Texas Library Snapshot Day

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snapshotsIn 2010, TLA launched an initiative inviting libraries to designate any single day in October as Library Snapshot Day. The opportunity allowed everyone and TLA to gather information about library activities. We asked librarians and users for “snapshots,” or a day in the life, of any library which provided a forum for sharing what happens in libraries across the state.  

Over the past years, TLA gathered some wonderful input from users statewide, and it is of little surprise that Texans really do love libraries! In 2016, the initiative has expanded into a year-round campaign, Ideas Powered: It's What We Do (or Powered Libraries) which seeks to broaden the awareness of library services to the public and provide resources to librarians working in the state in order to promote libraries as vital, technology-centered institutions in the community. 

To view the photo archive from Texas Library Snapshot Day, please visit TLA's flickr page

Thank you for helping us make Texas Library Snapshot Day a success! We look forward to finding out what happens in your library year-round through the Powered Libraries (#poweredlibraries) campaign!

Thank you for participating in Texas Library Snapshot Day.

Please continue sharing your stories and photos with us by visiting TLA's new PR Campaign,
Powered Libraries. Get more information at poweredlibraries.org.

Created on Jun 18, 2010 | Last updated October 19, 2017