History - The 1960's

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The Federal Depository Library Act of 1962 increased to two the number of depository libraries permitted per congressional district, added libraries from independent Federal agencies, authorized establishment of regional depositories, and provided for distribution of non-GPO publications. In 1963 seven librarians were asked by the Public Printer to serve on an advisory committee on depository libraries - this is the forerunner of the Federal Depository Library Council to the Public Printer (1973).

On May 23, 1963 the Texas Depository Library Act became law, formally establishing the distribution of State Documents. (The history of the Federal and Texas Depository Library Programs is well documented by their history web pages: "Keeping America Informed, the Federal Depository Library Program and Texas State Publications Depository Program Legislative History.)

Current Federal Depository Libraries who joined the Program during the 1960's are: Longview Public Library, 1961; Arlington State College (now the University of Texas at Arlington), 1963; Austin College, 1963; Midwestern State University, 1963; Texarkana College, 1963; Angelo State University, 1964; Howard Payne University, 1964; St. Mary's University, 1964; Trinity University, 1964; Stephen F. Austin University, 1965; The Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas at Austin, 1965; Navarro College, 1965; The Wasserman Public Affairs Library, University of Texas at Austin, 1966; University of Texas at El Paso, 1966; Dallas Baptist University, 1967; Rice University, 1967.

The Texas Library Journal (v. 26, no. 1-  , Mar. 1950-  ) continued the work of News Notes and expanded the coverage of the Association's news and professional librarianship in Texas. At this time the TLA Annual Conference Program schedule and directory of Association officers appeared in the Journal and although there was not a formal Government Documents Round Table, there was a very active Documents [Interest] Group. And the Texas State Library and Historical Commission continued to publish Texas Libraries.

The following excerpts are included to chronicle Texas interest in government information and documents librarianship.

Items of Interest from the 1960's

Spring 1962 (Texas Libraries, vol. 24, no. 3, May-June, 1962, pages 89-114) "E. W. Winkler and the Texas State Library"

By Llerena Friend, librarian, Barker Texas History Center, University of Texas, Austin

Abstract: Fascinating account of the life and work of Earnest William Winkler, State Librarian, 1906-07 and 1909-15.

Spring 1963 (Texas Library Journal, vol.39, Spring, 1963, p. 14) March 27-March 30, 1963 TLA Conference Program

Program: "Administering the Documents Library." Speaker and Panel Moderator, John Edwards George, Documents Librarian, Dallas Public Library. Panel to be announced. Presiding, Miss Mayme Evans, Documents Librarian Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.

Summer 1963 (Texas Library Journal, vol. 39, Summer, 1963, p. 52) "Regional Depositories Designated for Texas."

"Texas State Library and Texas Technological College Library have been designated regional depositories of U.S. government documents under the new federal depository library law. . . ."

Spring 1966 (Texas Libraries, vol. 28, no. 1, Spring, 1966, pages 12-22) "Texas State Library: Its History and Service to the People of Texas"

Abstract: Detailed history of the development of the State Library from the initial idea of the Texas Republic Provisional Government that a " '. . . useful library of law books, civil and political histories, political economy, etc.' be furnished by the new government. . . ." through its organization and services in 1966.

Winter 1966 (Texas Library Journal, vol. 42, no. 1 , Spring 1966, pages 132-134) "Counting U.S. Government Documents"

by A. Hodina

Abstract: To be Added

Spring 1967 (Texas Library Journal, vol. 43, Spring, 1967, p. 6) March 16-March 18, 1967 TLA Conference Program

Program: "The State Technical Services Act of 1956" presented by Joe Tyson, Direct State Technical Services Program. Sponsored by the Documents Group

Spring 1968 (Texas Library Journal, vol. 44, Spring, 1968, p. 6) April 4-April 6, 1968 TLA Conference Program

Program: "Programs of the Office of the Superintendent of Documents" presented by Carper W. Buckley, Superintendent of Documents. Sponsored by the Documents Group.

Summer 1968 (Texas Libraries, vol. 30, no. 2, Summer 1968, page 83) "U.T. Opens Collections of Depository Library"

Spring 1969 (Texas Library Journal, vol. 45, Spring, 1969, p. 10) March 26-29, 1969 TLA Conference Program

Program: "Selecting Archives for the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library" presented by Chester A. Newland, Director of the Library District Planning Committee. Sponsored by the Documents Group.

Fall 1969 (Texas Libraries, vol. 31, no. 3, Fall 1969, pages 90-97) "Documents Collections Provides Reference Service to Public"

by Sherry Hill, Federal Documents Collection, Texas State Library

Abstract: Descriptive review of the variety of federal documents received by the State Library's Documents collection and the valuable services it provides as one of two Regional Depository to Libraries in the state. Included are brief discussions of indexes, the history of the Federal Depository Library Program, as well as a list of those libraries served by Texas Tech University's Region I and the State Library in Region II. This article is followed by a list of major indexes and lists used to identify federal documents for interlibrary loan services.

Fall 1969 (Texas Libraries, vol. 31, no. 3, Fall 1969, pages 112-119) "The Texas Library Systems Act"

Excerpt: "Because the Library Systems Act will provide the basis for much that will be happening in library development in Texas, the law is reprinted below in its entirety. . . ." The Act was approved March 20, 1969 and the first library systems for Texas became effective 90 days after the Legislature adjourned.

Winter 1969 (Texas Libraries, vol. 31, no. 4, Winter, 1969, pages 146-149) "Restoration of Documents in the Texas State Archives"

By John M Kinney, Texas State Library and Archives Administration

Abstract: A review of the progress made in the Archives Division of the Texas State Library in the preservation of manuscripts, books, maps and other paper records and the methods used in the deacidification and restoration process.

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