
  • Descriptions of program/service. Presents a well-defined description of one or more collaborative programs.
  • Results of programs/service.  Describes the quality of the results of the collaborative programs and/or services.
  • Extent of collaboration. Provides evidence that the collaborative efforts met the needs of the targeted participants.
  • Extent of improvement to education and/or advance literacy. Proves collaborative activities improved education and/or advanced literacy.


The librarian representing the winning campus and/or district will be recognized and given a certificate TASL General Business Meeting during the annual TLA Conference.  The winning PTA will be awarded a plaque at the Texas PTA's Summer L at the Texas PTA's Summer Leadership Seminar.  An announcement will also be made in the publications of the TASL and PTA organizations. (There is no monetary award.)

AASL Scholarship and Travel Stipend

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) National Conference information is held every other year. TASL provides a travel scholarship to a Texas school librarian to attend this powerful conference focused on school libraries.

To qualify:

  1. Must be the attendees first AASL meeting
  2. Elementary, Middle, or High School librarians (public or private)
  3. Must be members of AASL and TASL at the time of the conference
  4. Must be an active and involved member of TLA and TASL
  5. Have little or no travel funds available from your district

Send the following information to the Scholarship chairman and the TASL chair listed below:

  • Name
  • Home Address
  • Work phone number
  • Home phone number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address
  • Number of years you have been a member of TLA
  • Number of years you have been a member of TASL
  • Number of years you have been a member of AASL
  • Are you currently a member in good standing of both TASL and AASL?
  • Have you ever attended an AASL conference before?
  • Describe your professional involvement in TLA and TASL including awards, scholarships, prizes, honors, committee contributions and offices held.
  • Explain in 100 words or less why you believe attending the AASL meeting will help you in your professional life.
  • References: Provide information on two individuals who have written, or will write, letters of reference. (One must be from your employer/supervisor agreeing to your participation at the conference. Include name, position held, institution name and address, phone number, email.)
  • Please send your application by email to the Scholarship chairman and TASL chair.

AASL Fall Forum Travel Stipend

The Texas Association of School Librarians is providing a scholarship to the Texas school librarian chosen as an Emerging Leader by the American Library Association and the American Association of School Librarians. 

If you have already completed an Emerging Leader Application online, please send a copy of your application to the scholarship chairman and the TASL chair listed below. If you are interested in completing an application, please do so as soon as possible and forward a copy of the application to Rebecca Monsevalles (rmonseva@wisd.us) and Naomi Bates (nbates@nisdtx.org). If you have further questions, please contact TASL Chair, Naomi Bates at  nbates@nisdtx.org

ALSC National Institute

This  Laura Edwards Memorial Conference Scholarship Stipend is awarded annually as a joint venture by the Children's Round Table and the Texas Association of School Librarians. Stipends of $400 are available for librarians involved in youth service, either in a school or public library in Texas. The objective of the TLA Conference Scholarship Stipend is to encourage membership and participation in the Texas Association of School Librarians (TASL), Children's Round Table (CRT) and the Texas Library Association (TLA). Recipients will gain insight into the organization and work of these groups through attendance at committee meetings and participation in the annual TLA conference.

Access the application here:

Laura Edwards Memorial Scholarship Application (Word document)


YALSA Young Adult Literature Symposium

Devin Zimmerman Memorial Stipend

THe TLA Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT) is offering a $400 stipend to a librarian involved in library instruction to attend the TLA Annual Conference. Eligible applicants must be employed as a professional librarian in a Texas library, must be involved in library instruction activities, and must have no more than two years experience in library instruction. The recipient of the stipend must also agree to apply part of the stipend to membership in TLA, if not already a member, agree to become a member of the Library Instruction Round Table, if not already a member, and agree to attend and be recognized at LIRT's annual business meeting at the TLA conference. The recipient must also submit a report and evaluation of the TLA conference and serve on next year's stipend selection committee.

Visit the LIRT Awards page for more details: http://www.txla.org/groups/LIRT-awards-zimmerman



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