TALL Texans Round Table

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Chair: Jacqueline Higginbotham
Chair Elect: Mark Gottschalk
Past Chair: Michael Mendez

Secretary/Treasurer: Kelsey Brett
Councilor: Jan Hodge
Alternate Councilor: Laura Stiles
Social Media Manager: Jake Syma
ebmaster: Mike Pullin

The TALL Texans Round Table consists of Texas Library Association members who have an interest in the TALL Texans Leadership Institute. The purpose of the TALL Texans Round Table is to provide a forum for the continued support of TALL Texans Institute members, to promote leadership development programs at TLA conferences, and to support the Texas Library Association's commitment to leadership development for Texas librarians.

The participants of the TALL Texans Leadership Institute are generally mid-career library and information science practitioners (degreed and non-degreed) who are currently employed in the field and have at least five years' experience in library and/or information science. Library laypersons with at least three years of service to the library community are also eligible. The Institute provides leadership training for Texas Library Association membership by offering an annual leadership development program for librarians and laypersons.

The Institute's goals are to foster leadership capabilities, to define leadership development activities for TLA members, and to nurture cultural diversity in library leadership among participants.

Check out the TALL Texans Leadership Institute's pages to answer more questions and provide important information for applying. The Leadership Development Committee is also seeking volunteers to mentor new TALL Texans after they graduate from the Institute - interested parties should complete the online application form.

Created on Mar 20, 2010 | Last updated July 09, 2018