Texas Library Recovery Connection

Texas Library Recovery Connection

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$160,139 raised to date.


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Connecting Those in Need with Offers of Assistance

As the long slow process of recovery begins, we are beginning to hear about libraries facing tremendous damage and total devastation. Librarians are returning  to determine their most immediate and long term needs for assistance.

The Texas Library Association developed the Texas Library Recovery Connection, an online information sharing system to help connect those offering assistance to libraries in need. The Google spreadsheet, similar to those developed by other grassroots assistance groups, is a tool where librarians and library supporters can enter pertinent information.

There are two worksheets in the Google spreadsheet - one for libraries needing assistance, and one for companies/organizations and others offering assistance. Our hope is that this simple information sharing system will help connect those offering assistance to libraries in need.

The outpouring of support from the library community in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is truly inspiring. Hundreds of individuals and companies have donated thousands of dollars to the TLA Disaster Relief Fund, and offers of books, furniture, volunteer assistance, computers, preservation services and more are pouring in to TLA from library supporters around the country. Thank you!

Texas Library Recovery Connection

If you have any questions, please email Wendy Woodland, TLA director of communications, or call 512.328.1518.

NOTE: This is an unmediated process that allows companies and organizations to reach out to specific libraries directly, and allows libraries to reach out to specific companies directly. Once an offer is fulfilled and no longer available, it is the company's responsibility to mark it as Fulfilled/No Longer Available on the spreadsheet.

TLA is only monitoring the spreadsheet to ensure there are no spam posts. TLA is not responsible for mistakes, inaccuracies, or incomplete information posted on the spreadsheet.

Created on Sep 1, 2017 | Last updated November 07, 2017