New Discussion Group Formation -Signature Collection Form

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Per the TLA Bylaws:

Discussion Groups may be organized by interest or activity for the purpose of providing member opportunities for informal dialogue. They shall be formed in the following manner:

  1. A Discussion Group may be formed through petition with twenty-five (25) signatures, each representing a charter member of the group and shall have achieved official status when the petition has been certified by the Executive Director.
  2. Members may join a Discussion Group by adding the group to their annual membership renewal. There are no dues associated with a Discussion Group.
  3. A Discussion Group has no budget, Operating Procedures, officers, or Council representation. Discussion Groups cannot incur any expenses.
  4. A Discussion Group may petition to become a Round Table by petitioning for Round Table status as defined in Article XI, Section 4 and by maintaining the minimum membership levels as defined in Article XI, Section 8.

The hard work and skill of dedicated TLA volunteers keep the association moving forward. Your help will keep TLA strong and effective into the next millennium. Return this form to the TLA Office for consideration by the TLA President-Elect when vacancies occur on committees. Completion of the form does not guarantee committee appointment. If you are interested in serving on a unit committee, please contact the chair of that unit.

By typing my name in this field, I understand this constitutes electronic signature in support of CAIG becoming a Round Table.

Created on Jul 4, 2018 | Last updated July 09, 2018