Nedra Sadorf

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Nedra Sadorf - DEMCO

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Nedra Sadorf
President, Demco, Madison, WI

What services & products does your company provide?
Demco’s family of solutions provides a comprehensive offering specifically designed to meet the needs of libraries and schools, ranging from everyday supplies to equipment to furniture to software.

Along with our core library products, you’ll find unique offerings through our Upstart brand, which brings you creative reading promotions and gifts to help you reach every reader and make learning fun. If you’re looking for furniture solutions or design expertise, our interior services experts are ready to partner with you to take your project from start to finish. Our integrated suite of software solutions allows you to enhance discoverability of your resources and services, streamline event management and room booking, and boost reading program participation.

What trends do you see in the library market?
One of the great things about libraries is that they’re constantly evolving. Whether it’s their student body or the broader community, as the needs of their communities change, libraries are rising to the challenge. We are seeing continued effort to seek input from community members to inform new service models, enhancements to the collection, and new tools and space needs. More and more libraries are enhancing their community partnerships to create a holistic service model that attends to their community’s educational, health, technological, and economic needs, whether it be offering books and storytime through pediatricians’ offices or partnering with a local college to provides adult literacy classes.

And no one can ignore the rise of the maker movement. Libraries have been at the forefront of this trend because they’ve always embodied the philosophy of equal access to tools and opportunities for everyone. Libraries are evaluating their collections and their spaces and finding ways to incorporate making activities, whether it be through mobile maker carts or repurposing or expanding their spaces to designate an area for tools and technology that enable their community to create. Like snowflakes, there are no two makerspaces that are exactly alike, and this is another area where turning outward to the community and asking questions about their needs and wants is a way to drive the design and function of the space.

As libraries evolve, flexibility and access to power has become more important than ever. No matter the type of library, being able to repurpose areas of the library has been key to expanding services. Flexible furniture gives users the ability to create a collaborative area when needed, but still be able to fold and store larger furniture pieces when the space is being used for different purposes. And with the proliferation of technology and devices, access to power in every room and in convenient places, such as directly through furniture, is a must.

What motivates you to be a member of TLA?
Demco has always been passionate about supporting the librarians and libraries that we serve. Our involvement with TLA provides us opportunities to stay in touch with the Texas library community, to learn from them, and to gain a better understanding of what products and services are important to our customers. Our ultimate goal is to be a partner in creating learning environments that foster the viewpoint of Texas libraries as the center of lifetime learning.

Created on Feb 15, 2013 | Last updated August 21, 2018